A bargain sandal, a cheeky purchase and general drivel.

I apologise, I apologise, I've not been around.  On the upside, I have been busy, not just taking care of the daily duties of Rugrats/washing/being a taxi service/cook/cleaner and general dogsbody, but I have actually been shopping.  And I managed to leave Bob at home - let's hang out the bunting.  Normal service has been resumed with Fashion Mojo at the helm, getting ready to flex the plastic and do some serious shopping damage. 

Which isn't entirely true - I was very much on a window shopping expedition, fully aware that as it was suddenly glorious beach in the Med weather, the chances of me coming home with something wholly unsuitable for the school run yet fabulous for a night out on holiday with copious amounts of margaritas and a slight sunburn, was high.  It wouldn't perhaps be such an issue if holidays that involved cocktail laden hedonistic nights were still on the cards.  But they're not - in the foreseeable future anyway (although talk of a girls weekend away in September has me mighty mighty excited!).

Anyway, shopping with a friend who did exceedingly well with virtually an entire new wardrobe.  The bargain of which has to be a pair of tan leather thong sandals. 

Now my favourite sandals which I discovered last year (I think they're only two years old actually) are the Sam Edelman Gigis.  I am the fortunate owner of toes which look like fingers.  Which would be handy were I a monkey but as someone who likes her feet to look slightly less simian, they need careful consideration when buying sandals.  I've discovered over the years that anything that has my toes on full show ie with a strap over the toe end of my foot, is a total no go.  Too much toe and if you glanced quickly (after a drink or ten) you would be forgiven for thinking for a millisecond that I was doing a handstand with my hands in my shoes.  Yuck.

Randomly though, a thong sandal or a flipflop doesn't seem to be that bad.  Go figure.  Ours is not to reason why, it is to purchase thong sandals and nowt else.

So imagine my delight when I got chatting to a lady in All Saints (she was admiring the boot I was trying on on one foot and the sandal that I owned on my other foot - I regularly manage to end up talking to complete randoms in shops. I appreciate I am a weirdo).  I asked were her sandals also Sam Edelman Gigis and she said no, she'd wanted them but had found the beauties she had on instead, in...... Marks and Spencers kids shoe section.  For a wapping £12!  Unbloodybelieveable.  Clearly the only thing to do was to hot foot it (pardon the pun) to M&S and yes indeed, here are the utterly bargainous tan leather sandals - ranging from £12 to £14 depending on size. 

And these are the Sam Edelman Gigis

Now the hugely irritating thing is that whilst I don't have enormous plates of meat (for my Gulliver stature), they are a large 6 or a 6.5.  And the largest size in the kids selection is a 6 but it's a very small 6.  Especially in this style - I did experiment and try another couple of pairs of sandals on (which anyone over the age of 12 really wouldn't want to wear but all in the interests of research etc)  and they actually came up bigger.  Typical.  They may look marginally different in the above photos but when they're on your feet, they do honestly look so similar.   I would have snapped them up in a heartbeat if they'd fitted and I wasn't going to cut off circulation below the ankle by wearing them.  Definitely worth hunting down if they're your cup of tea and you are of more diminutive trotter than moi.

I have also come across these from New Look which are obviously pleather for £12.99 and I've yet to check out how convincing the patent bit is in real life.   I do really like the shaping of the sole though.

So I shall be tracking them down to see what they're actually like in the flesh - for no other reason than it's so difficult to get hold of the Sam Edelman ones in the UK in the colour combo that you want.  They retail normally for around £70.  I have a pair from last year and they still look great - I'll definitely get another year out of them and I wore them pretty much constantly all summer  So, whilst not £12/£14, I was pleased with them for a £68 investment.  (actually pictured below in Thursday's pic)

To make up for my disappointing lack of sandal purchase, I treated myself to a summer jumper purchase.  Ok I confess, I treated myself to two summer jumper purchases as I couldn't make my mind up between the bland natural or the bland pebble.  Clearly I was overwhelmed by the onslaught of colour.......   I may take the grey one back.  Or I may not.  These,  I'm predicting will be perfect for Spring days and Summer nights which aren't biblically scorching but too warm for anything clingy.  Have already worn the natural one - pic below on Thursday night. 

Normally I wouldn't buy two of the same thing in such similar colours but this is my favourite shape of top and they both go perfectly with all my existing trousers, scarves, shoes, vests etc.  Plus with my new foray into mutton jeans, these are exactly what I need to, a) tone them down and b) mumsy them up a bit.

Rectangular Linen Sweater from The White Company

(how the hell doesn't she have biro on her white sofa......)

Now briefly on to what I've been wearing 

Thursday - lovely day shopping

Print silk jersey dress - this is ancient and I can't remember it's official name - DVF
White straight leg jeans rolled up - Zara
Rose gold Gigi sandals - Sam Edelman
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Vanilla Roxanne - Mulberry

Thursday night - The Husband was out so a Girls night in.  Lovely, lovely evening!

Natural linen rectangular sweater - The White Company
Floral skinny Leigh jeans - Topshop
Gold flower cuff - Etsy
Gold flower earrings - Etsy
Tan wedges - Sam Edelman

And a close up of the wedges as these were one of my favourite purchases of last summer.  Wonderfully comfortable, only slight downer is they're insanely high and do have me tottering on the brink of tranny territory.  But they're so gorgeous, I don't care.

Friday - another blissful day shopping and lunch.  (a last min break for freedom before the onslaught of the Easter holidays - that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it)

Black vest - Primark
Black rectangular tee with cream sleeves - Cos
Red skinny Leigh jeans - Topshop
Tan and black tiger print scarf - Dorothy Perkins
Tan Cypress boots - Acne
Cheetah print ponyskin bag - Zara

And today when it's turned decidedly chilly!  I did start the day in another outfit but changed tops after doing the gymnastics run at the crack of dawn.  Do we think that was our summer?

Long sleeved white tee - Topshop
Oversized cable knit stone jumper dress - Aubin & Wills
Tan skinny trousers - Dorothy Perkins
Beige and black snakeskin print scarf - By Malene Birger
Chestnut battered cross body bag - Campomaggi at Plumo
Chestnut peep toe heeled boots - Kurt Geiger

Finally, thank you so so much to everyone who commented here and on Facebook about the  floral jeans escapade.  Very much mixed opinion but wouldn't it be a boring world if we all liked the same thing?!  I completely agree that in the photo the other day, they did indeed look rather legging-esque.  But I have been assured (as I too think - I do have a pretty much pathological hatred of leggings on me) that they do definitely look like skinny jeans in real life.  Just very skinny jeans!!  They are completely marmite, that goes without saying but they're my jolly nod to Summer and I'll hopefully get a bit of wear out of them.  The Husband thinks they are the most hideous thing he's ever set eyes on............

Thanks for reading and I do love hearing your comments.  xx

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  1. You have a very nice collection of shoes...How much do a one pair worth then? You did not include to list it on your details. :)

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  2. These collection is very "in" this summer because of parties and most of the students don't have their usual classes. So they can party with their favorite flats or heeled sandals. Some preferred white sandalsand some like it colored.