What I wore today and My Lust of the Day

Well apparently we should make the most of the weather as come the weekend, back to typical March averageness.  Actually it will be April so let's keep our fingers crossed for none of those shower thingies.  I really don't do rain very well. I don't do rain at all, if I'm honest, bar looking at it from the inside of a bar with a large drink in my hand.  Preferably with a roaring fire and someone babysitting my kids, with no self imposed curfew.  In those circumstances, bring on the rain. 

However another warm one today and I did, for a brief millisecond, consider sandals, but the hideousness of my trotters soon put pay to that.  I did though, break out the gradual tanner body lotion this morning.  At this rate, I should be fit for flesh exposure come the May half term. 

Happily, (with a touch of self delusion) I do think that it is acceptable to still wear boots in March.  Therefore my outfit looked like this:

Beige linen tee - Zara
Indigo Baxters - Topshop
Black and white cardigan - By Malene Birger
Leopard print scarf - Louis Vuitton
Gold bee necklace - Alex Monroe
Gold pine cones necklace - NW3 by Hobbs
Black stud ankle boots - Pied a Terre
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Cheetah print ponyskin bag - Zara 

Now for My Lust of the Day.  I really think I do need one of these in my life.   I should start by saying I adore, and have wanted for years, an Alexander Wang bag.  I'm not particularly fussy about which one, a Diego bucket bag would be lovely, but they've always struck me as being not particularly a classic and at circa £700, I would really want to use it for a good number of years.  I am, therefore, ignoring the fact that I've wanted one of these for about 3 years now and regularly think how useful it would be to have one.  Oh well, I completely thought it would be a one season wonder but clearly not.  Check me out, fashion (but without fabulous bag) guru. 

So it's not surprising I was rather excited to see the new bag by Project D (joint venture by Danni Minogue and Tabitha Somerset. If Posh Spice can shrug off her dodgy popstar roots to be taken seriously in the fashion world, no reason why Danni can't.  Actually a lot of her collection is pretty darn fabulous and not offensively expensive either).    I love it.  And I almost love everything about it.  The one ever so slightly irritating (and massively random if I'm honest) issue that I'm struggling to comprehend, is that it's been developed in collaboration with Kenco Millicano.  Now when I first read this a while ago, I genuinely thought - "ooh a new up and coming Japanese designer"  That will be a no.  

Not in a million years did I ever think that it was Kenco Millicano coffee.  Yes, you read that right.  Instant coffee. (I'm sorry, you can polish a turd as much as you want but it still tastes like instant coffee. Not that there's anything wrong with instant coffee.  Well I think there is, but appreciate that a lot of people don't.  And clearly they think there's something wrong with it as they're trying to persuade us that their product doesn't taste like instant coffee.  Clear as mud?  Mind boggling.)

I'm very much on the fence as to whether or not I want to have a bag that is a collaboration with a random coffee make.  Or whether I actually care.  I'm assuming (maybe that's making as ass out of me as I don't know......) that it doesn't actually say Kenco anywhere on the bag.  It's just called The K Bag (although again, I'm not sure it says that anywhere on it and even if it did, would anyone know - or care - that K stood for Kenco?  I do know you get a free tiny pack of coffee with it.  Again, that's not necessarily a positive, surely?)

What I would consider of interest is that they're only making 300 of them and so they're not going to be too prolific.  Which they may well have well been, as they're only £250.  Ok, just to quality that statement, I appreciate this is an awful lot to be spending on a bag, don't get me wrong, but if the quality is as good as it looks and it is a limited run, £250 for a designer bag (I'm completely discounting the coffee connection now, for the record), is a reasonable price. 

The most important point is that it's an absolutely gorgeous bag.  Of course, if the Alexander Wang isn't your cup of tea, then you will think this, no doubt, is mingerama as well.  But I just love it.  It's my inner Chrissie Hynde (another of my "inners". The rock chick in me that the countryburbs have relegated to the loft) just sneaking a peak.  I adore it.   The more I look at it, the more I adore it.  The fact that you also get a clutch inside as well as an extra..... If I could just get past that whiff of coffee........  Exclusively at My Wardrobe.

As I'm writing this, I've just seen it's going to be 23 degrees tomorrow.  Bugger. Even I don't think I can get away with boots in that heat.  Even ballet pumps might be a tad on the sweaty side.  "mentally tries to work out if it's remotely possible to get up early enough to put on fake tan......" (highly unlikely as, rather like in the rain, I don't function well in the morning.  To put it mildly)  Tomorrow's outfit should be interesting!

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  1. I saw this bag in a magazine the other week Kat and I LOVE IT!! Hadn't spotted the random and bizarre coffee connection but it has gone on to my lust list, I think it is great xx