The Slacker Returns...

...... but I do have a new purchase to report.  (more on that later)

Firstly apologies for the abject lack of blogging since Thursday.  Primarily due to me only just about feeling like a human being again after one of those all time fantastic days out (but boy was it worth it)

The plan was shopping on the Kings Road, followed by lunch and drinks, followed by shopping Round Two (drunk shopping - like Russian Roulette, could be a winner, could be an absolute disaster.  Female gambling.) and ending up somewhere for more drinks.  What could be more perfect?  Didn't quite pan out like that. 

Shopping, well check-ish.  We made it all of about 100 yards down the Kings Road (ie Duke or York Square and no further)  Coffee stop needed.  Then straight on to lunch at The Botanist on Sloane Square.  I managed to have a sneaky diversion to Jo Malone on the way and have come home with what may be one of my favourite perfumes - White Lilac and Rhubarb from the London Blooms Collection  A lovely light floral with a slightly fruity edge (apologies for the abysmal description.  Beauty products are not my forte in the slightest)  Slightly gutted it's Limited Edition.  Am tempted to stock up (chances of The Husband reading this for Mother's Day?  Not very high).  

Lovely lunch with three of my closest friends.  Which sort of turned into a long lunch.  And then a ridiculously long lunch, having moved outside for one bottle of wine which may have morphed into four, until it was 8.30pm.  Can scarcely believe I'm typing this but no more shopping was done.  On the upside, we had an utterly fantastic day.  And due to the lack of shopping, it simply means that we shall have to have a repeat day out in the not too distant future to fulfil the shopping requirement. 

But what did I wear?  Well that was a hard one (seeing as London is verging on a foreign country to me these days, hicksville alert, sob sob) but was pretty pleased with my outfit in the end (I did have to get up devilishly early to try on most of the contents of my wardrobe which resulted in a not so fabulous blow dry and the kids helping themselves to biscuits and J20s from the treat cupboard for breakfast) 

White t-shirt (more on this tomorrow.  It was Hobson's Choice at 7.30am on Friday and I'm not entirely sure how perfect it is) - Isabella Oliver
Raspberry Leigh jeans - Topshop
Camel knitted blazer - Whistles
Tan ankle boots - Acne
Tiger print scarf - Dorothy Perkins (yawn - the love affair continues) 
Gold flower cuff - Etsy
Tan shopper - Zara
(also wore Gold bee necklace from Alex Monroe and Gold pine cone necklace from NW3 at Hobbs which you can't see)

And on to Saturday.  Frankly it's a miracle I managed to leave the house as to say I felt slightly shabby is somewhat of an understatement.  Suffice to say I limped through the day.  Even my hair felt (and looked) hungover. 

Khaki ribbed longline vest - Joseph
Stone and khaki striped loose boxy top - Next
Stone skinny jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Beige thin knit poncho - Jigsaw
Khaki leopard print scarf - By Malene Birger
Dark tan suede pirate boots - ASOS (beloved boots that are very much on their last legs.  Will definitely be looking to replace them come Autumn.  Worryingly my boot wishlist for next A/W is ridiculously big)
Cheetah print pony skin tote bag - Zara (NEW! - see below)

Finally recovered by this morning.  And sod's law Rugrat Two wasn't well.  Which meant a trip out with Rugrats One and Three with The Husband doing Daddy Daycare.  I fear he may be coming down with something as well as usually Daddy Daycare (fabulously) involves merely moving on to the next stage of Skylanders (something I'd rather poke pins in my eyes than do so thank the lord that an adult in the family is happy to get stuck in)  But today we came back and the entire playroom had been tidied.  And things had actually been put away rather than just put in little neat piles all round the room.  A wonderful surprise which meant I was more than happy to let him go to the gym and watch the rugby this afternoon (hmmm one would think maybe he had ulterior motives for getting in my good books.....) 

Rain stopped outdoor play (The Rugrats have handily inherited my complete abhorrence of cold, wet weather) and so an afternoon of cake making, homework and tv was the name of the game.   Oh and a total hijack of the laptops, resulting in me having to catch up on Criminal Minds and leave blogging till this evening.  Apologies but boy do I love that programme.  Not a bad way to spend a rainy, wet Sunday afternoon.

Olive and bone (their description not mine) striped tunic - Toast
Khaki skinny zip jeans - By Malene Birger
Nude pashmina - Fenwicks (so old I didn't even realise I still had it. One of the treasures unearthed at the crack of dawn on Friday morning whilst panic dressing)
Chocolate leather biker jacket - All Saints
Brown leather studded cuff - Warehouse
Tan ankle boots - Acne
Cheetah print pony skin tote - Zara
Hair - absolutely knackered by the rain

And finally before I sign off for the weekend, I have to report the one purchase that I did cheekily manage to sneak in on Friday morning.  There was simply no way I could go on a girl's Big Day Out and come back empty handed.  And perfume, whilst delicious, simply doesn't cut the mustard.  

This was love at first sight and a total impulse buy.  Which I a) very rarely do and b) if I do, 99% of the time, it gets returned within a week.  But I've used this on Saturday and Sunday and I simply adore it.  Will be perfect in the S/S when I don't have the luxury of pattern on my scarves - this will be the perfect addition of interest to a plain outfit.  All in all, very excited and very pleased.

Tomorrow, I shall be back I think with Spring shoe talk.  Apologies again for the absence!

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3 comentarios:

  1. Sounds like an eventful few days Kat! I really love that Zara bag & am dying to try the JM perfume.

    Nic x

  2. I'm too far away from a JM counter so I tend to buy online - I've been eyeing up this (as well as wanting to buy another Wild Bluebell) :) your outfits are great! I love Zara and they've done some great pieces lately :) x

  3. .....i love your blog!! read it every delighted with dorothy perkins jeans and jumper !!! xx