Brand Identity and What I wore today

Firstly apologies for not having been around yesterday.  Tummy bug stopped play.  I haven't actually had a tummy bug since my kids were really tiny and actually I can't ever remember having one which floored me like this.  Pathetic I know but I really did feel rough.  Tracksuit and the sofa (near a bathroom) were the order of the day, a picture really wasn't warranted. 

Back today though and one of the interesting things about doing this blog for me, has been to see how diverse my wardrobe is.  And the answer is, not very.  I was chatting to some girlfriends about it last week about how we find a uniform to wear on a day to day basis that we feel comfortable in. 

The upsides of this, are that once you find an outfit and derivatives of it, that you are comfortable in, it does make you feel more confident and just a bit better about yourself.  I may be hanging out that massive neon "shallow" sign above my head again but I find that if I have an outfit on that I really like, it makes a positive difference to my mood and therefore my day. 

Other advantages are that once you find your uniform, it's much easier to have a wardrobe that goes together.  By having a selection of similar clothes, it's far less hassle finding outfits that work and you should get more wear out of things as, theoretically, things that fit into your uniform, should interchange and work with each other (clearly the majority of us have some complete howlers in the closet.  I can't be the only one that's bought something that I think will be fabulous with x, only to find I look like a matronly old fart in it?)

A friend decided (spot the marketer) that instead of calling it a uniform, we could consider it to be a form of Brand Identity.   Which, to my mind, sounds much more organised and far less dull than uniform. (albeit exactly the same thing with a fancy tag)   A huge plus to this new label, is that it gives total carte blanche to adding items to your wardrobe, ie an excuse to go shopping.  Which can never ever be a bad thing. 

But there is a downside to being so organised.  Just like with any Brand or any uniform, you simply sometimes just get bored of it.  

And there's where I've got to this week.   Maybe it's the weather (it nearly snowed the other night for heaven's sake and it was 3 degrees when I got into the car this morning) - I am So Over Winter.  Maybe it's that I'm now more aware of what I'm wearing as I have the photographic evidence of how narrow my style is.  

As I mentioned in my blog the other day,  I recently tried to do this - search the depths of my wardrobe for goodies that should probably be charity shopped but have slipped through the net (code for - I haven't been arsed to declutter in too long)  Sometimes though, there's something quite depressing about old clothes that have seen better days.  You'll always find some turds in your wardrobe that just can't be polished.

It has though, inspired me to get handy with the binbags next week and have a good clear out.  If I wear something and think, meh, then in the charity bag it's going.   A fine example of this is the knitted cape I had on today. I thought I quite liked it, I've worn it all day and I frankly wish we had a dog so I could line his basket with it.  Nothing like a photograph to make you realise something doesn't look anything like you think it does.

The evidence

White longline l/s tee - Isabella Oliver
Tobacco boxy oversized poloneck - Primark (this however, is about 3 years old and cost £6 and I absolutely adore it.  Just impossible to wear a jacket/coat over though)
Distressed skinny jeans - Zara
Fairisle knitted capelet - Massimo Dutti (dodgytastic)
Chestnut boots - Russell & Bromley
Chestnut Lily bag - D&G

Life is too short to wear something that makes you feel just so so.  So the upshot is, I love my uniform, I do very much have a Brand Identity apparently (skinny jeans, ankle boots, fitted top, blazer and scarf) and that works the majority of the time.  It's just the rest of the time that needs working on. 

Oh and finding a style/look that isn't mutton or frump.  Let the challenge begin.  Anyone else have this dilemma? (or does no one else have as much time on their hands as me to waste valuable brain cells on it)  That neon sign is flashing again..........

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2 comentarios:

  1. Those boots look lovely.

    I wear the same 'uniform' of trousers and sweaters with a scarf for work and sometimes I get a bit bored with it but it does make getting dressed very quick.

  2. Blogging definitely highlights insecurities... try taking close ups of your face in digital macro - that's what I call scary!

    I don't think you have an issue per se... I think style is something that continually evolves - and that's a good thing! I'm a bit meh about lots of my stuff at the moment too and have finally accepted that I need to sell the barely worn things that I loved when I was skinny for about 5 mins!

    Nic x

    pd Can you please make your pics bigger so old biddies like me can see what's in them?! ;)