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Once again apologies for not being around.  I would love to say I have been busy busy busy with my super exciting life but that would be an abject lie.  I am generally an exceptionally disorganised person, clinging on to day to day life by my finger nails, being jack of all trades, master of none.  

In my dreams I am (as much as I will admit the mention of a "fun lining" makes me want to track down Mr Boden and poke pins in his eyes) that smiley, hair swishing, calm, competent and enviable Boden model with those bonny, cheeky yet well behaved (and clean - yeah right) offspring and that suave and sophisticated (not that I'm saying The Husband isn't, I hasten to type) man-type jogging along beside us, smiling gamely.  In reality I normally have a scarily manic look in my eyes, snarling at the Rugrats to behave through gritted teeth whilst The Husband is rolling his eyes at the rabble he has to accompany.  Living the Boden Dream.  (On other days I have a similar White Company one which is also as hilariously unrealistic. Poo.) 

Seeing as I'm in a confessional mood, I may as well come clean to another shameful trait.  I am fickle.  Massively massively fickle,  Thankfully (I don't think....) not in most parts of my life (she says trying to cover all bases whilst people who know her in real life laugh hysterically at her naivety) but certainly when it comes to fashion. 

Two key areas where my behaviour is risible are 

1) Proclaiming at the beginning of the season that there is no way x, y or z shall have the pleasure of being introduced to my credit card.  Fast forward two months and there I am the proud owner of harem pants, jumpsuits, colour (just actual colour as oppose to the dirge I'm usually seen in)  and soon to be something in print.  Humble pie features highly in my diet a month or two into a season. 

2) Buying something I believe I love and then realising a couple of days later that actually, noooooooo.  I either look like a tool in it or I've just simply gone off it.  Rather a reversal of point one. 

Which is what I have to confess to with the Isabella Oliver camel knit dress that was my object of affection last Thursday.  Went to wear it on Friday morning and realised that whilst there was nothing wrong with it per se it was not for me.  Too long to wear as a top and I didn't want it as a dress (the boring boot issue, yawn yawn.)  However I was feeling smug as a smug thing as I hadn't taken the tags off and so immediately sent it back.   No money wasted and I don't have something hanging in my wardrobe that shrieks at me "you fickle loser" every time I catch sight of it.  A happy ending and I feel much better for getting that off my chest. 

Right now down to recent outfits.

Last Friday.  Impressively I managed to make it to the gym.  For coffee. The least said about that the better 

Olive and bone striped jersey tunic - Toast
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Off white knitted swing cardigan - Goat (one of my favourite items of clothing.  I am such a huge Goat fan.  In the sale that is)
Beige and black snakeskin print scarf - By Malene Birger
Tan leather cuff - Mulberry
Tan shopper - Zara

Friday evening I went out for a girls night round at a friend's house.  You know when you've had a fantastic evening when you don't leave till 3am........  Great great night, thank you girls xx

 Black vest (not seen) - Primark
Silver boxy jumper - Zara (I thought this was to be solely a seasonal jumper but surprisingly felt less Christmas Decoration than I'd anticipated so shall definitely be wearing it again.  Some things are not just for Christmas.  Yay!)
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger
Multi bead necklace - Day Birger et Mikkelsen
Black and silver multistrand tube bracelet - 10m2
Black suede platform boots - Zara
Black boiled wool swing coat - Ronit Zilkha (a TK Maxx treasure from years ago)
Cheetah print ponyskin bag - Zara

Saturday, funnily enough, should have a been a complete write off.  Apart from the fact I had 10 people for dinner that night and therefore had to cook up a storm.  The rule at my house, is Never Knowingly Undercater and so I beat myself within an inch of my life to make enough food, just in case the proverbial army turn up.  Which they never have done yet.  And clearly I've never learnt.  So a Chicken Tikka Massala, Lamb Dhansak, Pete's Beef Curry and Keralan Fish curry, oh and a strawberry, lime and pomegranate pavlova later (all made from scratch she says polishing her, now curry scented, halo), I finally got dressed (for dinner)

Beige Linen t-shirt - Zara
Distressed biker jeans - By Malene Birger (boy have I had my money's worth from these over the last two years) 
Cream/beige/black jacket - Phase Eight
Huge embeliished gold and diamante necklace (can't really see, will save for another time) - All Saints
Black suede platform boots - Zara

Now I had complete outfit envy and have to include a photo of one of my closest friends, who had on the most fabulous outfit.  A delicious homage to the 70's, head to foot in DVF.  The photo doesn't do her or the outfit justice at all.  If only I could get over my fear of drycleaning......

A fabulous night and a 1.30am finish meant that Sunday morning, I have to admit, I wasn't my usual sprightly self.  Putting it mildly.  But managed to haul my sorry, hungover to Mass (oh the brownie points) and then staggered off to meet friends for a coffee.  The day improved greatly, spending the afternoon in the sun with friends whilst the men all watched rugby and the Rugrats (well Rugrat two and three - Rugrat one was sulking for England after having about 20 mins sleep at a sleepover) were feral. 

White longsleeved t-shirt - Topshop
Grey and beige jersey blazer - Zara
Wide legged jeans - Zara
Fabulous finches scarf - Mulberry
Pewter high top sneakers - Ash
Tan shopper - Zara

Monday bought a more sombre tone to the week as I had to go London for the Memorial Service of one of our very close friends who sadly passed away just before Christmas. 

Black and gold lurex top (can't see) - Zara
Black coated skinny trousers - Cos
Grey military knitted coat - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Tan and black scarf - Dorothy Perkins
Black suede and patent pumps - Banana Republic
Black patent Tilly bag - Jaeger

And finally Tuesday, a lovely day spent with my mum for her birthday.  Lunch with her and Rugrat three. 

Nude vest - Primark
Fuchsia linen t-shirt - Zara
Indigo Baxter jeans - Topshop
Navy blazer - Zara
Navy and fuchsia leopard print scarf - Hong Kong
Chestnut cross body battered satchel - Campomaggi from Plumo
Chestnut peep toe ankle boots - Kurt Geiger 

I've been up since the crack of dawn doing this.  I must leave the house!!   Will be back later.

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2 comentarios:

  1. So many lovely outfits Kat! I love that Goat cardigan on you, and your friend's DVF outfit, but my favourite is the last one, with the pop of colour from the fuchsia t-shirt. It looks so Spring-like and is exactly how I am wearing colour this year, as I don't do full on brights, and definitely not pastels. Keep up the blogging! x

  2. Oh thanks love. I bought a fuchsia t and an emerald t from Zara in the sale in Jan for the grand price of £5.99 each. They were a bit of a gamble as they're so not usually me. But I'm going to try and branch out and get with the colour programme. Next step, floral!!!!!!