A mere whiff of warm weather.....

....and the lure of summer purchases is too much.  I didn't crack out an iota of flesh (dear god, it has to be at least 28 degrees for that and then the amount of fake tanning that has to occur - I need at least a week's warning before baring flesh to the world.  I am so white, you can actually see me from space.  Actually not so much white.  White with a blue tinge.  To be found somewhere on a Dulux colour chart in amongst the cool white shades.  Fab for a bathroom, crap for a summer outfit)

I can also confess to have done some serious moonwalking on speed today.  Back-pedalling as only I am able.  With regards to my previous blog about print.  How I pontificated to the nth degree about how I don't ever buy an item of clothing in print, blah, blah, blah.  Well yah boo sucks to the me from 3 weeks ago. I am now the proud owner (well will be when they arrive courtesy of Topshop online, of these beauties.)

No I haven't been drinking (yet) or smoking anything and no I didn't sit out in the sun for too long.  I can pretty much guarantee that they will look utterly hilarious on a nearly 40 year old that isn't one half of AbFab, but I've got to give them a go.  And I promise I will pap them on me so we can all have a good laugh and agree that they can be consigned to the mutton cupboard.  

These also fell into my basket (another danger of online shopping.  The lure of free p&p over a £75 spend.  Specifically aimed at tightwads like me.).  Actually now I'm convinced that I've either a) had too much sun or b) it's a certain time of the month, as my thought process behind buying these was whilst they'll go with x, y and z, they will also mean that a certain pair of Zara shoes that I have my beadies on, will now have something else to go with, hence I can justify buying them.  (I've just realised that an insight into the scramblings of my mind, I appreciate is quite frightening, isn't it)

Meanwhile I was wearing something vaguely summery today, for an afternoon of Mother's Day celebrations at Rugrat One's school.  Topped off by a trip to McDonalds (since I wasn't hungover a latte sufficed for me.  But I just need to interject here, for anyone who's interested, the Big Tasty is officially The Burger.  Knocked a Whopper of the top spot. I defy anyone not to love it.  I am addicted.  It gives being hungover a purpose)

Camel vest - By Malene Birger
Indigo Baxter jeans - Topshop
Cream and gold zip jacket - Zara
Fabulous finches scarf - Mulberry
Rose gold ballet flats - Zara
Gold chunky bracelet - Made
Tan shopper - Zara

Am now off out tonight for a girls night in.  Can't wait, will pap outfit later for tomorrow.  Have a good night all!

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