A Summer must have for me

At last I am going to talk about shorts.  "Oh I don't get my legs out", I hear you cry. 

Well.  That was me two years ago.  I have pics of me in Marbella a couple of years ago, in fact on all my holidays and at any time the temperature nudged 25 degrees and my legs are covered.  Swathed in a maxi dress or maxi skirt. 

I would have had to spend two weeks religiously basting myself like a turkey and turning with the regularity of a doner kebab on a spit to turn vaguely brown before I would contemplate getting my legs out in public. 

Well, no more.  Is it because I'm older and I don't care?  Is it because my legs have improved with age? (oh how we laughed)  Is it because I'm more confident?  Well I would love to, genuinely, say yes to all of them but I'll be totally honest and say that it's down to improved fake tan.  I'd love it to be more inspiring but alas, it's due to mousse and a mitt.  Oh and just to be even less inspirational and lower the tone totally, I also think it's because I've ditched the leg waxing and have gone back to shaving.  Which I should have done YEARS ago.  Saving me a fortune in both time, money and tears.  Two mins in the shower every three days and smooth as a baby's butt legs permanently with no rash, no ingrown hairs and no legs covered in tiny brown dots when you put fake tan on (or was that just me?) 

So now the glamourous part is put to one side, may I please urge everyone to get their legs out.  The best piece of advice I had from someone once was, "what would your 70 year old self looking back at your 41 year old self say?"

"Buy thee some shorts"

With the temperatures set to reach the late 20's at the end of this week and we're only just at the beginning of July, not having even been on holiday yet, it is the perfect time to get brave with the legs. 

I also do think the more you get used to them, the less uncomfortable it feels (this was my experience anyway) 

My favourite shorts are of the denim variety and my go to versions are from Warehouse.  I got mine about 4 years ago (when they were strictly for "on holiday" only) but now I drag them out as soon as I've stopped defrosting the car (well, almost) 

They do the same version every year and they're amazing.  I will say, I sized up and that does seem to work for me - I wanted them to sit on my hips which makes them a lot more comfortable and totally eliminates all element of muffin top.  I've never found them saggy on the bottom at all and I have a pancake arse. 

They are these babies - right length, not too clingy, not too baggy with the right element of distressing.  No cheeks on show with these wonders.  But like I've said, I sized up so have the 12. 

Warehouse Turn up Shorts in Mid Denim £26

Now those aren't in the sale and I've never seen them in the sale (and to be honest, they're not a bad price - honestly mine are my go to shorts, they've virtually paid for themselves over the years) 

But there are some bargains out there of the denim variety if you're after a different look. 

These are slightly looser and in a chambray fabric from Mint Velvet. 

Ice Blue Light Denim Shorts was £49 now £35

More tencel bermuda style shorts at Mango (yes I have featured these before but they're in the sale now) 

Tencel Bermuda Shorts now £19.99 was £29.99

Another looser Boyfriend Style at M&S in again, a pale shade. 

Boyfriend Denim Shorts now £12.50 was £19.50

Have to say I also rather like the white ones again now £12.50

Not white but also a pale colour in a Faded Striped Denim also at M&S now £22 was £29.50

M&S also come up trumps by the looks of things with these Turn Up Denim Shorts at £29.50 full price - as much as I do love my Warehouse ones, I would possibly try these first as I was so so impressed with their jeans when I tried them on. 

I also like the look of these washed out ones which don't look as tiny as most, from Only Denim. 

Only Denim Short £24

A Darker Vintage denim at Fat Face (love the wash of these)

Fat Face Denim Shorts £38

If you do want something longer (see my pic today) then there is always a Cropped Denim Bermuda Short to consider £27.50 from M&S

Some more of these at New Look in a slightly more faded colour for £22.99

Also at Pull & Bear for £19.99

These from Phase Eight look like they are the perfect mid length for those who want a short short look without the shortness. (which makes total sense, no?!) 

Phase Eight Denim Shorts Indigo £45

And just slightly way out but they are denim and I pretty much love these.  Look fantastic with the black and white here but would also look great with navy and white or shades of grey.  Beautifully different and the perfect hint of colour to give new life to your neutrals. 

ASOS Denim Shorts in Washed Peony. £25

Keeping my top pick till last though and these look remarkably similar to my Saxby Jeans but a cut off version from ASOS.  I adore these jeans - probably my favourite boyfriend jeans (and they were the cheapest as I got them in the sale for about £12 in the end) 

ASOS Denim Boyfriend Shorts £28

There is of course the option just to hack off a pair of your old jeans.  Which I have on today - I did these last year actually and my advice would be to cut them off longer than you think you need and work upwards.  Have to say I'm rather pleased with these (although I do rather miss the white jeans - do make sure you don't actually want the jeans before you attack them with scissors.....) 

This is me today - as I said on Instagram - just missing a yacht... (I stole The Husband's hat - which I may/will claim as my own seeing as he never wears it) 


Pale blue and white striped linen shirt - Mango
White cut off shorts from jeans - Zara
Navy blazer - Zara
Champagne espadrilles - Penelope Chilvers 
Hat with navy ribbon detail - Sainsburys
Tan bag - Prada

And here are the outfits from Saturday for our fantastic 40th party that we went to.  The weather was kind(ish) but I had to go home and change when I took the kids back for the sitter, before the celebrations carried on in the evening.  As you can see, it was super casual.  I can't remember a time in my life ever when I've not worn heels to a party - even in the evening I came back in my espadrilles! 


Terra vertical stripe box dress - Sportmax Code
White leather sliders - River Island 
White straw hat - Zara


White and pale blue striped linen shirt - Mango
Patchwork jeans - Mango
Cream quilted jacket - Zara
Champagne espadrilles - Penelope Chilvers 

I have done NO sales shopping all weekend (primarily as I haven't been near a computer or a shop but details schmetails) 

Dare I say, I've been thinking about new season goodies...... watch this space.....

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11 comentarios:

  1. WOW what an amazing setting for a party!

  2. Oooh ooh that was me that said that!!!! Was about a lovely AS dress wasn't it?

    I love my boyfriend denim shorts, I wear with a longer sleeved top/blouse to not feel too uncovered.

  3. Thank you so much for the Warehouse tip off. I've been struggling with finding some new denim shorts as they all seem so short! Off to give them a whirl x

  4. I haven't braved shorts. Started wearing more shorter sun dresses a couple of years ago and have bought shorts for the first time since I was a teenager! Sorry to pick on the least glam part of your post (!) but I must ask how you've found shaving in terms of amount of hair?? I've waxed for years and my hair has thinned out a lot and that's what's stopping me from shaving. I totally get the little brown dots - got loads all over my legs atm.

    Would love to save the money (and pain, and time).

    You look absolutely stunning in those last two pics, not that you don't always, but so, so relaxed - looks like a fab party.


  5. i've got really into shorts - Gap do amazing boyfriend shorts - and in a tall so theres no risk of bum showing.. perfect!!

  6. The jeans version of those ASOS pink shorts are on sale. SUCH a pretty colour. But only in a aize 8, sadly. Am off to check out warehouse, thanks!

  7. So glad you kept the Sportmax dress it looks fab as do your other outfits. I do love shorts but struggle with the length but picked up a pair in M&S last week, I think they were £19.50. x

  8. I so have to agree with you on the whole shaving vs waxing!!! Would love to wear shorts these short but have really fat inner thighs. Even my 70 yr old self would agree.... Enjoy the hot temps!

  9. Hi Kat, great post as always, I got the Fatface shorts a few weeks ago, would definitely recommend them (wrote about them on my blog), I'm 57 and love wearing them.

  10. I have really got into shorts too but it is tricky to find the perfect mid length. H&M Logg have a pretty good version in beige, a navy and white stripe for £14

  11. I've done just this Kat! I got me some shorts & I wore them for the first time today! Its been years since I've had my thighs out & honestly thought sod it! I love the last pic of you! You look so chilled! Ax