And the floodgates have opened.

Bring on the glitter.  I don't mean the tinsel variety but I could maybe go a sparkly jumper right now.  The Husband came home yesterday bearing gifts of stollen slices from M&S (are they better than the mini stollen from Lidl?  Well in my expert experience as a stollen connoisseur, my advice would be if you are a marzipan fiend then the M&S ones are for you as there is a swamp of almond delight in the middle of them.  The Lidl ones are bitesize - which isn't great for portion control or of course that could be just my non-existent willpower and have more of a hint of marzipan about them as opposed to a full on frangipane whack around the head)

Haven't got stuck into the Mulled wine yet (and I have to say, Lidl Gluwein laced with extra booze is rather good), am saving that for tomorrow night and my Hunger Games movie marathon with the 10 yr old.

But after my sequin frenzy yesterday and today, getting into the whole Christmas spirit marzipan-ing and icing cakes for the Christmas Fair, I'm now all focussed on the Christmas jumper. 

I have looked at the slightly more comedic Christmas numbers which may float some people's boats but personally, I'm more magpie about the whole metallic knitwear affair and love a sparkly number. 

Bring on the bronze, silver and gold, bring on the sequins, you can keep your Reindeer pics and comedy jobs, I'm now thinking of ones that I can wear out to the pub for a Christmas night out. 

No need to add jewellery with this one.  Love it with the leather leggings here, would also look fab teamed with a leather or pleather skirt or just throw on jeans for a more casual look.

Sportmax Code Feritos Flat Paillettes flower Jumper now £81 was £135  At My Wardrobe which still has 40% off EVERYTHING.  I honestly daren't look properly. (ok maybe I will tomorrow)  Found this as I love all things Sportmax.

How great do these look with a skirt? 

Sportmax Code Feritos Brushed Cotton Embellished Jumper now £81 was £135

A jumper with personality.... you won't get ignored with this, it could have its very own postcode. 

2nd DAY Glitz sequin jumper now £114 was £190 

Slightly less Lazytown is this one from Religion at ASOS.  Ok when I say less Lazytown, I am assuming you're not going to wear them with the matching trousers...... (which on their own with a plain black top would be fabulous)

Religion Woven Sequin Jumper Co-ord £75

But if you're after something slightly more conservative then M&S don't disappoint.  Don't forget the 20% off using the code NOV14EM 

Long Sleeve Sequin Embellished Tunic £35 pre discount in Deep Purple (this makes me giggle)

And in black 

The other option to sequin (and this is very very similar to the silver jumper I have) is a metallic jumper.

This one from New Look looks like an absolute bargain at this price.  I know I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with my (lack of) pleather jeans or trousers but I think these would be a perfect match for them.  Actually you may notice that most of these have a pleather or leather bottom of some description adorning the legs.

Black Foil Ombre Jumper £22.99

A silver version is available from True Decadence for an absolute bargain at £12

Love this shade of almost pale bronzey gold. (they also do it in a burgundy and a black) 

Vero Moda Shell Pink Glitter Jumper £26 at New Look.

A fluffy version at Warehouse

Warehouse Sparkle Jumper £32

Again at New Look but this time, a plain jumper with some sequin detail added on. 

Navy Embellished Cluster Jumper now £20.50

More subtlety at ASOS - I love the colour of this.  Something slightly refreshing about the paleness of it against a see of full on glamour and glitz.  This with faded jeans for Boxing Day would be a sure fire winner for me.  Or I love the idea of this with grey (or yet again black leather but I think we've established, I'd wear any of these with leather) 

ASOS Jumper with Embellished Neck and Cuff £40 in Nude (if you can zoom in on this, the detailing of the sequins is gorgeous)

However the one I simply cannot stop thinking about and I got a sneak preview of this on an email eons back and I thought ooh.  Now I am Obsessed. 

Zio sequinned turtleneck from By Malene Birger £325  At this price I should probably try and be less obsessed.  (and it's even handwash....... my slight concern is that I might look like Metal Mickey's Gran)

Are you a sparkle fan at Christmas time?  What's your special outfit that screams festive?  I have to say, I do love love love my silver metaliic jumper.  Getting it out tomorrow which will herald the start of the Seasonal Celebrations for me. 

Outfit from yesterday.


Black polo neck jumper - Zara
Tan leather skirt - Zara (which I managed to spill olive oil on doing the kid's tea. It's RUINED!  ARRGGHHH) 
Black opaques - Topshop
Black textured coat - Zara
Leopard print wedges - M&S
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe 

So I'm off out tonight for a dinner party.  Bring on the food - I've also been out for a lovely lunch with girl friends.  Tomorrow I'm going to try and fling to Bluewater in the morning as I have a gazillion things to return and then as I mentioned, I have a date with the 10yr old late afternoon watching both the Hunger Games movies before we go and see the third on Sunday.  We were saying with the girls earlier how much we actually love staying on a Saturday night now that the kids are much better company.  Doesn't stop me loving going out on a Friday night though! 

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11 comentarios:

  1. Next week. Lidl.
    Don't care if they melt in the swashing machine.

  2. The Marlene Birger looks itchy Kat, very itchy but beauty is pain and all that. Mmmmm loving all the knitwear this year. You have to find someway of getting the olive oil out of your skirt, it's too nice to ditch x

  3. Put talcum powder on the oil spot - should draw it out over night!

  4. That Marlene Birger is absolutely stunning, but I agree it looks as though it would scratch like hell. I've got an old M&S jumper that's very similar to the Deep Purple one but I really struggle to wear it without looking a bit frumpy. Shame because it's a lovely colour. I must dig it out and have a play with it!

    Becky x

  5. Hi Kat - I've never been a fan of anything sparkly but found myself being strangely drawn to this jumper from Pure Collection: May order it (I've got 25% off with them, it'll still be a bit pricey, but given it's pure cashmere..) either in black or cool smoke. My concern is I'll find it too extreme to wear post Christmas as it does look very sparkly. I love the shape (I actually have this jumper from them from the previous collection, in plain putty, and love it, although it's absolutely enormous (even though I sized down) and this one is "with an improved, more fitted shape", so I'm really tempted). Decisions decisions.. xx

  6. Stollen! I didn't know they were sold in the UK, at least I never saw them 18 years ago when I was a student in London and simply craved for all things continental. Last time I was in the Uk was last summer, no stollen then ofcourse. Re: oil stain, I had that with tan boots once and I tried rescuing them by 'painting'' them with olive oil. It made them darker but still wearable (of sorts) You could give that a try..(or start wearing a pinny I always do because I/m a stain-magnet.

  7. I bought a gorgeous gunmetal grey tiny sequinned shift dress last week - so unlike me but I can't wait to wear it! X

  8. I just bagged the last Mercy Delta dress by Whistles in my size for £25 on ASOS. Bring it on!

    I bought the French Connection Serpent dress off eBay a couple of years ago but the cut sadly didn't suit me. It was indeed a classic - especially the original navy and copper colourway.

  9. Glitter and sparkle just aren't for me. I look at them going nooooo nooooooooo noooooooooooo haha.

  10. Have you seen the pewter coated skinnies in Next? Saw them and thought of you as they reminded me of the Boden ones that sold out. Love the blog by the way. Over the past year or so it's fast become my happy place once the kids are in bed and the house is (vaguely) sorted :-)

  11. Don't know what had gotten into me but I will be giving this look a go this Xmas! Also plan on buying a gawdy cheap Xmas jumper too! Let the festivities begin!!