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Be it a Christmas present for yourself or a friend, or be it that you'd like a new bag and can't justify it, fear not, I have found an option. 

It was only a couple of years ago that the only people who offered such a bag accessory (The Husband would have a hissy fit if he knew you could actually get an accessory for a bag.. oh yesh my love) was from the lovely Anya Hindmarch. 

And you can still buy them and they are still gorgeous.  They also still cost more than most people would want to spend on a bag in the first place. 

Three tiered tassel Key ring from Anya Hindmarch £150 (yes you read that right - scroll down, it gets better)

There is also this one which is my absolute favourite.  The large one is huge.  I actually think I do probably have handbags smaller than this... 

Courtney Tassel Keyring £195

Courtney Maxi Tassel £350 (cough cough cough. I had to check the price.) 

But there are some cheaper options out there.  Admittedly I haven't found any quite as gorgeous or detailed as the Courtney ones but for that price, they would have to make the tea as well. 

From Etsy (a site which I've used often in the past and always had excellent items from), these look great. 

BIG Goat leather tassel keychain charm in red £26.16  I love the way you can choose either gold or silver hardware on it.  There are more colours if you look at the seller's site. 

Now I'm not sure if the quality is any better but certainly I would put more faith in an Etsy seller than an Ebay seller (importing from the Far East).  Whether that's right or not, who knows, but generally with this sort of thing, I do think at the lower end you would get what you pay for.  However if you're happy to take a punt, then these might be worth a look. 

Tassel Handbag Leather Keyring approx £15.63

Another great online site is Not on the High Street and I (wrongly) assumed there would be oodles of things like this on there.  Well there aren't (or at least I can't find them - certainly one issue with the site is being able to search for things... it's a bit of a needle in a haystack)

But these look like a great option. 

Lola Handmade Leather tassel Keyrings (in other colours) £12.95 (a good size at 11cm)

Slightly smaller but with an extra tiny wallet are these from ASOS. 

ASOS Leather Tassel Tri coloured key ring and card holder £12

Also available in an orange and pink colourway 

Now the other keyring that is doing the rounds is the Pom Pom number.  These are super popular and do make a great gift to someone else or just to yourself.  

I think Jigsaw maybe were the first to bring them out?  But they seem to have sold out.  However plenty of others have leapt onto the Pom Pom bandwagon. 

Or maybe they haven't sold out of all of them... Oversize Pom Pom Dusky pink keyring - only colour left £19 

Faux Fur Pom Keyring from ASOS £10

Lots on offer at River Island for £6 - pale pink

Pale Blue 

Love the grey (even though it does look like it might want feeding)

Or if you prefer a more classic black, then my top tip would be this from Dune at £15

Alternatively (and guess which direction I'm heading in....) you could just take advantage of 40% off all Tory Burch at My Wardrobe today and make sure you get exactly what you want under the tree..... I wonder if they do a Christmas List hint email you can forward to a generous love one? (if not, they should, no?)

Now I'm not going to lie, I love the fur Pom Poms in theory, but I'm not sure they're really me.  The leather ones would definitely be top of my list (obviously the Anya Hindmarch Courtney ones are top top top but at the price, I could never justify them.  You can actually buy Anya bags with them already on which makes a much more cost effective option.  Of sorts.....) 

However these Tory Burch bags at 40% off, to me are THE best option - get Christmas shopping peeps. 

Top of my list would be:- (and yes, of course they do have their own tassels already.  HA - fab justification or what?)

Thea Chain Shoulder Slouchy Tote was £415 now £249 

Thea Chain Cross body bag £195 was £325

And the classic Black Robinson Double Zip Tote Bag now £300 was £500

So have you bought into the keyring craze yet?  On the Christmas list or are you just hanging out for a whole new bag?

Finishing with outfits from the last couple of days - apologies for not having been around at the weekend.  Not one minute to myself with The Husband not able to drive with his busted shoulder so I have been Queen Chauffeur, Cook and general Supermum (ish) all weekend. (I will admit my Florence Nightingale crown may have slipped on Saturday night - cue total sense of humour failure and me going to bed at 8.30pm!)

Friday night out for a dinner party.

Navy Dress - Ghost 
Indira necklace - Stella & Dot
Black suede & elastic shoe boots - M&S
Tan De Manta clutch - Alexander McQueen

Saturday - super dress down for my day of chauffeuring including watching 90 minutes of other people's children play basketball as training was cancelled due to a competition.  (Joy.  Yet totally my fault as I missed the email and the boys wanted to watch.)


Black vest - Primark
Black Extra fine merino jumper - Uniqlo
Black harem pants - Hush
Black Jetstream wedge trainers - Russell & Bromley
Black quilted jersey biker jacket - Whistles
Stone Maxi Zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch (pre her tassel keyring days..)

And yesterday - good humour restored - for lunch at a friend's house. 


Black silk blouse - Zara
Black Tuxedo jacket - Hush
Indigo Baxter jeans - Topshop
Leopard print ponyskin wedge boots - M&S
Camel bag - Prada
Dynamite necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Tomorrow I think it's going to be all about the bling.  37 days still Christmas.  You're welcome.

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19 comentarios:

  1. I dunno, the keyring thing seems like something I would have put on my school bag. (and swapped and compared during Irish class) Although the leather ones are nice. A but like the leather strappy bracelets I've been coveting.Those Hush harems are amazeballs btw.

    1. I hadn't thought of it like that as I supposed i'm used to seeing the Anya H ones but now you mention it......

  2. Mmmm not too sure about the key chains as I get easily bored! Can I ask if you wear nude tights with your dresses, and if so, what ones do you recommend? I can't seem to find ones that aren't too shiny or dark (I'm very pale!). Thanks!

    1. They are indeed nude tights! These were cheapo tastic ones from Boots last year, honstly a pack of basic value ones 15 denier... I am going to do a tight post though, fear not!

  3. I know it AH, and it's probably beautifully made, but that gold tassel looks a little bit like the thing that my granny used to tie back the curtains with. Sorry :-) I do love the furry pom-poms though, I ummed and ahhed over the Whistles leopard one at ASOS when they did the 20% off, but managed to resist. I'm hoping Santa might bring me one!

    Your Friday night outfit is gorgeous. I love a bit of Stella and Dot!

    Becky x

    1. Wash your mouth out!! It's GORGEOUS!!!!!

  4. So I've jumped on the handbag accessory band wagon but even I know it's the middle aged women's equivalent of putting key rings on your school book bag

    1. You see that's what other's have said but I didn't think of htem like that!

  5. We totally love a handbag accessory (in face we love anything to do with handbags!). We are currently designing some eye popping coloured patent leather keyrings designed to be work outside your bag for Valentine's Day. We will send you the link once they arrive aurora-living.co.uk

    1. I'm always worried about keeping a keyring outside a bag in case it drops off

    2. Ooh Aurora-living they sound gorgeous, do keep me posted. I wouldn't think they're any likely to fall off than a key or padlock attached to your bag? I've had these sorts of things on mine for years (not put on by my but by the manufacturer!)

  6. Have you seen these: https://www.madewell.com/madewell_category/ACCESSORIES/keychains/PRDOVR~B5913/B5913.jsp?srcCode=MWAFFI00001&siteId=QFGLnEolOWg-_NxNyrWIstmjrWiyft1uhA

    1. I LOVE that but it's quite diddy!! (I'm huge so I need something to balance me out..!)

  7. My keyring is a gigantic faux diamond ring. It's fun...makes me smile. I don't know about those fur ones...they look like a furball the cat coughed up.

    1. That sounds cute (your ring, not the cat fur ball and yes I totally see what you mean with that!)

  8. I wish my cat would regurgitate one then, the price of them! I think they're a nice bit of fun in the grey and grim of the winter months. Love the jigsaw offerings but not the river island ones (bit cheapo looking) and definitely NOT the silly money ones -good grief who'd pay that much?!

  9. It's on EVERYTHING now!! I daren't look.....

  10. Ordered it for my daughter , it came very quickly and being such a huge fan of designer bags, I knew my daughter would absolutely loves this bag.