It's luxury gift time

I've decided to don my Sensible cap and not let myself get swept away with temptation after this bonkers weekend of discount madness.  What better way to do that can go down the Gift Route.  This is win win on every level.  Firstly, you can get some Christmas shopping done.  It is now nearly the 1st Dec and there will be people out there who have finished this.  Yes, there will be people who do in fact have everything already wrapped and labelled.  They clearly live in an altered universe but I would put money on people having said presents already under a beautifully prepared tree. 

*fist in mouth trying not to scream*

As you may have gathered, this isn't me.  This is so far from me, it's frightening, however I do really need to start getting a grip and thinking about presents.  So when Boden asked if I could have a look at their Christmas offerings and put together a Christmas list on their behalf, seeing as my shopping done is the sum total of zero, it seemed like a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.  There is currently 30% off everything which makes it definitely worth a look. 

Or..... we could put together a Christmas list for ourselves......... Which, let's face it, is half the shopping battle (ish.  Stretching the definition of shopping battle here but.....)

So all year there are a gazillion things that you want that you think - ooh that would be fab to go on my Christmas list.   Yet does anyone actually make a Christmas list?  Hmm in reality I certainly don't.  It's definitely a mythical list. 

With hindsight however, it would be a great idea just to jot the idea down so that when (and it would be a miracle if it happened on the 1st Dec in my house, more likely to be the 23rd....) your loving other half asks you what you'd like for Christmas and.... Blank. 

You can come up with nothing.  Zilch.  Nada.  Now if you're me it's partly because you've bought most of the stuff you thought you might want to put on your list, or you've bought the cheaper equivalent...

In which case we should think luxury.  We should start off with things that you wouldn't normally buy yourself and the top of the pile has to be cashmere. 

To be able to spend Christmas morning (and at our house, Christmas Night as well watching movies with the kids when everyone's gone and you can't physically chew another chocolate) in these would be bliss. 

Cashmere Lounge Jumper in grey melange and pineapple was £139 now £97.30

With the matching trousers you can either put together as a set (it's a virtual onesie without actually being a onesie.)

Cashmere Lounge Trousers were £149 now £104.30

The other thing that I am never seen without on an evening, curled up on the sofa (apart from being surgically attached to my iPhone - there's a New Year's Resolution right there) is  a blanket.  I love a blanket, my kids are unable to sit on the sofa without dragging a blanket from somewhere in the house, so how lovely would it be to have a new one for Christmas.   The small 8 yr old with Asperger's is a chewer and so we do tend to go through blankets rather quickly - suffice to say this one would definitely be "Mummy's".

Highland Blanket were £149 now £104.30

Gloves are something I never spend money on.  However how much would I love a pair of really good leather gloves?  I've had the leopard print ones on the blog before but they're so gorgeous I don't mind flinging them on again.  Plus Boden do them in different sizes which is really unusual to find on the high street.  For someone who has fingers like Edward Scissorhands, this is excellent news. 

Westminster Gloves in Leopard print were £69 now £48.30

Or, if you don't tend to wear lots of colour (or even if you do and want the matching look) then these I know are going to be very popular.  I love this colour - I have an old Mulberry (this is version number 2 actually as I had one stolen years and years ago) that is the most amazing shade of fuchsia and always gets loads of comments when I bring it out.  It's also the one bag that the 10 yr old eyes with the most envy ("Mummy when you die, can I have your pink bag?".  That level of envy.)

Westminster Gloves in pink herringbone were £59 now £41.30

I also do know that I have the *need* for a black handbag.  But can I make my mind up on which one?  The ones that I really really want are ridiculously expensive and so they're not going to happen (it would have to be less Black Friday/Cyber Monday with 30% off and more Catastrophe Saturday with 90% off for it even to be on the table) 

However another option which I definitely have my eye on is a metallic bag.  I mention these every season.  As well as being very festive they are perfect for the Summer as well.  I've always struggled between them being too gold or too silver but this one seems to have the perfect combination of metallic without being one or t'other. 

Slouchy Leather Bag in Metallic was £149 now £104.30

Whilst we're on the subject of bling, there are three things at Boden that sum up Christmas for me.  These would be so super useful, to use all together to give a plain dress (be it old or new) a new lease of life and make it definitely Christmas day worthy.  Or separate to wear every day.  Again, all three are perfect for taking you into the Spring - these jewels need definitely not be just for under the tree and packed away with the rest of the baubles. 

Bejewelled Cuff was £39 now £27.30

The Jewelled Pump was £129 now £90.30 in navy.  A lovely friend of mine has these - in fact she bought two and has kept one pair and is giving the other to her mum (I'm still betting that she keeps both....) 

Or in the gold.... Hmmm decisions decisions.  which one would you go for?

Bags - The Embellished Clutch was £99 now £69.30

And in the matching navy 

They also do it in the black - the matching shoes are sold out in this colour but this would go with any black, silver or pewter shoes. 

However for me, it was a toss up between the relaxed Cashmere V Neck and the Off Duty Jumper.   Boden very kindly asked what I would like for Christmas (the perks of staying up till midnight every night wading through websites and writing a stream of verbal unconsciousness!  Being a blogger does sometimes have its benefits) and for me, it was definitely a luxury item that is a proper Christmas treat. 

Relaxed Cashmere V neck jumper was £139 now £97.30 Love the shape of this.  Yes there are lots of v neck jumpers around but there are very few out there which are an unstructured loose shape.  This works so well over a layered top for a contrast colour (I can also see it working perfectly with a breton stripe) and skinny jeans.  Or just worn on its own, slouched into the top of belted boyfriend or straight leg, slightly less fitting jeans. 

Or this Silver Melange again £97.30 was £139.  Still feeling the love for this colour this season (even though I still own nothing in it.  Doh)

However I eventually decided on the Off Duty Cashmere Jumper was £199 now £139.90

This is it in the black.

Love it in the black but personally I've gone with the navy.

However I have wondered if maybe I should have gone with the Christmas theme and chosen the Champagne Sparkle.  I have visions of teaming this with winter white skinnies and an oversized camel coat.  Pure elegance (except that I'd probably get an After Eight or a melted Matchmaker stuck somewhere on said elegant outfit, so I went with the navy) 

Very much looking forward to it arriving - I've gone for the Extra Large as I'm thinking it might be better oversized. 

Oh and just to prove that I have given the rest of the family a thought, I know that my 10yr old would adore this cushion.  Ok, truth be told, she's asked for a puppy for Christmas which unfortunately isn't going to happen but this might be a nod to appeasing her disappointment?  (Am doing battle with The Husband over Dog-gate..... he's no, I'm yes.  This will hopefully work as an IOU.....)

Knitted Cushion was £49 now £34.30

So there we have my Christmas Wish list from Boden - hopefully this will be of some use to you as I'm SURE you've spent all weekend, running around or with laptops overheating from the shopping that you've done for your nearest and dearest.

Finishing as usual with my outfit from yesterday.  Day of hospital appointments with the 10yr old and then as a super treat whilst the boys were being picked up by a lovely friend, we went to Somerset House iceskating.  Huge reward for her as well as we hopefully only have one more month of eye patching after FIVE years!  The iceskating was so so so great.  I was honestly dreading it but it really did exceed my expectations.  Plus supper at Brasserie Blanc in Covent Garden (which is fab for Coeliacs if anyone is interested) 

And also infinitely happier with my outfit yesterday.  A lot of old favourites which make up my new favourite outfit. 


Grey zip back jumper - Zara
Grey military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Indigo Baxter jeans - Topshop
White leather tennis shoes - Zara
Charcoal cashmere scarf - Hush
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Sincerely hope everyone else isn't too flummoxed by the whole charade that is Black Friday.  Shop wisely my friends, shop wisely and use it to your advantage.  I will be back tomorrow with my cream of the crop from elsewhere. 

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19 comentarios:

  1. I bought the cashmere Boden off-duty jumper last year and it's enormous. You may need to size down, sorry.

    1. Now you see mine arrived in the XL and it's perfect! I am super tall though so I did want it longer..... (maybe i'm just huge all round!) LOVE it though.

  2. Weirdly, I have ordered absolutely nothing today. I also have an off-duty jumper on the way, which I ordered with 25% off thinking there was no way Johnny would go lower than that. More fool me! Love your picks, especially the blanket. It looks so cosy!

    I'm a bit smug about my Christmas list - I have an ongoing board on pinterest and I just point the husband in its direction when the time comes. It's a win-win solution!

    Becky x

    1. Loving your idea about a Pinterest board for Xmas pressies - I should do this to send to my hubby, lol!!

    2. :-) He loves it, you can actually see the relief that he doesn't have to think about anything! I have started an empty board for him to fill, but we are having less success with that one...

    3. It's an excellent idea, really really good. I might get my 10yr old to do one as well!

  3. I've used Black Friday to order things I'd had bookmarked for ages, and couldn't quite go full price on. I've got a grey lace dress coming from Oasis (30% off) and some silver Nike Air Force 1 trainers - I've ordered the low top version from Schuh and mid top version from Nike, as I can't decide which will work best! Both 35% off though, with free delivery/returns, so win-win I reckon!

    1. Oh you are a winner! Brilliant idea - and super randomly I'm doing the lace thing today. x

  4. Hi Kat - great choice, looks so cosy and easy to wear! Also love the grey slouchy v-neck, although I personally need another grey jumper - see below - like a hole in the head.
    The only purchase that I made today is this lovely jumper from Uniqlo's Jil Sander collaboration in grey (most stunning "elephant" grey) and black (both reduced to £79.90 + I got £20 off the total amount - courtesy of Black Friday!): I have this jumper in charcoal as well as a black cashmere cardigan from her original collection for them, both are around 5 years old, have been worn & washed 500+ times and are still going strong and quality-wise comparable with some of the much more expensive cashmeres that I own/owned. So fingers crossed at least one will be a keeper. That's it, no more purchases. Was tempted by another couple (of dozen..) of things but resisted. Must award myself with something tomorrow lol Great outfit, by the way, right up my street! Irina x

    1. That Uniqlo jumper is simply gorgeous x

  5. Love the leopard print gloves and the slouchy leather bag. Just gorgeous. We got a puppy recently and she is adorable. Hubby was yes and I was no for a few years and now I'm fully converted! Lynne xx

    1. We're not pushing him on it..... he's waiting for us to kill the goldfish....

  6. Hi Kar, how did your peacockdress from Boden work out? I recieved mine yesterday and unfortunately it's too tight around the shoulders and too short in size 10 R. normale size 10 fits me fine. there is something quote wrong with the cut somehow, I cant even lift my arm or get a fork to my mouth. Soooooo disappointed! it has to go back and it won't make much sense changing it for a size bigger because the proportions won't get and better....grumble grumble. I was planning to wear it for xmas! we dont traditionally have presents under the tree here in Holland but a whole bag of presents for the children on dec 5th ( Sinterklaas) hele a good weekend!

    1. It's hanging up in my cupboard as I love it but you're right, it's a very very snug fit over the shoulders and on the arms.... I'm going to have a think and see if I wear it.

    2. Would be a shame not to wear it and I was certain I wouldn't ever wear mine so I have send mine back. yesterday I found a lovely dress at Cos which I'll show on my blog very soon! ( And i've misbehaved in sales!) Will be a good girl now and not spend a Penny ( Well eurocent) anymore......

  7. Black Friday makes me crazy every year. I am never organized enough and feel such guilt about it. I did make a J. Crew order but that's it. I am sure I'll buy everything at a more expensive price as we move along toward Christmas!!!

  8. I LOVE the oversizedness of it. It's not too big in the XL for me but I am 5ft10. I think in the pics it looks the same in some but different in others......... I don't have the other to compare though. Will wear it tomorrow xx

  9. great collection of clothes .. i like these all stylish dresses.. you provide something unique items for girls that i want to searched.. very attractive site you have to shared.i like to visit.. thanks