In for a penny, in for a quirky pound

So whilst we're on the subject of all things novelty, following on from my Christmas jumper blog yesterday, clearly I'm losing the plot as today I'm throwing out there - the quirky bag. 

I call them quirky, The Husband looked aghast when I asked his opinion earlier.  "Sh*t" was his description.  Pah, what does he know.  I first thought hmmm I wonder if these might work, when I saw the Kate Spade clutch bags last year.  Now I do think these are something for which you really don't need to spend a lot.  Novelty is the key word here and for me, these are probably highly likely to be a one season wonder and then will find their way into the 10 year old's wardrobe. (having said, if you do have a daughter, I think these would be RIGHT up their street for a stocking filler no?)   

But then, you know what?  Maybe these will be one of those things that you do in fact keep for years and years and bring out a couple of times a season.  They're the perfect foil for a classic dress or suit.  Ok so maybe I am talking myself into looking at some of the more spenney ones.  

"Slaps self round face".  NO.  There are such fab super bargainous ones out there, it's bonkers to spend more (don't be surprised though if I manage to fling an inspirational one in towards the end....)

Starting with a jumper pic and a bag.  Now the two together?  Nope.  Nope nope nope, certainly a big fat no at the age of 41.  But on its own with a black dress or classic combo of white shirt, black blazer and jeans?  I reckon cute. 

These are from ASOS where I currently have a 20% off code as I'm a VIP (ie I pay for their Annual Next Day delivery thing which is only a tenner for the whole year - honestly amazing value as you also get offers like this.  There isn't really anything VIP about it)  The code is WANT20 - I'm assuming if you sign up, anyone can use it - or just try using it, I'm not sure if it would work for everyone or not.  It lasts till 11 November 8am (very random time that ASOS always seem to have)  It apparently works on Everything....*spends evening perusing ASOS website)

New Look Choc bar clutch bag £12.99

Also from New Look - Pop Art clutch Bag £9.99

ASOS Novelty Box Clutch Bag £30

Moving onto a couple from Next. 

Pink Perfume Clutch bag from Next £28 

Silver Ace Playing Card Clutch Box bag from Next £28

Now Accessorize - I kept meaning to blog about this in the Summer but actually I think it probably works best for Christmas parties... 

Cara Camera Across Body Bag from Accessorize £29

Tick Tock Clock Across Body Bag £25 - new this season following the success of the camera bag apparently.

Another popular quirky look is a logo bag.  We've done the sweatshirts, we've done the tee shirts and now we've got clutch bags. 

Magenta Pink Clutch Bag £20

Or if you don't like the whole big clutch bag look - maybe a coin purse?  I think this is so sweet. 

Black and white Yes No purse £10  They do also do this in a clutch bag version for £20 (have to say I'm not sure about this in a bag version...may have been handy in a club when I was 26 but at 41?  errrr??  Purse yes, bag no, for me)

Although what do you know - M&S have a version so clearly I'm just being smutty.  Oops... 

Yes & No Slogan clutch bag £25

The slogan bag is very popular this year. 

Tres Chic at Miss Selfridge £16

J'adore this nude clutch! Miss Selfridge £16

If you don't fancy a Christmas jumper, how about a Christmas clutch bag?

Sparkle Slogan clutch bag white with silver glitter back £16

Slightly more expensive but I love this. 

Karen Walker from Shopbop - Faster Better Stronger clutch bag £157.64

Now I think you could actually call this a classic from Lulu Guinness.  Have been so close to buying one more than once but somehow never got round to it. 

Lulu Guinness Perspex Lips Clutch £245 

And in the black would also be my choice (although I think it's got to be the red surely?) 

There is also a gold one at ASOS so the 20% off would be super handy here...Lulu Guinness gold glitter clutch £245 pre discount.

More Lulu Guinness at a pretty good price for one of her bags. 

Lipstick Glitter clutch £95 (also from ASOS....)

Finishing with a bonkers one.  Not that the ones above aren't bonkers but this is also a bonkers price.  On no analysis would I ever pay this for a comedy bag but were it a tenth (actually make that a twentieth) of the price, this would be mine.  I don't care how low budget it is, I love McDonald's.  Plus they're ace if you're a coeliac. 

French Fries Leather Shoulder Bag from Moschino (the one instance however, that I don't think it matters two hoots whether it's leather or not) £480 

I promise to bring you something more conservative and age appropriate tomorrow..!  Are these the naffest thing you've ever seen?  Or are you vaguely tempted... Go on, you know you want to......

Outfit from yesterday - I spent all day at school as the PTA were putting together a calendar in which each month, the birthday children dress up in seasonal appropriate gear and photos were taken.  A small undertaking it was not.  Exhausting - hats off to teachers, yet again!  Usual round robin after school of swimming and tennis for various children.


Black merino jumper - Uniqlo
Leopard print coat - Fenn Wright Manson
Indigo Baxter jeans - Topshop
Camel bag - Prada
Dune Monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton
Black Delphine pumps - Hobbs

And last night for our Abba Tribute night with friends which was fantastic.


Black leather detail dress - Sandro
Margot boots - Sam Edelman
Black clutch bag - Tory Burch

We were supposed to go to Fireworks tonight but my poor 8 year old with Asperger's is going through a really tough time with more meltdowns than usual.  Disaster yesterday after school, car crash basketball session today and there was just no way I could risk a crowded, noisy, stressful Fireworks display - he just wouldn't have been up for it.  Not fair on anyone, so we did a trip to McDonald's, the boys are snuggled up in our bed for a movie.  The 10 year old is also under the weather with a badly burnt hand from deciding she could iron herself (which she did literally) without telling anyone.... I have wine and the X Factor, a Thai curry I've cooked and all is a lot better with the world. 

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend xxx

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10 comentarios:

  1. Great! Noveltybags! I had forgotten all about them, I used to have a milkcarton-shaped one in yellow a million years ago. I sort of collected them in my twenties because I concidered real handbags ( only the word would make me cringe, akin to 'blouse') as something for the elderly I.e people of my mother's age. She was 43 then.......that's my age now! My younger me would have loved to take one of those clutches on a night out clubbing but not now anymore.. I am afraid I reached the serious handbag-stage. I wish you well with your children.

  2. Oh no poor H! Love the clutches - I use the same black one all the time! Love the Sandro dress - would love to boogie to Dancing Queen with you:) x

  3. I've been trying to shoehorn that New Look Pop Art bag into a post for flippin' ages, but it's never been quite right. I do love it though - I reckon with skinnies, electric blue heels, and a big baggy black roll-neck jumper it would be pretty fabulous. Oh, sod it, I may just order the thing!

    Becky x

  4. Just say no and step away. That perfume one from Next looks particularly cheap.

  5. I love the choc bar & j'adore ones, so kitsch!! Myself & a friend were asked last week at school if we could arrange to do the exact same school calendar - with a week's notice!! We live in Scotland, you wouldn't believe how bloody hard it is to find a set of bagpipes........!

  6. I really love the lulu guiness lips, which I think is now kind of a classic - and you're right, it's got to be red - but think the rest would only work on Carrie Bradshaw, and even then could look a bit dodge. Sorry!

  7. My 16 year old daughter has one so that answers it for me. there is no way i can follow suit, would be very wrong for me to be seen out with one.

  8. That's Xmas presents for my best friends kids then! All in their twenties - thanks! I did see one that said 'going out out' somewhere that I thought was fun. LOve the Lulu bags but a bit spendy, have a fab Sunday - I have a combination of marking and ironing (oh the glamour)

  9. Oh dear - I've been there (the meltdowns, not the clutches! Never the clutches), although like you say, thankfully sometimes a duvet, a brother and a movie can solve everything.

  10. Hi, i'm an avid reader of yours, i've been longing to ask you where did you bought your heart necklace please. Thanks.:)