So if glitz and sparkle aren't your thing... does a bit of lace grab you?

This is thorny territory for sure.  There is a fine line between ethereal class and Helena Bonham Carter dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein but if you get it right, it can be the perfect piece of clothing to take you from Christmas into nights out in Spring and Summer.  I also think it's easy to wear during the day as well with a more casual outfit. 

Admittedly there are some dresses which are are purely Party (I've saved them till the end) but there are definitely other lace options which you can dress down. 

Starting with one of my favourite shops this season - Warehouse.  I have been so so impressed with their offering, especially their website.  It's amazing how decent styling and photography can give a brand a whole new lease of life.  

Black Layered Cami Dress £45 from Warehouse  25% off still using the code CYBER25

A dress which could easily be worn for dressy occasions (I'd add appropriate shoes and earrings) but with opaques and ankle boots could be fantastic for during the day - as below.

And my favourite coloured grey top (which I still own NADA in), edged in lace.  Team with a leather pencil skirt, or even leather A line skirt for a night out.  Throw on with jeans for during the day. 

Grey Layered V Neck Jumper £42 pre discount

I also saw some really gorgeous lace pieces in Topshop last week when I was bonkers coat shopping.
Lace Yolk Tee from Topshop £38

Ditto at DP's.

Ivory Lace Plisse Top from Dorothy Perkins - now on offer at £16.20  They also do this in a black and a red but I can't get back online as they seem to be so busy! 

Untitled Untitled

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Mango have jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon (I believe it ends this evening) BUT they now do free returns so I am planning on doing a whole stack of ordering before I go to bed.  30% off and the code is 5BLACK4

Blond Lace Blouse from Mango £39.99 before discount 

Another top that would look great with a black tux jacket over it (and I would put on distressed skinny jeans) it this from Wishbone.  Or a smarter look with black cigarette trousers (I'm not even going to mention pleather ones...) 

Wishbone Lotty Lace Top was £75 now £45

It was in fact this skirt that I saw in Topshop that did make me rethink the lace for all options.  The pics here don't do it justice.  This is absolutely fabulous.  I love the idea of wearing it with a black polo neck for Parisian chic (this works in my head....) 

Soft Lace Pencil skirt £42 from Topshop


Moving onto dresses which frankly you can't wear during the day - these are occasion early but they do make a great alternative to a classic black number for dinners and parties. 

Ted Baker Lace Top Fitted Dress 20% off at the mo so £135.20 Love this shade of blue with the black.

A bigger print lace dress at French Connection, again with 20% off today - £140

Now I love this shape but being tall, it's quite hard to wear it without looking like I've raided the 10year old's wardrobe.  But if you are more diminutive of stature, then I think this is gorgeous. 

& Other Stories Lace Dress £95

Slightly less dark and so this one would be more likely to carry you through to the Spring months. 

Phase Eight Louanna Lace Dress in Black and Nude was £150 now £75

It doesn't all have to be black though - a lovely dark shade of green from Damsel in a Dress, on offer with 30% off at the moment. 

Damsel in a Dress Clifton in Green now £90.20 till 2.12

Or in a festive Plum colour 

Finishing with a totally off piste number.  Straight from The Nutcracker.  I absolutely adore it.  Still 20% off everything at ASOS with the code CYBERWKND20. 
Chi Chi London Metallic Lace Prom Dress with Bardot Neck from ASOS £75

And here I am looking absolutely cream crackered after two hours in the freezing cold this morning at Rugby with my two boys. (funnily enough, not a lot of lace going on in this pic)  The Husband with his broken collarbone who usually coaches is still in agony and standing up for two hours on the touchlines in the cold, isn't an option, so I stepped into the breach.  Polishing my halo as we speak (hence my Mango order this evening....) 

Thankfully I wasn't cold at all although my face was starting to get slightly numb towards the end.  My Ilse Jacobsen down jacket worked a dream along with the fleece socks and wellies.  There is a blog coming on these later on this week. 


Black polo neck - Zara (as old as my 6yr old)
Black Triple zip jeans - Mint Velvet
Black down jacket - Ilse Jacobsen
Socks - Ilse Jacobsen
Wellies - Ilse Jacobsen
Cream cashmere beanie - Hush
Beige snakeskin scarf - By Malene Birger 
Grey wrist warmers - Toast
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  We hunkered down this afternoon with Dominos and the new Godzilla movie - perfect way to end a Sunday.

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19 comentarios:

  1. Love lace! I "may" have just ordered those wellies. Can't wait to see your post this week.

    1. You won't be disappointed - they're amazing!

  2. I've just bought a dark grey lace dress from Oasis! Lovely shape, and a bargain with 30% off!

  3. LOved that prom dress at the end and went straight on ASOS but alas sold out. I did get a very nice lace dress from M and S and think it can be dressed down and up as you suggested - my xmas dress! Looking forward to reading your post

    1. Everyone's gotta have a Christmas dress....

  4. I love a bit of lace and that Dorothy Perkins top is gorgeous. I've not been able yo get on the website either. Lynne x

    1. Well seeing as today is also some random Cyber Whatsyerfather day, can't see it happening today either. Which is a shame as those tops are gorgeous. x

  5. Oooh just tried again and managed to get a 10 in the dress, might be too small but proves that one cant be deterred at ASOS as things come back online.....

    1. OOOOOH it's amazing! let us know what it's like. I need an occasion to wear it..!

  6. Oh my that lace asos dress is the most gorgeous thing I've seen in a long time. Desparately seeking an occasion to buy and wear x

    1. Isn't it stunning? Alas my occasions for wearing it are non existent. x

  7. Someone invite me to a party - I need that second FC dress in my life!! Beautiful! And I am v jealous of the way you can even make wellies look stylish. Not so jealous of the standing out in the cold bit, though :-)

    Becky x

    1. Dont know why i put 'second' in there. Must go to bed...

    2. I got that - because it was the 2nd dress down?! x

  8. Love lace and now after seeing these you've given me the courage to wear my Mango mini lace tiered skirt from years ago out this Saturday night. Think going to wear it with a pleather shift top to tone it down a bit. You read my mind with that ASOS lace dress - I was swooning over it last week desperately trying to think of reasons to buy it! I actually prefer it in the black/grey colour way as I think the pinky tone is too chi chi(!) for me but the detail on it is just gorgeous. Also like the grey Warehouse jumper. Yes, wish I looked as good in wellies - does your down jacket have a hood? Am hood obsessed as blow dry hair straight and STILL have to push a buggy! x

    1. FAB idea. Right the down jacket doesn't have a hood but the outshell that is super super waterprooff does and is amazing..

  9. Love the & Other Stories one, not for me either though alas.

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it? I"d love to be petite and gamine and be able to wear it!