Panic Stations

It was all going so well.  Head down, focussed on Christmas, house coming to an end (who knew it was so traumatic trying to choose a fireplace for a place where a fireplace doesn't exist.....), family falling apart with illness (10yr old had a coeliac incident last night which involved an evening of throwing up), getting to grips with all my new Autistic knowledge and WHAT DO YOU KNOW?  I totally forgot about my big girl's lunch out on Thursday.  Up West.

To be honest, after The Husband's bike accident on Monday, I had wondered if I was going to be able to go.  But with some clever manoeuvring of the children tomorrow night and him (handily...) being at home, it's all Back. On. 

Except that I forgot about my outfit.  Anyone who vaguely know's me will appreciate that this means I have been very distracted.  Very. 

However this isn't a problem, is it?  Well.... I had planned on wearing my navy Ghost dress, navy check Hobbs coat, Toga Pulla boots and a black handbag.  But I think it's going to be too cold to wear that.  However I'm out for dinner on Friday night so I think I'm going to benchmark that outfit for then, with maybe different shoes.... 

We're going for lunch in Mayfair which is a lot dressier than the above outfit (bear in mind the chances of me still wearing that are high..). 

So I think I'm going to wear the black Me+Em swing dress, Toga Pulla boots, camel coat and leopard print bag.  Black opaques.  I *think*.

What I really want to wear is this outfit. 

With my camel coat and Toga Pulla boots.   Or even my M&S new shoe boots. 

I have precisely zero elements of said outfit.  I may have become obsessed with this outfit.  So I thought I loved my wardrobe - yet YET YET YET I have reached that stage when you look through it and go "it's alright".  It would be perfect though if I had the ideal black fitted polo neck and some *deep breath* pleather/leather trousers.  

Oh dear lord, I'm back here, in the quagmire of pleather.  I'm drowning in a desire for some of these b*ggers.

So yes it's back to the drawing board.  I'm thinking that maybe the skinny malinky ones are the problem.  Too many issues with the fabric, the fit, the quality etc etc.  Idea ejected. 

Maybe I should look at trousers instead of jeans.   The ones above are, in fact trousers apparently.  I'm at the stage where I'm sniffing out pleather at twenty paces and will try anything and everything. 

So with my 40% off two items (6DISCOUNT) - I am about to press SEND on the above outfit (not the shoes - I have shoes that will work with these.  These are way outside my comfort zone - I promise to take photos which will no doubt be hilarious.  Hilariously bad.

High-waist biker trousers £39.99

Now these aren't black but if you get 40% off these, it makes them ridiculously cheap (I can't see why you wouldn't but Mango are seemingly being arses about making it clear what is and isn't included) 

Leather Trousers in khaki £99.99

Dare I try these ones? I think these might be too jogger style and I honestly don't think I'd be able to pull off leather with a drawstring waistband.  I think I'd end up looking like a leather wonton.   But who knows, it may be worth a try....

Straight-fit leather trousers £109.99 (I have been sold on the description which doesn't sound nearly as mutton as leather joggers, does it?)

To complete my Milk Tray man look (I can almost hear The Husband chuntering this as I type), a black polo neck has come galloping into the forefront of necessity. 

Wool-Blend Sweater £24.99

Must. Be. Black.  I have also ordered the Boden one as it's free delivery and free returns and at £35odd I have high hopes for it.  (and the navy one snuck in too.....)

So are there any other trews out there I MUST try?    

I did find these ones today but again, I think they *may* be a step too far for me right now...(clearly I'll have a pair by Christmas - duh)

PU Jogger £42 from Warehouse  Didn't have time to try them on alas....

But but but I did find these - but at £150 (ouch - obviously I find them the week after the 25% Warehouse discount finishes.  Obviously) 

Black Leather peg leg trousers £150 from Warehouse

Ok so I'm moved into leather territory full on with these from FCUK. 

Jet Leather Trousers £195

But I think the ones that are a definite Must Try are these from Topshop.  If this link works it will be a miracle as for the past forty five minutes I have been wrestling with the internet, screaming at my laptop for being an old piece of *&%*^, when it appears the problem actually lies with the Arcadia Group and their websites.  Thank you, you arses. (still want these trousers though.....)  REALLY want these trousers.  Praying they do them in tall.. (they so won't, will they?) 

Leather-look Peg Leg Trousers £39

So what will I end up wearing tomorrow?  Well, who knows but I promise to pap and put on Instagram.  I am off to drink some wine and watch The Apprentice.  Whilst I lament the non appearance of my Milk Tray Outfit.  

Have I lost the plot? 

Outfit from today - a host of old favourites.


Grey zip back jumper - Zara
Indigo Straight leg jeans turned up - Jigsaw
Grey Coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Black Wild Kat leopard ballet pumps - The British Flat Shoe Company
Black Faridah Hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

How did it get to be Thursday already tomorrow?

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10 comentarios:

  1. Leather wonton! *green tea everywhere*
    Wanton in leather may also be feasible.... enjoy your lunch - sounds like you deserve it.

    1. I too choked on my pukka tea - funniest line ever! Was just thinking, noooo skinny all the way for pleather/leather but lord those pleather ts pegs are scrummy! Hope you had a fab time x

  2. Love your outfit today. I bought the leather pointe leggings last year but not really worn them! I also managed to get a pair of the m&s ankle boots you have. I got in blue but then managed to order in the black. Had delay after delay on 3 orders and then was delighted to pick up my black boots only to get home and find good old Marks and Sparks had sent me 2 right feet!!! Now I have no boots at all!!!! Have a great day out. I love your me and em dress, they have some reductions at the moment. X

  3. Ha ha. I've checked the stock levels already on those Topshop ones at my store and guess who's paying them a visit ASAP? And if those are no good - I give up!

  4. Oooo yes, yes an all black and camel with a touch of leather outfit sounds like the perfect Mayfair lunch-wear! Hope you get the Toppers trousers they look gorgeous! Look forward to seeing the outfit, you will look gorge anyway!! Xxx

  5. Hi Kat, hope you didn't loose too much sleep over what to wear in a few hours have tons of lovely things judging by your photographs! A few weeks ago, during the 30%-off-weekend at Mango, I ordered the Khaki leather trousers in a 10 and 12 (from the sizechart I can never really tell..) Turned out they send me two sizes 12 which where too wide & big but very very comftable, very nice soft leather, more brown than Khaki. Send them back and now I'm still still still waiting for a proper size 10. Checked with their customers services, they say it's in the post. Well it must have been for weeks,Service is dire at Mango! But I do really want that pair of leather trousers. Hopefully they'll will arrive soon and then I'll put a picture on Instagram (see: Fashion Sabbatical) and feature them in my blog Google-translate is awfull so I am thinking of writing my blogs in English in future of at least add a translation (as it's in Dutch now). Enjoy your lunch, you'll need that to keep up your strenght (It sounds like you are the only one still standing in your family)

  6. Mango sizes are bonkers and they are in danger of devaluing their brand with all the discounting!

    I got peg leg resale leather trousers from Toppers in the dregs of the sale earlier this year and they are great.

  7. Here's a thought - which I took from Wendy at Thankfifi - who reckons to splash out on real leather, and avoid the sweaty leg factor. My only problem with real leather is the bag & sag factor - who needs an elephant bum and old lady knees? It's a dilemma!

  8. Leather wonton, you crack me up! I think leather front panel ponte leggings with a wide waistband is the most flattering option, Paige Denim made a great pair a couple of years ago. They have it this year in a faux leather version called Paloma. The only other pair that I have are the Isabel Marant x H&M from last year, jeans style with the laces going up the entire sides. Although I have this fear where they may rip in the bottom if I'm not careful when bending or sitting. That's why I love the ponte fabric in the back of leather leggings, no fear or ripping anything.

    Good luck and have fun at your GLO.

  9. They have arrived! The right size this time ( 10) and they fit perfectly. I'm not too wordend about elephantknees and such...Will wear them tomorrow and post a pic on instagram ( Fashion Sabbatical)