It can't be true....

... that's there's only about a month till Christmas.  HOW?  How is that even possible?  Am I the only one who still a) thinks it's sort of the middle of October and b) doesn't feel remotely Christmassey?

But there is no denying that it's round the corner, in fact it's only *really* days away (yes I hate myself for typing that.  You are all obliged to hate me too)

Which means I have to do it.  I have to release the sequins.  We've done sequin trousers but this is perhaps the last opportunity (ok so maybe I'm being slightly overdramatic there...) to look at the sequin dresses. 

These might seem like a bit of an unnecessary luxury but I'd like to disagree.  I would go so far as to say these are a Wardrobe Classic.  Ok so you're not going to wear them to the pub but these are the perfect little dresses to have tucked away to drag out for those super special occasions.  Which can easily include Christmas Day or New Year's Eve.  These work as well with ballet flats and opaques for a more casual dress down look as they do for a full on, dressed up to the nines occasion.  

Having said that, some perhaps don't (just thinking of my own personal backless number which is not exactly opening presents around the tree appropriate....). 

But let's start with the ones that do.  And lo and ho ho ho behold, there is another 20% off voucher from M&S.  Code is NOV14EM.

These are eminently wearable every day or for a far more glitzy affair. 

There's also a sleeveless version at Autograph which would take you easily into the Summer. (which is risible seeing as I can't get my head around Christmas yet) 

It doesn't necessarily have to be full on sequins.  There's something very McQueen about this dress with sequin detail from M&S. 

Let the discounts continue and let's take full advantage.  Another quick look at FCUK (I had the Serpent sequin dress from there eons ago which I wore for about 5 years - a total faithful) where they do a great sparkly number. 

This one would last you forever.  Yes it's more expensive but the quality will be in a different league from the M&S one and it's definitely worth getting your 20% off while you can.  Code is NOVFC20.

When I was talking about those dresses that won't really work for a more casual affair - this thing of beauty was the sort of thing I had in my mind.  A work of art. 

On the whole Cosmic bandwagon - this is pure elegance. 

Again if you're looking for something more understated with just a little bit of embellishment, there is a real 20's offering at FCUK. 

Clearly the whole party thing isn't working for the retailers as Atterley Road also have 20% off their party edit until Friday night.  Don't mind if we do.  Code is PARTY20.

For a start, they have the gorgeous Cosmic FCUK Midi dress in black.  Which is slightly less Moulin Rouge than the gold one (don't get me wrong - I love a bit of full on glamour - it would have to be gold all the way for me) 

Obviously it would be rude not to mention the dresses at Mango as they still have their 40% off two items until Nov 23.  30% off if you buy just one item using the code 6DISCOUNT for both.

Now if you find most dresses are too long for you, then Mango is the place to look.  For short dresses as they are super short.  But then wouldn't it be dull if you could rely on a brand for consistent sizing, so they've done us all a favour and have made their long dresses super super long.  Go figure.

And hey presto with the super long (and super glam - again, this isn't one for peeling sprouts in) 

Discounts are this year's gifts that keep on giving.  Let's not forget the 25% off at Boden and that makes a big difference when you're looking at some of their more expensive statement dresses. (code is A54H)

Another less full on version in a navy - an unusual colour for Christmas.  Love the festive nod here. 

Wow Party Dress £199 (this is new so there are all sizes left which I can't say about so much Boden stuff.  I am still lamenting those pewter metallic jeans.....) 

Finishing with one which isn't sequin but I'm flinging it in as it's metallic.  Navy and gold.  Utterly stunning, this is so so so not me but there is something about it I love.  It has a fantastic 60's vibe to it (plus I have gold shoes which would look amazing....) 

Are you treating yourself to a new party dress this season?  Are you a sequin fiend like me?  What's your favourite dress look for Christmas?   Do not worry if you're not a dress person. I have some more Christmas sparkle up my sleeve but in a much smaller dose.  You're not going to get away that lightly.......

Finishing with my outfit from yesterday. 


White collar - Cos
Navy Jumper - Uniqlo
Patch jeans - Mango
Check coat - Hobbs
White leather tennis shoes - Zara
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe 

Tomorrow I shall be icing 80 Christmas cakes (not on my own....!) for the school Christmas fair and then out for a lovely lunch with some of my best friends.  Can't wait.  It has been a long week.... Ooh and then a dinner party at friends' tomorrow night.  Should be a good one (I feel some more dresses coming on.....) 

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6 comentarios:

  1. I ordered the swing dress with lace sleeves from me and em. Arrived today but the sleeves are just below the elbow not bracelet length as the photos show. Soooooo disappointed. Think it will have to go back. I'm thinking I might opt for a whistles tuxedo jacket with little sequin top instead for an Xmas night out.

    1. oh NO that's awful, what a shame. And yes, I have to say I do love a sequin top. You've got to have some glitz at Christmas!

  2. M&S are really on fire just now, aren't they? I can't believe they aren't making money on their clothing!! I put it down to useless and confusing shop layouts and the awful website styling - you've got to really try hard to make some of the lovely stuff they've got this season look that bad :-)

    Becky x

    1. Oh they haven some fantastic stuff but it's so buried in a sea of mostly shit.

  3. Hmm that's interesting, I've never had a problem with them falling off! OR it could be that everything I get is so heavily sequinned you can't notice! I do love the kids' school, I really do - very lucky to be part of such a lovely community x

  4. Oh I love all of those Boden dresses, especially the sequin shimmer one (I just featured this one too!). Love a bit of sparkle at Christmas. Lynne xx