Thank you for the rugby

Not something that you hear me say every day.  Actually it's not something you hear me say ever.  If I haven't mentioned it once or a million times, I'm not a fan of rugby.  I try to love it, I really do.  I have two boys who love it .  And I have a husband who lives and breathes it.

Now apparently there is rather a lot of rugby on in the next number of weeks.  Apparently it's not even a couple of weeks, it's longer than that (I'm actually scared to look to see how many exactly).  I have said (and he has witnesses) that he can watch the rugby every Saturday at the Rugby Club.  

But.  But but but *would* he able to work from home on a certain Thursday therefore so I can go out for lunch with the girls..... As I caught him in a good mood (with the offer of I dread to think how many Saturdays on the lash) of course he said yes. 

And so, I have another girlie lunch to look forward to, next Thursday.  *hyperventilates*. 

I promise that I will not go on another totally obsessive outfit hunt - I fear I may have gone overboard last time and may have covered all my bases then.  But seeing as I'm determined not to get anything new for all the copious (not) Christmas parties I have this year, I feel it's only fair to give this day its fair consideration too. 

This time we're going to Hush in Mayfair.  Which I know ridiculously well - I used to work practically opposite it on Brook Street and I went there on my first proper date with The Husband some 13 years ago. 

So I'll come to the outfit another day (like I say, I *think* I have one sorted..... at the very least I do have ideas.  These may be weather dependent) but the one thing which I know would be a great addition to my outfit, whatever I wear (it will almost certainly include my Toga Pulla boots as they're perfect "walking when drunk" boots), is a cross body bag. 

I know that I promised I was going to do one but now I have a genuine reason (that's genuine in the loosest sense of the word).  I am going to go for black but I've included some others as I appreciate not everyone may share my obsession with all things noir. 

Messenger Bag from Hush £125  This is a fab bag as it can be worn cross body like so in the top pic, it can be worn folded over as a cross body bag and it can also be used as a clutch.  We all know there is nothing I love more than Cost Per Wear so this would be a winner in my book. 

Vagabond Across Body Bag in Ponyskin £100  Love love love the texture of this. 

ASOS Pin Stud Cross Body Bag £22  Black with a bit of interest in the form of silver.

Classic Black at My Wardrobe where there are still offers on - 15% off this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Double Body Cross body bag was £380 now £323  Gorgeous leather and suede combo.

This one I have loved forever - I'm just not sure on someone tall how cross body it might be.  My concerns are that it would just be cross boob.  Not a great look.  (I do know that you loosen one of the double straps down to make it longer, like you do on the Mulberry Lily but that literally slices my boobs in two - admittedly it does make them look larger but it also makes me look like a complete cretin)

Tory Burch Thea Chain cross body bag was £325 now £276

I'm not a fan of red however this bag I think is stunning in this colourway. 

Yet again another 20% off code from M&S online for TODAY ONLY (Thursday). This is actually of pretty much everything bar homewares.  Should I shop for Christmas jamas for the kids or not?  Will there be another one?........

Which makes this leather bag slightly more affordable (this is the most stunning leather - have copped a feel instore) 

Leather Duffle Cross-body bag was £79 now £63.20

Handily moving on from black to grey, I have featured the above bag in grey previously (can't remember why but I definitely remember oohing and aahing over it) 

Leather Duffle Cross Body bag in grey from Autograph was £79 now £63.20 - again for today only

Oasis Saskia Satchel £25  Obviously not leather but a great small treat if you're looking for grey but are not sure how much you'd use it.

BCBGeneration Statement Cross body bag £85 Love this but it's not leather and isn't cheap.

What's not to love about a navy bag?  I don't have one as I have navy boots- not sure why this would stop me - there's something though about navy boots and bag that even for me is a tad too matchy matchy - although it's not like I don't have a ton of other coloured footwear.... This is one of the nicest navy bags I've ever seen. 

Radley Victoria Park small Cross body bag in navy £159

More navy at John Lewis in their COLLECTION range £39 - Perfect large cross body bag (non leather)

Tan bags - I love a tan bag.  I love a tan, a camel, a taupe, a beige, a chestnut or a cognac bag.  You can never have too many.  Fact. (made up by me)

Vagabond Leather cross body bag in cognac £80

If you can't make up your mind then this one in tan and black from M&S could be the option 

Utility Camera Across Body Bag was £35 now £28 (non leather)

Tula Small Party Leather £75  I love leopard print and it's practically a neutral. 

Or a slightly smaller one again from Tula at £55 (and in leather!) 

Then of course there are just the slightly way out there colours and whilst I do love my pink bag (note to self - must use it more....), for me, a yellow bag would be perfect with my current favourite winter colours of black, grey and navy. 

Insert Border Across Body Bag was £29.50 now £23.60 From M&S (today only!) 

(they do also do this in a black as well) 

Another colour which is hugely popular this season (and has been for the last couple of years actually) is wine.  If you don't want to embrace it in clothing, it's a great accent colour to go with all Autumnal shades.  (as I've bored myself of saying, I love it with tan.  Also looks great with grey) 

Leather Saddle Across Body bag from M&S in wine was £59 now £47.20 (there is something this that reminds me of Switzerland... hmmm)  They also this in black as well - great price for leather.

Another wine top handle one - although they call it aubergine.  I've never seen an aubergine this shade.  But I think it's a cute and useful bag (again, available in black) Not leather. 

COLLECTION by John Lewis Frankie Mini Cross body bag £35

This however is one of my favourite shapes and it looks stunning in burgundy (one for the Christmas list) 

Radley Medium Grosvenor Cross body bag £209

But finishing with my two favourites.  Obviously they're black as I'm all about the black at the mo (despite being sat here in navy).  Is it rather bonkers to say that I'm struggling with both of these as I know I can't get a discount.  Have I become that ingrained into the Discount Culture that I am a bit meh about buying anything full price anymore?  Am I the only one who googles within an inch of her life for Codes before pressing Buy?  (who knew there were that many discount voucher sites.....?) 

Anyway, these two are currently my favourites.  The Zara one I've been pondering for way too long and I know I'm only going to realise I Have to HAVE IT when it's sold out.  I am a tool like that. 

The Belle Bag from Russell & Bromley. £195  This to me has longevity and staying power.   A classic that will last for years.   This comes in a myriad of colours. 

And not so classic but super cool. 

Quilted Leather City Bag £79.99

So which is your favourite?  Need to think about what I exactly need it for but one of these is definitely going to make it onto my (early) Christmas pressie list (ie to be bought next week) 

Outfits from the last couple of days. 


White layering shirt - Me+Em
Lilac jumper - ASOS men
Jeans turned up - Rock & Republic
Navy dress coat - H&M
Leopard print skater shoes - Next
Whiskey medium Marcie satchel - Chloe

And yesterday - at the hospital with my daughter for her annual Coeliac check up. Three hours later....


White collar - Cos
Black merino jumper - Uniqlo
Black capri pants - Zara
White leather tennis shoes - Zara
Camel coat - Zara
Black Faridah bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Off for parent consultations now and then out for dinner with the girls tonight. 

And thank you so so much for all your lovely feedback about a home blog.  I am going to start one in the New Year - maybe with a couple of sneaky Christmas previews.....

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12 comentarios:

  1. I'm completely in love with this one
    15% off too!
    Have fun at Hush, takes me back to London days! Such fun.
    Lucy x

  2. Buy the pj's already!! It's seven weeks today, you know!

    One thing I definitely don't need right now is a new bag. I do have an m&s list as long as my arm, though. I may have placed an order this morning. Don't tell anyone ;-)

    Great news about the home blog. I'm sure it'll be a roaring success!

    Becky x

  3. Yes, looking forward to the home blog. Not in need of a cross body bag as have a mulberry one....quite old now but they are soooo expensive these days that I feel I have to wear it into the ground! Was actually quite pleased to read in the papers a while back that mulberry have issued a profit warning as that huge price hike didn't work out for them!!

  4. Definitely the belle for me! Will be ordering mine in time for Christmas. Would you believe that zara one is £100 here in Switzerland! Mango is the same price but zara for some reason charge a ridiculous premium!

  5. Great post as usual Kat, I have been after a navy bag so will check out the Radley one you mentioned. I really love your H&M navy coat and have been on the look out for one - do you have any suggestions on where I might find one?
    Ps always look forward to your posts, have been reading your blog since the Daily Mail article a few years ago (have made a lot of changes to my wardrobe as a result!), not sure if the husband was so pleased with the cost!

  6. I have the Russell and Bromely bag itis the best and you can get loads in - thinking of getting it in red aswell!

  7. I used to go to Hush lots! Takes me back to another era, enjoy! Xx

  8. Oh good lord, too, too many to choose from!! But, if I had to choose I love the red TB & the wine/aubergine one, larvely!! ;) x

  9. So looking forward to the home blog Kat! Can't wait xxxx

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I have the m&s duffle cross body bag, it's lovely. Bought with 20% off. I have also become obsessed with discounts and taken to e mailing companies asking for them!! Got 25% at Whistles last week by asking as i wanted something that didnt become available until after the Grazia offer!! not sure my obsession is healthy?!!However, I don't mind as much with places like russell and Bromley and Zara as they don't offer discounts at any time of year, except sales.

  12. Kat, I am shopping for living room curtains this weekend and I'm in desperate need of inspiration! Could you please share an Instagram pic of your curtains, as they are sure to be amazing.