Can't stop thinking about the new season....

But on the upside, I've managed to combine this with traipsing through the quagmire of shite that is the tail end of the sales. 

So originally, this blog was going to be all about the new season.  I had seen this photograph on Instagram from the photographer Michelle Bobb-Parris and with her kind permission, I'm allowed to share it with you.   Poppy Delevgine in Emilia Wickstead from over two years ago.  But how current?  And for me - this is how I want to look all Summer.  


All Spring, all Summer, all the time.  I want to sashay about with my jacket over my shoulders.  And whilst we're here - how the hell do people do that?  Really?  Do normal people walk around all day without moving their shoulders or not lifting their arms higher than their waist...?  Hmmm the school run and the supermarket are suspiciously void of people wearing said outfit....... But it does look super cool.  

However I fear I may have to adapt this stunning outfit to suit my lifestyle.  For a start as much as I love the all white look, the practicalities of that on a day to day basis are zero.  Combined with the fact that, at the moment, the shops aren't full of super summery shades, so for the time being, I'm going to console myself with some darker shades.  This for me from Atterley Road is the perfect look for Spring.  Love.  It.  All.  

Black Wide leg trousers from Atterley Road £48

The ones I found today though and have purchased are from Zara Studio - a total bargain at £15.99 down from £69.99 and and and they go in the machine.  Which is handy as they are super long and will trail on the floor which, as a tallie who normally struggles with this, is delighted to have found a super super long pair (probably why they were reduced so much - only for the very odd amongst us).  But it does mean that they will get dirty and rather trashed so washing machine and a cheap price are both winners for this look (a look that is consigned only to dry days.....) 


I did manage to find some grey ones, also at Atterley Road from Great Plains.  Now personally, unlike above, I loathe the styling of these - I think the shirt is illfitting, the shoes are beyond vile but the trousers could be amazing - if styled as above.  Flats with a fitted top - DONE. 

Kendal Flannel Wool Trousers were £49 now £20

Navy at ASOS White £55

Buttonsafe Slouch Wide leg trousers £35 from M&S

Now my 10yr old said they looked like work trousers when I showed her my Zara ones earlier.  Personally I like the mix of the more formal trousers with the casual trainers but if you think you'd prefer a less suity vibe then these look amazing from ASOS in jersey. 

ASOS Wide leg jersey trousers in black £25

Same pair in camel - love love love these.  Again only £25

Also found a pair in Tall for those who want them super long like me (although as you can see my Zara ones are ridiculously long anyway.. but I do think that's a fluke)

ASOS Tall Basic wide leg trousers £25

Speaking of different lengths, Next do have some and actually I did manage to find them in a light colour.  Which is sold out in a lot of sizes (including mine - 10XL. For real? Spring/Summer stock sold out?  It's JANUARY)

Anyway, they look pretty great (she says grudgingly....)  For the record, I do not advocate the sparkly see through top with it.  No.

High Waist Wide leg trousers £36 in Ecru from Next

Much prefer the styling of the black pair again £36

So something else to add to my tally.  Coming up - I'm doing billy basics.  I may have more to add..... But today, we'll leave it at this. 


Navy pointed satin shoe boots - Dorothy Perkins £10
Black leather handbag - Zara - £39.99
Grey wide leg trousers - Zara - £15.99

They fit the shopping brief perfectly as I have absolutely nothing like them in the wardrobe and they'll be perfect with so many tops I have.  Definitely one for drier days though.  Can't see me wearing them for a while and they definitely won't make the Suitcase for next week.

Huge apologies for not being around at the weekend.  What was supposed to be a lovely relaxing family weekend - well Saturday was rather car crash - the 8yr old with Aspergers thought it would be an excellent idea, whilst we thought he'd gone outside to get into the car (as he would normally do), to walk to the cinema on his own.  When it was almost dark, down a country road with no pavement, in the freezing cold with only a thin hoodie on.  Without telling us.  We locate him 25 mins later, a mile away almost at the cinema.  To say I very nearly had a heart attack is an understatement.  Suffice to say, Saturday night was spent hugging him till he protested and a glass or three of wine, whilst I sobbed on the sofa.  On the upside he's fine and The Husband was so stern with him, he appears to know what he did was very wrong.  I, on the other hand, have aged by about twenty years.

Day earlier had been better - trip to Five Guys (even though the poor Husband thought it wasn't really that different to Burger King....he then had to go to the cinema with the other two to see Into the Woods which he discovered was a musical.  Let's just say he's not a musical fan.  He's had better days. )


Navy and white tunic - Joules
Black oversized jumper - Reiss
Black pleather leggings - Topshop
Buckle boots - Toga Pulla 
Grey wrist warmers - Toast
Black quilted leather bag - Zara

And Sunday, recovered (and after rugby) for a family lunch at ours - 15 of us!  Very very lovely, relaxing afternoon. 


Black crepe blouse - Zara
Dark indigo Baxters - Topshop
Delphine pumps - Hobbs

I am now off to watch Broadchurch and have another Mint Tea - yes it's rock and roll chez moi this evening.  Hope everyone else had a less eventful weekend than us and what are your thoughts on the wide leg trousers?

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15 comentarios:

  1. Hi kat
    I love the wise leg trousers. Very happy they're back in this season as they suit my big behind. ;-)
    Glad you're all back non track after the weekends upset. That must have been terrifying.

  2. I love love love the wide legged trouser. Even though I am a shortie, I wear them with sneakers and a fitted J Crew sweater for work and a statement necklace for evening. Heaven!

  3. Sorry for typos. So excited I worked out how to comment but couldn't edit!
    Love reading your blog. Thank you

  4. That reminds me, I must take up my pair which I bought last year and haven't got round to doing yet ... mind you, the weather's not exactly wonderful so I guess I'm in no hurry.

  5. Thank the Lord the fashion world has deemed it acceptable that wide leg trousers are back in fashion and I can actually buy bloomin trousers that suit me. I swear I bloody hate the skinny fad. I have a mega arse and thighs and looking like a badly stuffed sausage is not a look I wish to parade about so have been flummoxed/aggrieved for years about the state of trouser options for tree trunked thigh ladies like myself. I'd resorted to mother of the bride retailer chesca for wide leg trews (well worth a look actually) in recent years to get by and I am 31!!!! Think I will have to go and buy my next 50 years worth of trousers in the coming months on the off chance they drop off planet fashions radar and I'm buggered all over again!!!

  6. I'm so, sooooo happy that wide legs are deemed acceptable again! Im going to have to get the jersey pair as they will be ideal for NYC in April with trainers & fitted top - thank you!!

    I cannot imagine how you must have felt when your wee man decided to go walkabout, jeez!! 😩 x

  7. Not sure what shoe to wear with them....flats or heels????????

  8. Hi Kat
    I love your fashion blog but I recall you said you might do a 'home interior' blog in the New Year. Have I missed it?

  9. Being a mum of similar aged children, I can only imagine your panic when one goes missing...just awful! Loving the wide leg trousers and I have some from years ago that will be perfect for now although I think I shall be purchasing the lovely Next ecru ones if they come back in my size for spring/summer. My husband is from where Broadchurch is filmed so its funny seeing all the places we regularly go to for walks with the dog etc...lovely place.

  10. I once had some super-long wide-legged trousers from Zara that I had to take up (this never happens), so maybe not so much of a fluke! Personally I would take those ones up a bit as they do get trashed frighteningly fast if they trail on the ground too much.

  11. Ok I am slightly scared now. I loathed skinny jeans when they first came out, now I am not sure I can live without them!! How on earth am I going to cope with wide legs? Yes Tis truly a first world problem...

    I have 3 children similar age to yours, massive sympathy on your son going missing, truly terrifying. Love your blog, many thanks!

  12. The trousers I am wearing right now are wide leg navy ones, rather old and nearly forgotten, I'm happy now I kept them! Teamed them with my new Vans white trainers (staying indoors today -sick child!) For summer I bought taupe sleek wide trousers which are a foot to long so I need to make a trip to the tailor. Can't wait to wear them and look a bit like the lady you feature ( I agree about the leather jacket though!)
    I have two sons, 5 and 8 year old and the youngest did a disappearing act with the boy from next door a while ago. We searched the area with all the neighbors while we, the mums, got more and more distraught and in a panic. Just when we wanted to call the police someone found them in an ivy overgrown unused back-alley where they had been playing with a leftover pile of sand! I couldn't stop crying for a long long time and hugged him the tightest ever! So I can reasonably imagine how you must have felt last weekend! One does need some shopping after that! Take care, Irmin

  13. Where is your Pom Pom hat from Fridays blog from?

  14. Oh Kat! That must of been terrifying! I think you are going to look amazing in wide legged trousers this Spring & they were such a bargain! x

  15. I love them amd I still have a few pairs from when I used to wear them pre-skinnies but I've tried them on a few times and they feel odd now. Hoping I'll get used to them again because these all look great. I find linen wide legged trousers easier to wear in the summer than thicker winter ones.

    Poor you with your eight year old. It must've been awful for all of you. At least he's home safe and well.

    Lynne xx