Do you remember that Plot Twist thingy...?

.. well I'm yelling it now.   I am not where I should be.  I am sat here tapping away on my sofa when I should be thousands of feet up in the air, nursing a Bloody Mary. 

But I'm not.  I am grounded.  Courtesy of snow.  Actually it does seem that my flight is going to take off, much delayed, and so I would have got into NY late this evening.  On my own.  My friend who was meeting me is coming from Boston.  Where they are knee deep in snow.   She is literally snowed in and would no way be able to get to New York in the next two days.  Would I even be able to get from the airport to the hotel?  Oh that I had to cancel by the way as yesterday it looked like no-one was going anywhere today (and I didn't want to get stung for the room if I wasn't going to using it!) so I wouldn't have had a hotel room to go to.  To say the logistics were becoming beyond stressful was a slight understatement.  

And last night, it looked as if it was still going to be horrendous tomorrow as well.  But some amazing amazing lady on Twitter who works for BA offered to help.  A true angel who went our of her way to help me change my flight for Thursday.  When The Husband (who is living it up in Chicago having flown First Class whilst I stay at home on my birthday stressing about being abandoned at either Heathrow, JFK or somewhere in a blizzard in NY) definitely arrives.   (oh and yesterday morning I also had the added complication of my lovely but ever so slightly scatty mother who is coming to look after the children, calling to say she wasn't going to be able to come as she wasn't feeling well and so was on her way to hospital.  Cue heart failure on my part due to her potentially being really sick and also no idea what I was going to do with my children.)  It was an interesting day. (when I say scatty, she was sent home an hour later with nothing wrong with her..... Bless her.  And thank goodness, fine on all counts!)

So - all set to go on Thursday and therefore today I had an unexpected day at home and oh hello, to brighten up what could have been a miserable day, the new Next Directory arrived (no it doesn't take much to cheer me up - total saddo that I am).  I was able to have a lovely cuppa this morning with a leisurely leaf through - the perfect opportunity to see if I could hunt down another Next Dress  The Next Dress from last year - the grey and black linen one, having been so popular in all of the shades it came in.  I should have texted my friend to ask if her mum has spied her dress as it was her that I got the inspiration from.  But no, I thought I would see if there were any that would do the same job.

Starting totally off piste.  I LOVE this dress - definitely not an every day throw on number (well, not for me anyway... slightly on the dressy side - for slightly, read very much)  But for a First Holy Communion or other relevant Occasion, I think it's simply amazing.

Printed Oversized Lace dress £75

But fear not - back on brief now and whilst this isn't good for the height of summer which was the beauty of the linen one, it would be easily dressed up for evening (would struggle with the linen one on that front) and with a pair of sneakers, trainers or little ankle boots - hello Spring.  Love love love.  And all a bit Marant too, no?

Charcoal Geo Print Shirt Dress £38

Now this is going to be more yay or nay I think.  A dress to divide.  I love a shirt dress and I'm really drawn to the colours in this - again, perfect for throwing on during the day and actually, you could wear out in the evening with heeled ankle boots.  Little black blazer and you're off.
Utility Shirt Dress £48

And in black £46

Mono print dress £40  Same print in a different style. 

Splice Print Dress £45  This dress is featured a number of times in the Directory (in the accessories section - you can test me on it later - oh yes, I am truly a weirdo in that I read all of it.  Actually I lie - totally skipped the underwear and jama section.  Yawn)

This grows on you, I promise. 

But with my cold hat still on, I also spied some knitwear which would be great for Spring days but certainly could justify buying now for layering. 

A light weight version of my much favoured wrap coat. 

Belted Cardigan £45 (and they do this in a Tall and a Petite as well) 

Alas they only do this in a regular in the camel but I think they are quite generously sized anyway £45

And jumper love in earnest.  I don't need this in every colour.  Do I?  Which would you go for?  I can't decide. 

Love them all. 

High Neck Sweater from Next £45 in black

In grey 

And in yellow...

Fear not, like I say, I have done my research and picked my best bits which I will bring to you another day (although most are above to be honest).  An hour well spent - I especially have a huge list of jeans and trousers that I want to try (starting with the grey zip ones above)  I will do a big try on with pics in the not too distant future, I promise.
Going back to cardigans though - I have to just show you these from Hush.  Now in the sale at a ridiculous price - these are the same style as my Nessa Cardigan I have.  Loads of other Hush goodies at rock bottom prices as well. 

Chunky Waterfall Cardigan now £25 was £85

And whilst we're talking about Hush, one advantage of not being in New York is that now I will be able to go to their Press Day tomorrow in London for the launch of their S/S 15 collection.  Which I never miss, so every cloud and that.  

However I won't be able to go to their Sample Sale which I'm not so pleased about, as it's on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  But they have said I can share the details with you.  Up to 80% off.  Gutted I can't be there.  Please can you go and report back on all the bargains.  Best bit is - bargains that are a one off as some of them will be samples not produced.  Go forth and gather Hush goodies, my lovelies.


So pics from yesterday - as much as I spent a good 9/10ths of the day (on my birthday) trying to sort out the shenanigans for going to New York, I did manage a lovely sushi lunch with friends.  Wasn't at all bitter that The Husband swanned off to Chicago looking vaguely stressed after having to ...... pack his suitcase.  His ONE job.  Whilst I juggled three children, a mother who was very sick and then miraculously fine, potentially no childcare for six days, organising lifts for all three from their myriad of after school and weekend activities so my mum doesn't have to leave the house, stocking fridge, freezer and larder to WW2 bunker levels, doing battle with hotels, the Heathrow car park system, British Airways and purportedly the worst storm to hit the North East coast of the US.  Oh and yes, I had to pack too.  Not bitter at all though.  Oh and on my birthday.  BUT my scarf arrived from ASOS and I love it.  I could genuinely use it as a blanket - it's coming with me to the frozen other side of the pond.  

And on the upside, I love this outfit.


Scalloped bib collar - Zoe Karssen
Black merino jumper - Uniqlo
Triple zip jeans - Mint Velvet
Camel wrap coat - Zara
White leather trainers - Zara
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe 

And today - at home, not on a plane but did manage to spend a lovely day with my mum and the two hours at football with the small boys.  (which equates to catching up with friends over coffee and pretending I saw all the goals they may or may not have scored)


White tee - Topshop
Damson thin knit jumper - Hush
Real straight jeans - Gap
Camel coat - Zara
Hot air balloon scarf - Lily & Lionel
Camel Cypress boots - Acne
Camel bag - Prada

So tomorrow, off to London to see my friends at Hush - very excited and very much looking forward to reporting back.   Snow, schmow, you can keep your weather NY, I'm suddenly all about the new season. (which doesn't really matter as there'll be lots of that on tap from Friday when The Husband is now OVERJOYED that he has to come shopping with me.  Whoop whoop!)

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  1. Hooray! I'm so pleased for you that everything worked out in the end - it'll all seem like a bad dream once you're on that flight with a drink in your hand! Hope you have a fabulous time!

    Becky x

    1. And on the upside, I only have to worry about the children for 4 days which actually does make me feel loads better! Thank you darling xx

  2. The cardigans are fabulous and I am currently binging on Scandal - Olivia would certainly wear them!

    1. This is on my list of box sets to gorge on shortly!

  3. So glad you're getting to go, and that your Mum is fine. I think if it hadn't been for the BA lady, we would all have clubbed together to send you anyway - just so that we can see what you wear and buy! Enjoy. xx

    1. Oh that's so so lovely thank you and yes, there will be pics a plenty on Instagram (and obviously on the blog...!)

  4. Glad all worked out okay. Love your balloon scarf. Safe journey and can't wait to see pics. On a completely note, any ideas for sunglasses for this season. Off on a couple of hols feb/march and would love ideas.

    1. This is an excellent point as I need new ones definitely. I'll have a look!

  5. I feel quite breathless after reading this Kat. Phew is all I can say. I have a couple of colourways in the Hush sale winging their way to me. I'd ordered the grey before but the reviews put me off but for £25, heck I'll risk it. Have a fantastic time x

    1. I am going to be shopping to make up for it when I Get there, fear not.....

  6. Aaah so chuffed it's all worked out - think you endured the stress of an average woman for a year in one day and God, it was your bday too!! Giggled when I read the next catalogue line as I am soooo like that too with catalogues - I get lost in dream closet perusing. Happy belated birthday and have a wonderful time in New York x

  7. Wow what a rollercoaster of a week - glad you sorted out your trip. I am going to be telling my clients the power of Twitter! Enjoy and looking forward to hearing about it. I have the black hush waterfall cardigan (although bugger brought before the final reduction) and it is great so far.

  8. So glad to hear you are going v soon, belated birthday wishes! When I heard about the snow in NYC, I was really hoping you didn't get stranded somewhere in Canada!! Safe travels & look forward to NYC posts & purchases. :)

  9. I bought the Next dress in the grey and the beige last year thanks to you and they were so useful! Off now to check out the website and get ahead of the game! Enjoy NYC when you get there!

  10. Oh the joy that you can go! The power of Twitter - have an amazing time and cant wait to see what you scoop on behalf of all of us loyal fans

  11. People are great! Have a wonderful trip (lots of photos please!) and glad to hear your mum is ok.