How could I have forgotten?

Well I didn't forget and it's not exactly that it slipped my mind, but I have been rather preoccupied with sorting out everything for my trip next week, mostly worried about the children (one of mine in particular as you can imagine) - the logistics are of biblical proportions and also the small matter of what on earth I am going to take to wear. 

However I'm having a day off from fretting (clearly I'm pathetically fretting - it takes my mind off more serious matters.  Worry about the totally not important matters and just tackle major issues in life head on.  Doesn't work for everyone but gets me through) about a coat, shoe, boot, jeans, dress, combo for next week (the temptation to take one outfit and an empty suitcase is almost all encompassing..!)

As on Friday - I can't believe it's come around so quickly - is one of our legendary girls lunches.  And we're back off to The Chiltern Firehouse.  How could I not have got an outfit sorted?!  Especially as it's an early birthday celebration.  What is wrong with me?!

However we're not going to hit panic stations as I definitely definitely have things to wear.  But I've decided to see if I can kill two birds with one stone.  I also have a party on Saturday night and there is of course (I'm sorry, I've got to mention it again) the little matter of one or five nights out next week on the other side of the pond.  

So, we're in dress mode.  We are on a full on dress hunt.  I am officially on a mission to yet again hunt out those dresses that we all need and if we don't love, I am determined that we all should.  Dresses that work from day to night.  Dresses that you can wear with opaques, with flesh coloured tights and with bare legs.  Flats or heels - I. Need. More. 

I am itching to get on (nothing like a deadline) so let's get started. 

This is the perfect dress to have in your wardrobe - looks amazing with ankle boots and nude tights (or bare legs if you're brave enough in this weather) and ankle boots.  Exchange for sandals in the Spring (I love the idea of a pair of gladiator heels) or opaques and heels for an evening out now.  It's handwash and I'd definitely wear this during the day with opaques and ballet flats (I have an obsession with pointed flats which I can feel brewing) or bare legs and sneakers in the Spring. 

Me+Em Raspberry Jersey Sleeve Skater Dress was £148 now £44

Or in the Peacock - again an amazing reduction from £148 to just £44  Loads of sizes available.

And wouldn't it be foolish not to snap up a classic LBD now whilst they're this cheap?

This would work for a laid back look - pure classic, let your boots and your earrings, even your coat, do the talking.
Toast Nora Dress in Parchment Grey £139

Love this from Anthropologie - am loving the idea of navy with leopard print shoes.  Casual boots here, but there's no reason why you shouldn't team it with a dressier ankle boot.  Fling this on come April with sneakers and you're set for an every day casual whatever. 

A-Line Shift dress by Second Female from Anthropologie £88

A twist on the LBD here with the addition of a dropped waist in brown, grey and black faux leather.  Easy to style with winter shoes, shoe boots or ankle boots - in the Spring, I would wear with pointed ballet flats or brogues. (or gladiators - can you see where I'm heading this S/S?) 

Third Street Tunic by Bailey 44 at Anthropologie £158

Felted Wool Dress from Hush was £95 now £60  This is definitely for the shorter amongst us as I know it's really really short.  But love this colour which looks great with black or navy now - pale grey looks fab with it and team with white in the Spring.

I have to say this if from last season but it's now in the sale for only £25.  This with black tights would be the perfect lunch dress for the last cold snaps in Winter but perfect with bare legs and sandals for when the sun comes out.   This comes up big I know. 

Freya Shirt Dress from Hush was £60 now £25

Another version of a drop waist shirt dress which I love is this white one - again perfection with opaques as above - also love it with nude tights (or bare legs?!)  Ankle boots would be ideal - it's such a gorgeously plain dress that I think a pair of boots that are a bit more out there would be great.  Wonder if I have any of those..??!

White Binna Shirt Dress £45 from Atterley Road

Now let's talk printed.  Needn't be in your face bright, muted colours can still add interest to your wardrobe.  The 70's are on the their way so get ahead of the game with this tunic from Anthropologie.  Yes, it obviously looks beyond amazing with the OTK boots (clearly I'm hyperventilating over them) but I think with knee high boots (if they're the right proportion on you) or opaques and ankle boots (Jalouse style would be perfect) this would be a winner.   Gladiator sandals for the Spring/Summer and you have an all year round dress. 

To wear this style out in the evening, I think an ankle boot and a black blazer takes the boho edge away from it and means it's ideal for less formal party or dinner. 

Winter Moon Tunic Dress by Holding Horses at Anthropologie £118

Another throw back to the 70's - this with a pair of tan suede ankle boots is Spring personified.  Or even for now (with nude tights)  If it's not raining, why not? 

Calista Shirt Dress by Holding Horses from Anthropologie £98

Or the Bera Pleated Dress by Fleur Wood which is in the sale now at £46.95 was £118  Eat your heart out Margot.  Wasn't the Good Life the epitome of cool when you were super young?

This could easily be my favourite even though it looks pretty (actually very) hideous here.  I think the necklace is all wrong with it - too busy at the neck and the tights are, I think, awful.  Go opaque or go nude.  I'm sure there are occasions where an inbetween (and I think these are patterned as well?!) denier does work, but it's not with this dress.  Go opaque or go home.

I love the colours in this and I think the shape could be great - she doesn't look too happy in it, does she?  Could be a model from M&S but in fact it's from Anthropologie again (can you tell I'm looking at US Brands in anticipation of next week?!) 

Mosaic Shirt Dress from Anthropologie was £248 now £73.95

More print now from Boden and this Eliza Tunic Dress £99 - I'm not sure if this is the same as the bird print dress I had to send back as it was too tight on the shoulders for me - people seem to be complaining this time about the length.  Apparently mid thigh is too short.  Ho hum, clearly I'm a slut.  There is always the option of the longer length they do though. 

AND for 20% off new season use the code PRUK - free delivery & free returns until Sunday. 

This one is randomly cheaper and lined (which I don't think the one above is)  As saccharine sweet as this could be, I reckon with bare legs and the Dorothy Perkins satin stiletto shoe boots, you'd be giving it a bit of a kick.  

Marti Dress £79 from Boden pre discount 

It's not print but it is from Boden and it would also be completely transformed with a pair of pointed stiletto navy satin boots.  

Suzie Ponte Dress from Boden £89 pre discount

So there are a couple of options.  I'm off to Bluewater as I still have a host of chores I haven't done.  I have to return the 6yr old's Lego watch as it's never worked and I need buttons to transform an old pea coat from last year.  Plus tights.  I need thick thick tights....... I may also be able to do a dress try on... would be rude not to, wouldn't it?

Outfit from yesterday and today.  I have been painting chairs.  All the glamour.  A job I have been procrastinating about since my Annie Sloan course at the back end of last year but now, two days later they are done and I am over the moon with them.  I have, of course, now decided that I need to do the table as well......


Oatmeal camel jumper - H&M
Sand Kirsten jeans - Topshop
Fur gilet - Taylor Stephens
Caitlyn boots - Seven Boot Lane
Camel pompom beret - Miss Selfridge


Oversized fairisle jumper - H&M
Black coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Buckle boots - Toga Pulla

We had snow today all for about three minutes.  That's enough for me, thank you very much.  I am itching to get my ankles back out again....

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  1. So, so NYC jel... it is my birthday on Sunday & I am heading to the marvellous Manchester for a surprise /few nights with the DH. You may just nudge it.
    What do you think to this bad boy I spotted in Topshop, Kat? Think tis too casual for this brief above but reckon you could rock that in spring, fellow Aquarian.....

    1. oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE That. That could be the best substitute for the linen Next dress from last year. And if it's any consolation, I'm not in NY, I"m here...! I am celebrating my birthday in June next year, for sure.

  2. Oh I love the drop waisted shirt dresses! They are so pretty & would be perfect for Summer with some Birkies! It's keeps threatening to snow here too but so far soggy sleet is all we've had! x

  3. Haha yes - I loved Margot too do you remember she wore some amazingly glam turban type headwear too!!

    1. I was so going to wear that all the time when I was older. Maybe not so much now

  4. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your blog. Your writing is getting funnier by the week. My 2 latest favourite quotes of yours, 'bush on show= no', and'go opaque or go home'. Thanks again for brightening up dull January Kat.

  5. Love the drop waist faux leather dress..... In brown please...yum yum :)

  6. I LOVE Anthropologie! I went to college a couple of blocks from the Upper East Side location. I was in there often enough to be known by name :) Not sure about the UK site, but the US site (and stores near me) are offering 40% off all sale items right now.

    1. I am so heading there when I finally get to NY!

  7. I've just ordered this from H&m which might fit the bill

    1. Love that so so much - definitely going to be hunting that down next week, thank you x

  8. Hi Kat You should have a look st Willow Lane who is also planning NYC trip with great tips including shopping and following designer sample sales on sayin'!!

  9. NOOOOO! Hope you have more luck getting to HK than I'm having getting to NY!