Unveiling another NY Resolution that I can just break

but like I said yesterday - if you don't even attempt to have a goal then you can't achieve anything.  And honestly, I would get bored of anything if I had to do it for an entire year and I'm sure that would include spending ad nauseum (mind you - I'd love to give the latter a go...even if to only prove myself wrong!) 

However it's surely worth starting the year with good intentions and trying to remind yourself of them if you fall off the wagon.  I will admit that all the wheels fell off my own wagon towards the end of the year, although I did manage a month I think without spending which again - if I hadn't had my resolution, I may not have bothered with.  

Plus it's all a bit of good fun and if nothing else it helps focus the mind when it comes to shopping.  Which, let's be frank, is the ultimate name of the game.

So last year my resolution was to only buy three things a month.  I started off very well and there were of course some tweaks needed to the resolution throughout the year (basics were added as an extra as were a pair of shoes a month and an accessory)

It helped in that it really did make me think about what I was buying and whether I really needed it.  

But this time, I'm taking it in a slightly different direction.  I am going to attempt to live this year following the rule:-

"I will only buy an item if I don't have something else in my wardrobe that can do the same job"

The idea of this is twofold.  Firstly, it will hopefully stop me buying more of the same thing and encourage me to perhaps branch out of my comfort zone.  Secondly, I aim to start using more of my wardrobe. I shall be disabusing the notion of keeping things for best. 

For example - do I need a new Breton top...?  Do I need a new navy polo neck when I have three black ones that would do the job perfectly well.  Is there an outfit that I can think of where only a navy polo neck would do...?  As opposed to just using one of the black ones I have?  Would it make that much difference to an outfit?  Do I need a new black oversized jumper when I have a navy one and a black ones which, albeit old, does the trick very well?   No alas, I don't.  However I don't, for example, have a cream oversized jumper.  I don't actually have any cream jumpers at all and there is nothing light coloured in my wardrobe that could I wear instead.  So any more dark jumpers are a big fat no but a light coloured jumper - come on down....... Clear as mud?!

Fingers crossed I'll be saving money and adding things to my wardrobe that are new and interesting as opposed to replicating what I already have, whilst discovering some old favourites lurking in the back that I *keep for good* ie never wear.  The black Reiss oversized jumper is a prime example.  I have had this for ages and I love it so much (and it was hideously expensive) that I tend not to wear it too often as I'm worried I'll wear it out.  Well that's ludicrous surely?  It's more likely to either go out of fashion or get eaten by moths at the back of the cupboard.  So I should wear it and wear it a lot as I love love love it.  See?!

What I plan to do this year on the blog is therefore explore the things that I have and the things that I hanker after that I will wear again and again.  Things that are wardrobe staples, that pull together a whole load of old favourites that you have and transform them into wearable outfits that you feel great in.  (an oversized black jumper being a prime example - I have this and a new navy one and have absolutely no justification for a new one in any other dark shade.  But what I do need to do is wear these ones often as before too long, we're going to be in much lighter knitwear)

Some of these things I will already have (see jumpers above!) and some I will need (now you see where Over the Knee boots fit in... I am going to try the R&B ones on Monday.  For research purposes only......I am holding everything crossed that there is a decent Kurt Geiger code very very shortly and my mind shall then be made up.)  

My first item that is one of my Must Haves for Spring (or for any time of the year to be honest) and one that I aim to make much more use of, is the Blazer.  Must be plain.  Can be navy or black, can even be grey or camel (I too have a pale pink one which is much more versatile that I ever thought it would be).  I don't have a pale blue one but - and here is where the Resolution comes in... do I need one?  Is there an occasion, thinking about wearing the blue one, where my black, navy or pink ones wouldn't be appropriate? 

To be honest, until I get my head around what sort of direction I'm going to going in come the Spring, I shall be sitting on the fence with my credit card firmly in my pocket.

However a black one in particular, if I didn't have one, would be top of my list of purchases this year and there are a couple of great options in the sales. 

The one I have and has been my life saver on many occasions this Autumn and Winter and I can't wait to wear it into the Spring as well - is the Hush one.  There is 20% off at Hush at the moment until Tuesday morning and I have had a sneak preview of what's going into the sale on Tuesday and this isn't.  I adore this jacket - it's not a fitted blazer, it's the perfect loose Tuxedo style, the most fabulous non creasing fabric and that perfect combination of smart yet casual.  There is nothing worse than a blazer that looks like it's part of a work suit (when you don't want it to..!)  And I have tended to keep this for best as I think it's *too good* to waste on the school run.  Why?  It's hardly going to wear out, I don't have tiny children with sticky fingers and I don't spend my time crawling round on my hands and knees anymore.  So I aim to wear this a lot as I can make a whole host of fab outfits with it, also using other things I have in my wardrobe that I tend to not want to *wear out*.

Tuxedo Jacket from Hush was £99 now £79.20  (I take a size 10 in this - perfectly true to size)  Look how fab it looks with a thin knit underneath it (coming up shortly... a big plan of mine for S/S)

A very similar easy to wear style at Jigsaw but this time in navy. 

Blue Luxe Tailoring Boyfriend Jacket was £189 now £79

More boyfriend styling at Isabel Marant but this time in charcoal grey. 

Karly wool blend blazer was £269 now £159

Contrast Flap Blazer from Mango was £59.99 now £39.99

Navy Essential Blazer was £44.99 now £24.99 again at Mango

Same blazer in black for £24.99  again at Mango

Slightly more expensive now at Reiss but this is really where it makes sense to shop in the sales.  Free delivery and free returns means that it's very easy to try them on and make your mind up in the comfort of your own home and with different outfits, to see that it has the versatility that you need. 

Charlize Black Sharply Tailored Blazer was £195 now £95

In navy, this one is perfect for me. 

Parlo Midnight Supply Tailored Blazer was £189 now £79

If you are looking for something slightly looser then this drape front one from ASOS is a bargain. 

ASOS Drape Blazer was £40 now £12

Another loose style, this time in navy from Mango at ASOS. 

Mango Soft Tailored Blazer was £44.99 now £14

Now I haven't gone through a host of outfits that I would wear mine with - watch this space and just trust me that they are one of the most useful items of clothing.  I could wear mine pretty much any day.  That and another shaped coat which I have fallen in love with in the last couple of years and I am set for the S/S.  Definitely worth investing. 

So what do we think of the new resolution?  I think it's hopefully one that will be achievable and help me use more of what I have and venture into some pastures new.  One thing about the pastures new of course, as with any purchase I make, I have to be able to make at least two outfits from it with existing things I own, thus ensuring that I don't skip off into crazy land... (42 in a matter of weeks though - I hear strange things can happen the older you get......) 

Finishing with my outfit from today - meh - not happy with it.  I love all the pieces individually, don't like them together.  The top I don't like particularly with the jeans, I would have been miles better off wearing either my navy Boden cashmere jumper or the new H&M fairisle one.  The top looks much better with a camel coat.  I have to be honest, it's a top I never feel great in.... but I do love the colours.  But I don't think it's long for my wardrobe..... I just can't make it work.  Doesn't happen often but boy does it irritate the bejeesus out of me when it does happen.  Please tell me someone else knows what I'm yacking on about?!

To be fair, this was only to fling to the supermarket and then I've been cooking as we've got a dinner party this evening which I am very much looking forward to.  And please note, I never made any claims to detox.... I will say I haven't had so much as a sniff of alcohol since NYE and I am going to try and cut down and eat more healthily (less kettle chips and wine for dinner would be a start) but that's as extravagant as my detox plans are. 


Camel and navy stripe top - M&S
Navy oversized cable knit cardigan - Nicole Farhi (years years years old - unearthed from the attic) 
Dark indigo jeans - Boden
Black Caitlyn biker boots - Seven Boot Lane. 

Has anyone else made any New Year's resolutions?  Anyone care to join me in mine?  Like I say, we can but try.....

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22 comentarios:

  1. It's definitely the season for reassessing our wardrobes and future purchases. I've put my rules out there too. Anyway forget about the black blazer, what about those stunning Reiss shoes. I would definitely get my wear out of them. Oh I'm on a spending ban (cries in corner) x

    1. I know they're gorgeous aren't they? I've got a shoe post in the bag, it's got to be done.... I took ALL The shoes back I bought to go with dresses so I definitely definitely have a hole.... If you say spending ban by the way, all you do is see a gazillion things you want. MAke a massive WANT list and you see FOOK ALL

  2. I'm soooo guilty of saving my favourite pieces for 'best'!! WHY??? Definately going to change that and start wearing them this year. Life's too short! X

  3. Have just bought the bargainous Asos and Mango jackets, would be rude not to! Don't keep anything for best! You deserve to wear lovely things every day! I just don't believe in keeping anything for best, you could get hit with a bus tomorrow!!

    1. This is exceptionally true! Hope the blazers are good (how could they not be for that price!)

  4. My mother once made a weird comment to me. She'd bought me the most beautiful and useful brown leather handbag for Christmas. About 6 months later she said 'if I had known how much you were going to use that handbag I wouldn't have spent so much on it'. This made absolutely nonsense to me. And from that date forward, I have consciously tried to spend more on everyday clothing that I wear all the time. And less on the occasion stuff. Or at least try to make sure the occasion items I wear are of a classic design and can be re-worn season after season. Well I try!!!

    1. That's hilarious! Bags are the one thing I definitely recommend spending as much as you can on. Cost per wear they are the hardest working things in your wardrobe. x

  5. A very sensible resolution! It's so easy to just keep buying the same version of a particular piece of clothing because you know it works / suits you. Don't even go there on how many almost identical navy tops I have languishing in the wardrobe... I am loath to impose a spending ban, but having totted up the number of jumpers I bought this month (damn this blogging lark, it's a little more difficult to ignore your excesses when they're there in black and white!), I will attempt to get through the next few weeks without repeating an outfit. That way, I am forced to use the clothes that I have and really think hard about what I'm going to wear every day. Wish me luck...

    Becky x

    1. oh god don't talk to me about striped tops... I am NOT buying any more and just wearing the ones I have again and again. I do love love them so. And yes, blogging is a nightmare when it comes to buying clothes. Good luck with the plan! Sounds like a great one. x

  6. Love your blog Kat!
    My 100 day spending ban has started! 2015 will be about making my wardrobe work harder, not wearing the same combinations again and again, not keeping things for best and finally never buying anything (after the 100 days is up obvs!) without confirming the returns policy....credit notes that can only be used in store do not make me happy!
    Happy New Year!

  7. I have a wardrobe full of clothes for 'best' ......what is this 'best' and where is it??????? I am going to try and make every day a 'little bit special' and not slob out all day in joggy bottoms and tee's x

    1. Excellent plan. We're all in it together x

  8. Hi Kat, The method you are going to use is the one I used last year. It does work, up to a degree. There is a danger of still ending up buying too many clothes/shoes/bags because there always be a type of item you don't have. And you keep on saying to yourself you are branching out style-wise so it is okay to buy something...I think it is clever to combine it with the maximum three rule (eh, I didn't). For 2015: I will put myself on zero as 1) I will go back to college in spring which will cost me a small fortune and 2) I have a wardrobe full of....a sorts! Good luck!

    1. I'm hoping I'm going to buy much less..... (that's the plan....!)

  9. You are so right about best. I love the blazer idea too. I have some vague idea about filing my nails! Not very ambitious but you should see the state of my bitten fingers! Lucy x

    1. You need some of the nails that I use - putting together a beauty blog today - watch this space.

  10. I think top looks great especially with camel coat
    If it does your head in too much just pop it in the post to me in deepest Lincolnshire, tried to buy it zero left! I have camel coat.

    1. yes it does look so so much better with the camel coat! I also have a navy peacoat from last year that I think it would look fab with too. I am determined to make it work as it's so easy to wear!

  11. My NYR is to buy zero things for a year! My husband thinks I'm mad and will never do it as he knows better than I do that my middle names are discount code, shopping queen and but it's a bargain!! The only addendum I have made is that I can spend any gift vouchers I already have (I do luckily have a few lurking in the nether regions of various handbags that need to be rounded up...), I can receive things as a gift and I can sell my used stuff on Ebay and use the Paypal money to buy myself something. Also if I have to return something as it has developed a fault I am allowing myself to replace it with like for like.

    The whole idea is to start wearing what I already have instead of pursuing this constant need for something new. I am actually perversely looking forward to the challenge!

    Also, we have a moving in date for our new house and I want to start as I mean to go on and organise virtually everything and not take everything but just things that I love/use/admire etc. - and I'm talking my clothes/shoes/accessories/jewellery as well as the kids, husband and dogs stuff and also all the house stuff. I've spent nearly the entire weekend de-cluttering the kids playroom, the back porch and the utility. How is that even possible?! There are bags and boxes full of rubbish but as many again in stuff for the charity shop. It is madness and it needs to stop!

    We're not there yet but the next few weeks will be very exciting...hopefully! Here's the link in case you'd like an update: http://gosforthgal.blog.co.uk/

    Even though I won't be shopping myself, I still plan to follow your blog as I'm sure there will still be elements I can copy/emulate with what I already have. That's the plan anyway! Wish me luck!

    1. oh best of luck - I spent days before Christmas decluttering and I have to say, there are couple of things I think - ah bugger I shouldn't have been so trigger happy! But generally we're getting there with the house.... And your plan sounds excellent! Especially when there are so many things to buy for a new house. CAn't wait to check out your blog! xx