Mrs Sensible is back.....

... wishing you first and foremost a HAPPY NEW YEAR (ok does everyone else on the planet hear Eddie Murphy in Trading Places when they say that phrase?  I'm sure it's probably only me) 

And secondly apologies as I had planned on posting yesterday but our New Year's Eve party finished at 4am.  As surprised as I was at still having the stamina to push on through to that time, it was no surprise at all that the following day I was verging on comatose.  A pathetic shell of my former self, fit for nothing but loading the dishwasher times ten and then heading off to bed at 9pm.  I was so tired I couldn't even face a curry (which my thighs are thanking for me today - every cloud and all that) 

It also meant that my randomly not self imposed shopping ban seems to be continuing.  I have ordered one blouse in the sale (the Rise black lace one from the last post... it's now down to £20 so it was frankly foolish not to click and collect it with my shopping from the supermarket.  I will say that at £20 my expectations have somewhat diminished however, which shouldn't be the case but I do fear an element of "don't stand too near a naked flame".  I will report back tomorrow) 

I couldn't even face the thought of looking at anything yesterday.  The amount of food and drink I have consumed means that the thought of clothing just wasn't happening.  I am still in oversized jumpers and loungwear mode.

However I am still able to give a gentle nod to footwear.  (thank god cashew nuts and champagne in gargantuan quantities don't appear to ever change the shape of my feet).  And the one thing that is a really good buy in the sale is shoes.  Thinking about the new season, as much as I would love love love another oversized cashmere jumper, the sensible purchase is something I can get extensive use out of for more than a mere matter of weeks. 

Last year, my surprise hit was the skater shoe.  Loved by some, loathed by more, they really did work for me.  I found them surprisingly versatile and wore them on pretty much all occasions.  They worked with every shape of jean or trouser - from a boyfriend, a wide legged, a skinny and a cigarette pant to dresses and skirts.  I wore them on the school run, I wore them with blazers and tees for smart casual occasions.  They really were my go to shoe for the majority of the year. 

In fact, I've even managed to practically wear out both my pairs that I had.  So an obvious choice and my tip for sales purchases is a sneaker. (well, a pair of...)

Starting with my beloved skater shoe. 

A fabulously versatile black DKNY perforated pair at Kurt Geiger was £90 now £49

More black options - this time in suede at ASOS. 

ASOS Daisy Suede Plimsolls were £45 now £22

Black glitter at KG - Miss KG was £39 now £23

Black Satin at Mango were £34.99 now £24.99

Now moving away from black, these are undeniably more out there but if you have a more basic wardrobe then a pair like this could just give your outfits that little Spring lift without spending a fortune.  My outfit choice to go with these would be all black - black skinnies, black loose top and black tuxedo blazer.  Perfect. 

Carvela Laurel in red ponyskin was £99 now £29

Alternatively there is the blue version - I would probably go with these, as I love the idea of wearing them with navy as well.   These are £49 though... But for me with my wardrobe palette they'd be more useful. 

Another leopard pair which I've had on the blog before and had fallen in love with - am I going down a pink route this year though.... ? (although they look fab with just plain black and all shades of tan, along with white....) 

ASOS Daisy pink pony plimsolls were £45 now £27

If you are in the market for pink then I have to say these would be my first pick.  

ASOS Dockland Plimsolls were £20 now £14

The other option that I bought last Autumn was the lace up sneaker.  Now clearly the more popular choice was the original Sam Smith by Adidas but I preferred the non branded totally plain white leather pair from Zara.  I had tried a branded trainer with the New Balance early on in the year and I just couldn't get to grips with them.  The difference is a titchy bit of coloured logo on the back and on the side so negligible by all accounts but I still prefer my totally plain pair.  

Of which there are now many more options in different coloured leathers. 

Navy option which I think would make a useful addition to any wardrobe (ie mine....) are these from Whistles.

Whistles Daria in navy leather was £135 now £81

In black from Kurt Geiger (which yes does have the KG branding on the back - it's not a sporty logo so that's ok with me.  There is absolutely no method to my madness by the way) 

Kurt Geiger Lexy Black Croc Trainer was £180 now £99

Metallic also at Kurt Geiger although I'd probably change the ribbon for a lace. 

Kurt Geiger Jasper was £99 now £39

These are very much identical to the ones I have from Zara.  

Lace up leather sneakers were £44.99 now £29.99 

And my favourite pair of the lot which I did have my eye on and should have bought as I've finished this post and now officially Need These.  Except they're out of stock in my size.  Couldn't write it, could you.  ARRGGGHHH. 

Faux leather sneakers £44.99 (no way Mango... that price for faux leather!) now £29.99 (still a lot for non leather I think I but I love them so much.  I am such a loser)

So I am now off to finalise the details of my New Year's Resolution.  This is merely so I can see I can see how long I can stay vaguely strong.  If it means I'm good for a couple of months then that's surely better than nothing?  This one is going to be one that hopefully will be achievable (pffft) and at the very least will provide some food for thought. 

Finishing with outfits from the last couple of days.  Starting with New Year's Day - out for brunch with friends. 


Black polo neck - Zara
Real Straight jeans - Gap
Check coat - Zara
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe 

And for the party - this is at 4am so excuse the exceptionally drunk face (yet again...) 


Crepe and leather shift dress - Sandro
Black Margot Boots - Sam Edelman
Diamante and gold bracelet - Forever21

And today for a trip out with my two boys. (all the excitement of McDonald's and Sainsburys to get them another Lego XBox 360 game as there was nothing on at the cinema and I'd promised they could go)


White longline tee - Baukjen
Black square knit polo neck - Reiss
Black/grey tie dye jeans - Sandro
Caitlyn biker boots - Seven Boot Lane
Black Diego - Alexander Wang

Off to put my homemade curry in the oven (polish halo) and open another bottle of sparkling water.  We've got friends over for dinner tomorrow night though so it's the least I can do to have one day dry! 

Hope everyone else had a fantastic New Year's Eve and are looking forward to a lovely weekend.  I'll be back tomorrow with my Resolution - any guesses as to what my plans are?!

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13 comentarios:

  1. Happy new year to you as well! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog for a year now, long may your tips and amusing anecdotes continue! Best wishes, Jo x

    1. What a lovely thing to read, thank you so much. And yes, I'm not going anywhere. x

  2. I tried skaters but couldn't find a pair that worked - they were all too wide for me, and just slipped off my feet at the back (I have narrow-ish size 8s). My go-tos last year were a pair of black Nike Air Pegasus 83s. I wore them so much I made a hole in the toe! So at Christmas they were replaced by a pair of Nike Air Force 1s in silver grey, which I'm looking forward to wearing when the weather warms up a bit!

    1. You see I would LOVE to wear the Nikes and they look too cool on other people. I just look like a cock. GAH. But wouldn't it be a dull world if we all wore the same things! Silver grey sounds simply perfect. The ideal Spring colour. x

  3. Happy New Year Kat! LOVE you in a dress.

    1. don't I need OTK boots to go with them..... I DO don't I...?!!?

  4. I'm so with you on the skater shoe Kat! I've practically worn my M&S leopard print ones out & you are to blame for me buying them in the first place! I'll need another pair for Spring & have a black pair on my wishlist too! I love your drunk face! Too cute! Happy New Year Darl! x

    1. Oh I'm so pleased I got you into them - they honestly are The easiest things to wear. I had had high hope for the NB's as you know but I just never felt comfortable in them. x

  5. Happy New Year lovely x
    I'm after a bit of Hush cashmere, dilemma is do I go in now for the 20% 'pre-sale', or do I hold out for the actual sale on Monday and hope there's even more off...WWYD?

    1. Right, which one do you want as I *may* have the sales list......!

    2. Ooh, do you know if the sheepskin boots are getting reduced any more? They're £76 at the moment with the 20% off, but that's still too rich for me (I basically want to use them as slippers!).

  6. Bloody brill!!!!
    It's the crew neck, in the peacock *crosses fingers*

  7. I have 7 pairs of skater shoes. I love them. They are the shoe I was waiting for! Love the blog! Happy New Year!