Clearly not time to crack out the shorts just yet.... being only January, but it obviously does pay to think about what we might be wearing in Spring and what we can take advantage of in the sales.  When I say I don't need a coat, I really mean it.  I have more coats than you can shake a stick at.  However.... on my quick perusal round the shops yesterday having a little look at what we may be all wearing in the next couple of months, it struck me that a lot of the new season stock is pastels combined with darker shades.  

And it looks utterly lovely.  Here at Autograph - pale pink and blush shades with black. 


It did make me think that my prediction of baby blue and black being a winner, back at the end of last Summer with a small smug face.  Not so smug though when I realised that I totally ignored my outfit advice and swerved baby blue this season entirely.  Yup, definitely feeling like a bit of a cretin and hankering after all the pastel shades to team with black, grey and navy. 

So when I hoofed it along to Dorothy Perkins (to return the navy shoes which I'm gutted to say made me look rather more like Theresa May than I had intended) I couldn't walk past a bargain of a coat on the sale rail that screamed OI at me (figuratively speaking can I reassure you)


And what a bargain it is at now less than £40.  This is the smallest size they had instore, a 14 and to be honest, as much as I do tend to size up in coats, I found this very generously sized (mince pie muffin not withstanding) and could do with a 12, if not a 10. 

Blue Maxi Longline Boyfriend was £76 now £37.50 at Dorothy Perkins.

It did then occur to me that there must be loads of coats now languishing on sales rails and online and yes there are indeed.  

The other option, as I mentioned at the beginning, is of course pink (if I said this hadn't made me rethink my need for a pink jumper, you wouldn't believe me, would you?  Actually this was one of my Zara "surprises" yesterday, but alas it was a lovely chunky jumper that was in fact too chunky to fit any sort of coat or jacket over it in Winter, yet you'd boil alive in it come the Spring.  Plus it was too short.  If I raised my arms a smidgen, heavens above, I let loose a view of flesh that no-one without a medical degree should ever see)

Maison Scotch classic tailored pink coat was £194 now £87

Ganni Teddy Coat in pink from Atterley Road was £245 now £120  I love this shade of pink.  It's more pink than blush but I still think it looks lovely with black and would work equally as well with grey.

In a Tall at ASOS - Cocoon coat in pink (absolutely love this... repeat to self, I do not need a new coat, I do not need a new coat) was £85 now £59

Moving onto a more neutral shade of pale, the classic dove grey.

Grey Maxi Longline Boyfriend was £76 now £37.50  This is the grey equivalent of the blue one above from Dorothy Perkins.

Another in pale grey, this time from Kaliko - Shawl Collar Biker coat in mid grey was £229 now £69

At ASOS - again, this would look as good unbuttoned in the Spring as it would all snuggled up to the top in the Winter. 

ASOS Oversized Coat with funnel neck was £95 now £57

Stretching the boundaries here with grey (ie it's not remotely pale or pastel and is sneaking under the radar in the guise of "coat".... but this I simply adore.  Out of all of them, this would be my number one choice.  I'm not going to dwell on the fact I have no other coat similar.... Adore the androgynous style, the fabric, the cut, everything about it.  The whole outfit in fact I could channel... Hmmm hmmm hmmmm

Station Herringbone Double Breasted Coat was £185 now £92.50

Much more expensive but truly a classic at Jaeger and for almost half price, it would be a great investment if this is the sort of coat you love. 

Double Faced Herringbone was £450 now £249

Coming onto a shade that I do not have a leg to stand on in saying that I need one.  I will however say that is my absolutely most favourite colour of coat to wear.  It goes with simply everything.  

Camel Brushed Boyfriend was £55 now £27.50

Another in camel - a cross between a cardigan and a coat, absolutely ideal for S/S.  

Violeta by Mango Waterfall Buckle coat was £89.99 now £49.99  This is the plus size range by Mango but I think a Small is only a 12 to 14 and this style looks great on the loose side.

Collarless Camel at Monki - love this one, this style is so up my street.  A very similar style to my navy, navy check and leopard print ones that I have.  As you can there is no way on God's green earth I could justify another.  But this would be infinitely infinitely useful. 

Monki Collarless Coat was £70 now £49

Saving the super pales till last. 
Oversized Buttonsafe Patch Pocket Coat £59 from M&S This is called Alabaster.

Another shade that is super Spring like is a cream or white.  A bargain from ASOS (that you won't be devastated at getting the odd speck of dirt on.  This is of course in other people's worlds - I would have a full smoothie down it by 8am) 

ASOS Slouchy Coat in texture - was £75 now £45

And another in Winter White, this time double breasted - a longline peacoat at ASOS was £95 now £57

And they do the same one in pale blue at £66

Whilst the pale blue coat from DP's is the bargain of the day, if that style isn't up your street there are others out there. 

Imperial Wool Collarless coat in Morning Frost FCUK was £195 now £97.50  This is a stunning coat that would work on so many levels.  I would wear it with a white tee, faded straight legs turned up and white sneakers in the Spring.  Right now, I'd love a black polo neck, black skinnies and black ankle boots.  But I'd also wear it over a dress to a wedding - it's that versatile. 

A slightly different shade also at FCUK

French Connection Palace Frost coat £225 now £90

So there we have my round up of coats that will take you from now into Spring and back into Autumn.  It's a great thing to buy in the sales - very much a sensible purchase.  Anyone have a fab coat bargain to report?

And here we are with the outfit from today, which ended in my new Tuesday afternoon/evening routine.  Three and a half hours, yes you read that right, of watching my children do sport after school - a scintillating combo of football and swimming.  On the upside, it's all indoors so I get to sit down, have a chat with some friends and get on with some work, so compared to most sports, this is by far my favourite option.  It also means that I have to have a hamper (not literally - can you imagine?) of food on standby for the various children who have sported and are famished. 


Navy cashmere off duty jumper - Boden
Black coated jeggings - Dorothy Perkins
Patchwork fur coat - Topshop
Caitlyn biker boots - Seven Boot Lane
Diego bag - Alexander Wang

Can't believe that tomorrow is Wednesday already - where is the week going?  And are we going to get any proper snow this year......?  I have to say, I fear I am already having my head turned by the new Spring collections......  I shall be back with some ideas. 

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13 comentarios:

  1. The ASOS cocoon coat is gorgeous and I'm still loving your patchwork coat, Kat. Lynne x

    1. Have to say I am so pleased with the coat!

  2. Evening Kat, Please check out Matalan - sounds naff but trust me. I got the cream wool mix coat, smooth and boucle panelling, collarless with assymetric zip ........£18! I get a compliment everytime I wear it e.g Is that Karen Millen???? er NO! - perfect with black polo, skinnies and heeled boots.x

    1. That's so spooky... watch this space in the next couple of days.. (although it's not about coats!) DIdn't see that. GAH

  3. Gorgeous picks Kat! I love the belted Teddy one! Ax

  4. What a pity the DP coat was too big, that would have been such a bargain. I was in Zara last week and was so pleased to get the last camel coat in the shop, it was sold out online and there was one size XL all alone on the rail. Its a bit big, would have preferred a M or L but it looks good as an oversize coat. I was so smug as it was my one day out sales shopping and I got everything I wanted: camel coat- tick, Reiss grey suede low front boots- tick. Then in M&S yesterday I got a fab cashmere roll neck oversize jumper reduced from £159 to £100 and a gorgeous pair of tan Autograph block heel pointy boots reduced to £35 from £86- bargain! Thats me all done shopping this month

    1. oh well done you! That Zara coat is amazing - I love mine so much. Those tan boots sound absolutely gorgeous - good good good shopping. x

  5. Kat, I've ordered the French Connection coat-it was further reduced to £58. However, I'm not supposed to be spending so wondered if I could just blame you?!! I have also managed to get a Wishbone blouse from £84 to £20. It's one you tried a while ago and I have been hanging on to see what happened. Also got the m and s lovely suede ankle boots in grey reduced to £36. However, now it has to stop. I'm a sucker for a bargain even though I don't need any of it. I'm going to try and apply your rules but I am hankering after another zoe karssen sweat top. Love them so much but the rules would prevent me from getting it. I really neeeed it though!!!!

    1. What colour is the sweatshirt... ?? (see new post....!) FAB FAB Bargains by the way...

    2. Its black but maybe after reading the new post I should look for it in navy!

  6. This is a great post, thanks! I was perusing Oasis' coloured coats only the other day. Looking for a more casual coat as I'm in fear of wreaking my fave black one which I wear to death for going to and from work. Any idea when they may go into sale for Oasis and your thoughts on these?

    1. Hmm I would have thought they should go into the sale pretty shortly? Also keep an eye on John Lewis who stock Oasis coats, as do ASOS. HTH x