These things are sent to try us..

... and no heating will do that. 

Yes, these things come in threes (to be honest, I've stopped counting) and there's nothing left to do but laugh at the situation.  Brand new underfloor heating and the timing box thingy on the wall has died.  The electrician has said something to do with a circuit board - frankly, I don't care what it is, I just want it fixed and I want it warm again.

I am off tomorrow (not quite believing it will all go to plan at the moment but you've got to stay positive, haven't you?!) leaving my mother and my children here in what appears to be plummeting temperatures.  With, at the moment, no heating. 

So, let's do the Plot Twist thingy again (it's not remotely getting tiresome.. not at all.  A bit like the smile that's currently plastered on my face isn't at all fake.  Again, not at all.....).  Another day at (very cold) home whilst waiting in for the electrician to come back to fix the heating (plumber has passed the buck) and no lovely day perusing the lovely new season collection at Hush.  Fingers crossed I'll be able to go and see them when I get back as I can't wait to see what they've got in store for us this S/S.

I could so some hoovering (I've already done some more washing - Rock And Roll.....) or I could ignore the lashing rain outside and the fact I'm struggling to feel my fingers and get my determined jiggy on and focus on brighter, nicer things. 

Shoes.  Oh yes, let's pretend Winter isn't going to arrive with a vengeance next week (I'm holding out for them getting it wrong like they got the NY blizzard wrong....) and think about baring our ankles to the world. 

I will actually say that I did this the other week - armed with a woolly hat, scarf and gloves and honesty, they weren't cold!  Go figure. 

I am so over thinking about my thigh high boots (the levels of confusion between Stuart Weitzman for R&B Lowlands and plain old Stuart Weitzman Lowlands boots which you can only buy here at Selfridges & probably Harrods et al - a staggering £100 difference between the two.  Is there really that much difference between them?  I decided that I didn't care in the end) and am now all about the new season. 

I'm going straight into shoe mode.  So I do have my heart set on a pair of navy Stan Smiths (I might just go original - still shuddering over the disaster of the New Balances though so am shelving that thought for a while) but more importantly I know that I loved my skater shoes and for years I have been the hugest ballet pump fan. 

I couldn't quite get my head around the full on slipper thingy that has been popular in the last couple of years, but this year, there seems to be a real mix up of footwear.  It's as if they've thrown all the shoes up in the air, the rule book out of the window and just blindly made up a mix of classics.  (along with quirky ones thrown in)  Which make for a very divided set of opinions... one man's meat and all that....

But let's start with something more traditional.  For me this is classic cross between a ballet flat and a slipper style pump.  And a pointy toe.  Like I say, a mishmash.

Did I mention that I am all about the pointy toe.......??  (for today at least.  Fickle?  Moi?)

Jigsaw Cecile Flat Ballet flat in silver £69

However I may have found another option at a more palatable price point. 

The Albert Flat pointed toe pump from M&S £45

They also do them in a black suede for £45 These are made of magic suede apparently.  "Stain away"'s not just any suede, it's M&S suede.  So of course it's magic. (I don't care, I love them and think they're amazing for that price and I've tried them on and they're super comfy.  I would say if you're in between sizes, then size up.) 

More suede back at Jigsaw and they're in the sale - a perfect Spring colour. 

Jigsaw Cecil Flat Ballet pumps were £69 now £55

Other pointy black flatties. 

Suede upper and heel ballet flats £85 at Uterque. 

Now some strappy versions. I can already tick the box with my Delphine pumps from Hobbs and I therefore have no need to jump on the Irish dancing-a-likes - sorry, I mean Aquazzura inspired lace up pumps.  I do love them though, I really do but it does make my feet twitch when I look at them (you can take the girl out of her Irish dancing classes The Husband nearly bust a lung laughing when I showed him) 
Dune Hobra Lace up shoes £85

These are another strap version - very different and not nearly as on trend but for some that may not be a bad thing.  I would say these are a cross between my Delphines and the Aquazzuras.  With a lot taken out.

Aldo Civitate Strap Point Flat shoes were £50 now £35

However now let's move on to the proper bonkers.  The real Bob shoes, that I know most people will vomit a little into their mouths on viewing.  I can only imagine what The Husband would say (I can see the pity in his eyes and the mirth on his lips as I type)

I LOVE these.  

Fur slippers (yes they actually call them that - I'm sure it loses something in translation..) from Uterque were £89 now £39 

To be fair, I am more than prepared to be chomping on humble pie at the rate of knots after a couple of wears (the ghost of the New Balance haunts me still...)  However clearly the shopping gods are conspiring against me as they're sold out in the my size.

Therefore in for a penny, in for a pound.  

I've found cheaper ones at ASOS. 

ASOS Dance with me Suede Pointed pumps were £28 now £25 (and they're leather!) 

(still prefer the Uterque ones though - penguin look or no penguin look.  Yes someone mentioned that when I posted a white lace up pair months ago and DARN THEM, I can't look at them without thinking penguin.  Am determined to get over it)

A much easier to wear pair with not a penguin reference in sight are these from the new Spring Collection at Seven Boot Lane.  These are perfection.  Love them. 

Dakota Charcoal Suede loafers £120 

And finishing with a bonkers pair that I have a soft spot for.  If I squint, these have a hint of the Marc Jacobs about them.

Swiftheart Slippers from Topshop £26

As I type, I'm watching the weather forecast which is saying it's going to snow tomorrow.  Here.  You couldn't write it.  I'm going to bed before anything else goes wrong!  (but my heating is now working.. Whoop whoop)


Pink linen tee - Zara
Damson thin knit jumper - Hush
Nessa Cardigan - Hush
Blush and pink Camel scarf - Virginia Johnson

So this is goodbye from me but hopefully I can fling something on when I'm out there, I'm taking my laptop with me so fingers crossed I'll find "something" to write about.   Ha ha ha. 

I will of course be posting like a loon on Instagram, my new favourite choice of Social Media that I may have mentioned one or a million times - name thingy is @doesmybumlook40.  See you from across the pond!  (this is assuming I make it....I will, I will, I will...)

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13 comentarios:

  1. Hope you get to NY today. we woke to the schools being closed due to snow so happy children here, and a husky relishing the fact she can lay out in the snow. Enjoy your trip. everything crossed in the hope you get on your flight. x

  2. I love your blog Kat and have been following your dramas with dismay. I have everything crossed you get away and have a wonderful time. X

  3. Ha, ha, ha, ha! And now I've finally figured out why it is that I absolutey LOATHE the Aquazzura (and all their copies) lace up pumps - it's the Irish dancing link. Of course! How did I not figure that out? Have a wonderful, wonderful trip. As I type, I'm hoping you're 36,000 feet above us all, sipping champagne xxx

  4. Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to the pictures. X

  5. Have a fabulous time in NY, cant wait to see the pics and hear about all your purchases. Love those silver flats from M&S, went to have a look at their website and in typical m&s style, they aren't there- grrrrrr! x

  6. Oh no! Glad it's sorted so you won't be worrying about your mum and the children while you are away. Have a great time! I am also looking forward to the pics. Love the slipper flats. I always have trouble finding comfortable ballet flats that stay on my feet. I did buy a pair of Autograph pointed slipper flats last year but they kill me. Leather really stiff. I should have taken them back. :( Marie

  7. I know you said you were over them but in case your fibbing, it occurred to me that Rosie who blogs on Thelondener seems to have a couple, maybe she can help with your decision ?

  8. Hi Kat, Thanks for this post! I had been looking for reasonable prized pointed flats and was on the verge of leaving the 'reasonable' out of the spec when I say twhat you found at Uterque. I had never heard of the brand but it appears they have a shop in Amsterdam too and they ship to anywhere in Holland for a tiny fee. Found the most wonderful metal-look brown-ish leather ballerina's ( for €50,00 (that is 37 pounds) So thank you for sourceing these great finds! They are still in the post, but I will report back on them via Instagram...
    Have a lovely time in NY, maybe maybe maybe you happen to run in to some over the knee boots?

  9. Perfect post and perfect timing! I just bought a pair of super Tabitha Simmons pointy toed flats from the Outnet and was on the hunt for more. You've done all the hard work for me, so thanks!!

  10. Love this selection, as the one (I think?) to put the penguin vision in your mind I have the Uterque slippers and I must admit I love them!! Hope you have the most fantastic time in NY you deserve it, can't wait to see all your instagram pics.... have fun darling! Xxxx

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