Checking in again this year.

Third year in a row and therefore in my book, that counts as a classic.  Especially as it's as popular this season as it has been for the last two (although I will admit it was slightly more of an impulse purchase when I bought it, as opposed to a considered investment...).

I am talking the checked coat.  Or check coat.  I'm sure someone with a greater command of English grammar will be able to educate me as to which is correct (I could google it, I'd just rather look up coats..).

I really did think these would be a one season wonder (hence I waited till the sale to get the one I had my heart set on).  And then I bought a navy one from Hobbs (and also waited till the sale.  Zero courage in my convictions it seems).

But I have proven myself to prophetic (I won't say right, as I didn't think these would stick around at all.  Jammy is more like it).  Which is handy as I still love them.  I think it's the addition of colour.. or maybe it's the clean pattern that I find so pleasing to the eye.  I'm not great with pattern (she says ignoring the plethora of random print dresses she can recall hanging in her wardrobe) - especially in the Winter (redeems herself by having no print Winter dresses.  Bar one.  Damn).

So I have two and can't possibly justify another but that doesn't mean someone else can't buy one.  I've been asked numerous times for blogs on coats and so hopefully this might appeal to someone.  I have had much joy in shopping vicariously (although I wish I hadn't as there's a Topshop one I'm not sure I can live without).

Starting with Boden where there is 25% off everything - enter 4QTB at checkout, until Thursday this week.  (It then goes down to 15% till Saturday and 10% on Sunday)

Zoe coat was £159 now £119.25

 Spitalfields coat £399 - a thing of pure joy...

More oversized love at ASOS.  Perfection.  So unusual, you could bring it out for years and years and years.  

ASOS White Oversized coat in grid check £185

Monochrome oversized in the sale now. 

Only Oversized Coat in check was £55 now £45

Another which is at the higher end cost wise, but I love the colours and shape of this one.   Love the fact this would be ideal with all shades of camel, grey, black and winter white.  Really the ideal coat for those neutral colour palettes to just give them little lift.   Actually I'd also team with khaki (and red - ignoring the fact I don't own anything red).

Gat Rimon Raki Coat in check £285

Now I'm not going to say this is exceptionally similar (aka identical..) to the one I have from three years ago.  But it sort of is.

Brushed Checked Overcoat £89 from Limited Edition at M&S 

And another similar (although not completely identical like the M&S one) from Topshop - black rather than navy tones.

Check Belted Wool Blend Coat from Topshop £99

Another one from M&S - adore the colours of this and love the simply car coat style. £109

Yellow and double breasted at Great Plains.

Check Double Breast Coat £140

However I'm upping the yellow coat game and am having to sit on my hands not to order this.  This, for me, is pure coat porn.  It's so so not going to be everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely LOVE It. 

Checked Car Coat by Boutique at Topshop £250 *repeats to self whilst rocking.. cannot justify another coat, cannot justify another coat, cannot justify another coat...*

*reaches for credit card*

If you don't fancy a full on coat, do remember of course that there is always the cape to consider.  And the one from Boden - they have in 3 different check colourways. 

Helena Cape was £99 now £74.25 in the brown check 

And the green check 

Possibly the best of both worlds at M&S with a checked blanket coat...

Fringe & Checked Blanket Coat £119 - a capey coat by all accounts (not a technical term, of that I'm aware).

A similar version at Warehouse and the last opportunity to use the 20% off with Stylist - STYLIST20 - ends midnight, tonight Tuesday.

Checked Blanket coat £90 pre discount

Bargain similar style in the sale at ASOS - Blanket cape was £75 now £45

And here I am in the proof of the pudding.  I love this coat as much as the day I bought it - that will be the Christmas Day I stayed up until midnight so I could order it in the sale.  It had disappeared from my local store (there was no take up of it apparently... philistines....) and had sold out in the London ones.  But I knew it would be in the sale and hey ho it was.  I'm sure I still paid £85 for it but have to say it has been so so worth it. 


Navy polo neck - Zara
Jeans with turn up - Zara
Check coat - Zara
Stan Smiths - adidas
Whiskey Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe

So the children have finally gone back to school today.  I had a day of jobs to do and accomplished absolutely SQUAT bar setting up an email account for our school Winter Ball which took me a mortifyingly long time (2 ahem hours. I am a veritable cretin) 

Tomorrow, out with the bestie for lunch (local and no wine...) and trying to get some more Christmas shopping done.  I can count on less than two hands the weeks till the big day.  Scary stuff peeps (and yes, I'll be wrapping the darn stuff on Christmas Eve, that you can guarantee..).  More coats to come, along with boots, Christmas jumper, knitted accessories and something else I can't remember...(the mulled wine has been flowing.  I just had to do a small taste test so thimble full).

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16 comentarios:

  1. Not sure a check coat would suit me as I'm small and worry that the style would swamp me but I'm liking the Capey things... Funny how I'm not worried about being swamped by these!? Some of the checks are beautiful, I love the clean lines ... A much easier way to do pattern

    1. Isn't it funny how it clearly is a print, with often many more colours in, but it just seems neat and uncluttered - as opposed to swirls, or flowers?! I do see what you mean about a cape - I think maybe it's the fluidity of it whereas most of the coats are very boxy...?

  2. That Warehouse blanket coat looks great. Love greys and whites this season! I already own a red and blue check Asos coat from last year, but I dont use it much sadly. Im not sure why, but I feel the colours are too much and dont suit me. You however, look a treat in yours!

    1. I think you have to love the colours. You have to REALLY love the colours otherwise it's not going to work for you. I'll admit I don't love my Hobbs one nearly as much as I love this one... although I do tend to wear this one less as the Hobbs one seems to go with more. (being just navy and white. Go figure!)

  3. Dammit - love the Only coat but they just have large left and I'm usually xs. Might have to order it and just see if the 'oversized' shape can be carried off by my 5'2 short-arsedness. Free next day delivery and returns - what's to lose?

    1. My thoughts exactly (albeit they sit in my wardrobe for an age whilst I get the motivation up to take them to the post office...! Note to self - must just get DHL to pick up seeing as I've already paid for it!)

  4. I feel the same as Sally - I think I'm too short for most of these checked coats. Although the Boden Spitalfields one is just gorgeous and so worth it with 25% off. As is the green checked Boden cape. Actually as I was checking out on a Hush order this weekend (Halloween promo and your promo code, thanks!!), I almost added the Hush grey/burgundy cape but rested as I know I can't seem to find an occasion to wear the ones at home. Now they are out of stock

    1. It's divine, isn't it?! Could you use both codes together?? Yes, that cape has been OOS for a while and it's only returns that are going back online... Maybe it just wasn't meant to be! I will say personally I love the Boden ones for a change.

  5. Love the M&S coat does that justify a trip to the new store that has opened in Birmingham? Pretext of Christmas shopping? I think so! Only problem is lack of funds, argh! x

    1. There's 20% off online today at M&S if that helps.... just go online, I think the discount is already applied x

  6. OMG that Gat Rimon (never heard of!!) coat, its a show-stopper. Love it. Great selection. I bought a fab camel & black check one last year in Zara & had to return it as it kept pulling.. was like it was missing a finish on the wool. Audrey x

    1. Oh that's super irritating. I think I remember the one - big window pane checks? Was gorgeous.

    2. Yes, it was totally gorgeous and cool.. but you'd need to spray the whole thing in hairspray! As soon as you moved in it the threads were pulling, it was really noticeable.

    3. Oh sod that. I have to say, the quality of Zara, I really do think has dropped off a cliff over the last couple of years. All my wool coats from there (well, all two of them - the camel one and the check one) have bobbled really really badly. But I love them so much I didn't return them! My camel dressing gown one has faired much better to be honest. (but that was £150!!)

  7. Please do a party dress feature ASAP Kat!! I'm totally stuck for my night out and know you'd have great ideas :)

    1. Party party... as in sequins??!..... I have a party next week I'm struggling with....