My love for camel

So whilst I am a big fan of the black coatigan thingymajig as explored the other day, the other coat that I can't live without is a camel one.  In fact I have two.

Tailored or... not tailored.  Aka the dressing gown.   Both are completely different but ironically both can be worn for exactly the same purposes and are completely versatile.  They will take you from the school run, to the office, to lunch, to dinner, to a party.  And both give a very different "look" and silhouette so it's incredibly easy to justify both.  What's not to love? 

I have two and in fact both of mine are from Zara.  Both are pretty dire quality I am gutted to report.  So it's handy that I am a complete coat addict and have enough to not have to wear them every day as I don't think either of them would have lasted one season.  But at the time, I couldn't find anything that fitted as well elsewhere (that wasn't £400+.... looking at you Jaeger....). 

With hindsight though, it would probably have been wise to have invested slightly more and when these bite the dust, I shall definitely be more selective with regards to quality.  Interestingly these days you don't have to spend a fortune but you do have to be careful about where you shop.  It also depends on what fits you - one man's meat (or boobs/shoulders/long arms/long torso etc) and all that.  

It's also a question of finding a shade that suits you.  Good luck with that one.  That's not one I can help you with and honestly, unless you are a colour enthusiast, the best way to pick one is to suck it and see.  Try it on.  If you look bleurgh in it, then it's not the right shade for you.  That clearly isn't the most scientific analysis in the world and I know those people at House of Rainbow or whatever it's called will be frothing at the mouth.  But seriously, it works.  I really don't think it's rocket science.  The majority of people will be able to try a coat on and look in the mirror and see that it just looks not quite right.  Trust your own judgement and your gut (and if not, take a friend...).  The other option is to wear a colour that you feel good in (which is usually a colour that suits you, in my, clearly not remotely experienced, experience) next to your face, separating it from the camel.  ie wear a scarf...

Which isn't hard in these temperatures that have plunged.  Oh my lord, HOW cold is it today?

Perfect time for a coat blog therefore and today, yes it's camel.  But I did come across some rather amazing navy and grey ones so I shall be looking at those shortly.  Black though?  Oh it's too hard. 

But happier times with me exploring my favourite shade.

I know that one of my really good friends has this one and it's stunning.  A completely classic coat that would look as good over a black dress as it would over jeans and a tee.  Just throw on wooly accessories for extra winter warmth. 

Atomic Coat from FCUK £140

Angelina Car Coat from Oasis £98 Love everything about this look.

Slightly more formal with this styling, but honestly, for Winter, over a black jumper, jeans and black ankle boots, this would be amazing.  Over a white tee, boyfriend jeans and sneakers for into the Spring.  Or a breton.  Camel coat and a breton = perfection. 

Windsmoor by Paul Costelloe Richmond Camel Coat was £299 now £179

Another single breasted and this time with a contrasting collar.  Now my tailored Camel coat has a charcoal contrast collar on the underneath and I often wear with the collar up.  A lovely different dimension to it and grey and camel are just heavenly together.  Easy to also team up with navy, black or berry shades. 

ASOS Coat with contrast collar £75

Boyfriend style again at Dorothy Perkins although this one is a slightly looser fit.  Also available online in Petite and Tall.  

Camel Brushed Boyfriend Coat was £49 now £36.75  This one probably isn't going to last you forever but it's a great addition to your wardrobe if you fancy giving the look a go but aren't sure of making a big investment.

Double Breasted in a Cocoon fit from ASOS was £85 now £63.50  Love the texture of this one.

Speaking of cocoon and texture, it would be rude to not include the Teddie coat from Whistles.  Clearly a blatant nod to the Maxmara one that is never ever in stock (apparently they do make them every year but only a limited edition and they're sold off a waiting list so never go into store).   Seeing as a) mere mortals can't get hold of the Maxmara one and ) mere mortals don't generally spend £1k plus on a coat, this one is a much more realistic option. 

The fact that if I were to wear one of these, I would look like I was dressing up as my dog, alas means it's not an option for me anymore.  However I am almost tempted for the comedy photographic opportunities.  Almost.

Teddie Cocoon Coat from Whistles £220 (they do also do this in navy...just saying...and seeing as I don't have a navy dog..)

Moving onto a more fluid cut now (dressing gown time) and this is probably the most similar to mine albeit in a creamer shade of camel ie beige.  Or stone.  So theoretically not really camel at all. 

Drop Sleeve Longerline Coat in Neutral from Oasis was £120 now £96

ASOS Coat With Waterfall Front and Belt was £95 now £71. This is also available in Tall, Curve and Petite.

Belted now with a large lapel but not as much fabric as a wrap coat. 

Religion Passage Drape Front Dresser Wool Coat with belt £130

This probably offers the best of both worlds.  So the structure of a more fitted style but with the simplicity and less formal fabric of a wrap coat.  Covering all the bases in just one purchase.  Genius.  (They also do it in black which is in the sale and would be exceptionally useful) 

ASOS Coat in Bonded Cloth with Raw Edge £90

And finishing with another that I'm throwing in as I love it.  Apparently it is camel but to me, it's more of a grey tone (that would be stone I guess) and is perfect if you feel you can't do certain camel shades.  ADORE. 

ASOS Coat in Oversized fit with popper detail £95

And as if by magic - here is one I made earlier.  Me in my exceptionally useful camel coat (the dressing gown one) from yesterday.  Fabulous afternoon (obligatory long walk in the park with the dog in the morning) with The Husband at the new Ivy in Covent Garden.  


Black silk mix wool polo neck - Jigsaw
Black pleather peg leg trousers - Zara
Camel coat - Zara
Leopard print shoe boots - Boden
Black Mario fringe bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

Gazillion brownie points for me this morning as I was up, snow and all, to take the two small boys to football.  And walk the dog.  A rather excellent trade with The Husband as he offered to take the 7yr old to his rugby tournament in Gravesend tomorrow (forks and eyes are words I'm looking for there) whilst I just have to take the 9yr old to local training.  Family party in the afternoon which I am very much looking forward to.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'm off to collapse on the sofa with a takeaway and a gluwein (Lidl's finest - can recommend highly - a minute in the microwave much to the disgust of The Husband).  I should really say re-collapse.. I may have been there all afternoon.....

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  1. Fab finds - asos are killing it! Must admit prefer the wrap waterfalls to the crombie styles - crombie always look a little mean on fabric to me and for a luxe camel look, I think you need volume. Loving your hair - do you find it easier shorter? Off to hairdresser next week and thinking of lobbing mine - we have v similar hair curl and was wondering if you find it harder to control now it's shorter? Also considering a fringe??!!!

    1. Now interestingly I think I probably prefer the crombie styles although there is the Minder factor one always needs to be careful of.... but I a textured crombie is amazing. Hilariously my old Zara one is so bobbled, it's turned itself into "textured" and sort of works!!

      Right, now hair.. I have to say I don't find it any easier or harder and I think it looks better longer in a ponytail but then in a bun, it works better shorter. I do prefer it shorter though as I think long hair at a certain age is just ageing. Not necessarily long hair per se but the style... there are only so many ways you can wear it and it's easier for it look like a *style* when it's shorter, if that makes sense? Fringe. Walk. Away. If you have any curl, I would say no. No no no. Been there, done that, sobbed for months. Mine is fine and wiry but I do have lots of it and it looked SHIT

    2. Point taken on the fringe but my forehead lines look like they need a map - either a fringe or Botox! Thinking of going shorter around the face and then graduated layers into length at the back but a lot less length as mine is definitely veering into mutton dressed as lamb territory. Your colour is looking fab btw.

    3. Thanks love - I have to say the colour does play havoc with the dryness of my hair but I think that's more to do with the grey that is coming through at a rate of knots and has the texture of wired wool... I do knot that a fringe on me doesn't work at all - maybe shorter layers round your face as in a longer fringe, if that makes sense?

  2. Lovely coats and great that there are some petite options!

  3. I love the dressing gown styles, but they really don't love me back! And you're so right about colour, I must have tried every camel coat on the market until I came across the Zara tomboy coat. It's way darker than a true camel, but turned out to be 'the one'. You just never know do you...? xx

    1. No - you need to try and try and try as there will be a shade that does work. Like you say, it might not be a true camel but a variation on a theme. So a caramel, or a toffee or a lighter beige or even a greige. x

  4. The FCUK one is lovely ... Don't normally wear coats like this as my life doesn't really call for that kind of cover up but I'm one sorely tempted!

    1. I think that's the beauty of them though - they work for every option. I have no need really to be super smart but I love dressing them down!

  5. Love the coats but no excuse for me to buy in tropical Australia! Check Jaeger outlet online for bargain coats with extra 40% off this weekend ��

  6. Couldn't agree more about that Colour Me Beautiful malarkey, just try on, look in a mirror, buy what feels right. As you say, you can always wear a scarf!! Love you in the camel / grey combo xx

    1. Oh phew - I thought it was just me! And why do none of them seem to do palettes of neutrals? Why are they always peacock blues, and emerald greens, pinks, plums, BRIGHT COLOURS.? If I were to wear them, I might look better but I would feel like a bag of frumpy pap!

    2. Absolutely - there are never EVER recommends for tasteful neutrals!! Always colours stocked in Debenhams in 1986......x

  7. I love the FCUK one. Great colour and I am liking the length just now more than the longer ones. Lorraine x

    1. It's a perfect coat for every occasion x

  8. yes yes yes! Not too high so super comfy. And that does make me feel better about the Jaeger coat!!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Can I have a tiny moment of smugness...I picked up The Most Perfect classic crombie brushed camel at the end of summer, v similar to the Windsmoor style but with internal press studs instead of buttons. I love it SO much, it makes any all-black or navy outfit look incredibly elegant and I get compliments most times I wear it.
    And it was £25 from Primark. I almost sob when I think how I should have bought two!!

    1. oh WOW!!!!! (I would love a grey one like that but I can't justify it all when I have my Phillip Lim coats that works on that basis!

  11. Absolutely LOVE the Boden shoe boots! Can I ask Kat what size did you get them in as I remember from before you have similar size foot to me and you sometimes veer between the two sizes. I just adore them and feel an online purchase coming on very soon!

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