Reinventing the wheel

Once upon a time I would never have worn a skirt.  When it came to going out in the evenings (and yes, I am still on the quest for the perfect party outfit) my legs were forever clad in trousers.  If I'm completely honest, they were jeans.  Jeans and a top (heels were obligatory) were my going out drug of choice.  I was addicted to them for sure - plus a little jacket.  

Oh how I loved a little jacket.  I'd even go for a little bit of embellishment.  I'd go for a lot of embellishment actually *eyes up full on sequin Jaeger jacket that's hanging in the wardrobe*.

But for the last couple of years I have broken free of my comfort zone and branched out into the heady world of dresses.  Last year I even managed to conquer my fear of skirts (I'm not going to lie - they do still scare me occasionally, more so what to put on top).

However, I'm back to feeling the trouser love.  Disco pants are the way forward.  Reinventing the party outfit with trousers.  That can also be worn during the day and I certainly find them easier to wear with flats than a skirt or a dress.  Back in my comfort zone which I know lots of you are also hankering to hang out in.  I've had so many requests for party outfits that aren't dresses so hopefully there's something that works for you.

Last year, I was so so tempted to buy sequin trousers.  Here are a couple of reasons why I think they work so well. 

Black blazer, grey tee, black stilettos.  Perfection that I would never have thought could work together (yes I've added the black blazer - your eyes are not deceiving you.  Oh ditto the shoes).

This is too sublime.  I now need a grey blazer.  I really need a grey blazer.

Back to classic black.

Just add a plain tee and plain black blazer....

And to prove they're not just for night time... 

Speaking of last year, the ones that I totally coveted were the green Sirius ones from French Connection.  Sadly they are no more and they don't even have them in another colour way this year - or anything remotely similar.  Green sequin trousers - who'd have thunk they could ever be so awesome. 

But FEAR NOT.  I have found them in stock.

French Connection Sirius Sequin Trousers were £140 now £95  Thank you to the lovely ASOS for still having these and in the sale as well.

Others I've found in black at a fraction of the cost - which to be honest, are ideal if you are only planning on wearing them a couple of times.  Personally I am tempted to be surgically attached to these till the end of January (which may or may not be my birthday)

Odi Et Amo Casual Trouser were £31 now £25 from Yoox

And these look like they're slightly smarter... possibly a better fit than an elasticated waist?

Odi Et Amo Casual Trouser £59

AX Paris Sequin Trousers were £45 now £28  For this price - surely it would be rude not to try them?

Another sneaky option (which personally I haven't mastered but God loves a trier) - sequin culottes.  Not words you often see teamed together which is perhaps why Banana Republic have called them Gaucho Pants.  

And 20% off with the code BRLIVE.

BR Monogram Sequin Gaucho Pants £69.50

Now my second top option for nights out are the leather peg pants.  Not skinny now - these need to be slightly looser so you can wear something tucked in and not look like Olivia Newton John at the end of Grease (or god forbid, the middle aged spreading version of her...)
Cigarette Leather Trousers from Topshop £165  These are too amazing and I need immediately.

Howe perfect is this outfit?  

I've also found a pleather pair, again at Yoox.  

Odi Et Amo Causal Trouser were £71 now £35

But top of the crops for me would be these from Banana Republic (not forgetting the 20% off code above..) I can personally vouch for their pleather as I bought the pleated midi skirt from there and it really is rather fabulous. 

Pleated Faux-leather ankle pant £69.50

Other options that are perhaps more wearable on a daily basis (although for me, I would happily wear leather and pleather every day!) are these Tuxedo style from Gap.  And there are so many offers on at Gap right now, I don't know where to start.  

30% off with Grazia (code cunningly "GRAZIA") and there seems to be others offers online on the homepage depending on how much you spend, but it can be as much as 35% off if you spend £100)

Slim cropped tuxedo pants £34.95 - also in petite and tall online

Or another evening option which would be just as fabulous, dressed down with a chunky knit... Or for a more dress down lunch with a crisp white shirt and blazer. 

Velvet Side zip pull on leggings £39.95 from Gap in soft black  again in petite and tall options.

Love the Cambridge Green   Personally I wouldn't wear anything tucked in with these as they are rather on the skinny side and I feel something which covers the waistband would, for me, make a more flattering silhouette. 

Or the Burgundy

Or how about simply full on metallic.  These are perhaps my favourite (bar the leather - I can't get past how much I love the leather/pleather ones) as I think they are (randomly) so versatile.  I would so so wear these for lunch with a white shirt, black blazer and ballet flats.   How about Christmas Day (or Boxing Day.. New Year's Eve?) with a black fitted polo neck (or a slouchier one... any sort of black knit actually) and again, ballet flats... Or stilettos if you're feeling slightly dressier.   Black slouchy silk blouse and heels - the perfect go to Christmas Part outfit sorted, right there.   Think all the sequin outfits above but these are perhaps slightly more wearable for mere mortals (and not a 25 yr old model.  Dang it).

Banana Republic Gold Boy Crop £69.50 

Or the gunmetal...ooh decisions decisions.  Which one would you go for?

So trousers or a skirt... what would be your choice?  And if it's trousers - sequins, leather or metallic?  Jury still out here. 

Finishing with outfit from yesterday.


Grey Essential Roll Neck Jumper - Cocoa Cashmere
Black Thea girlfriend jeans - ASOS 
Grey sleeveless knit - Primark
Grey wristwarmers - Black
White Stan Smiths - adidas
Black Mario fringe bag - Jerome Dreyfuss

So tomorrow I am on a quest for... got to be sparkly tops.  A bit of Christmas bling coming up.  Meeting up with a very dear friend who I absolutely adore and can't wait to catch up with - small child with a horrific cough permitting... 

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28 comentarios:

  1. I still prefer your lush leather leggings to any of them, they look perfect on you X

    1. Oh thank you! They are definitely an option too... with different sorts of tops. I have a cunning idea for tomorrow actually!

    2. Looking forward to seeing :)

    3. Coming up tomorrow as I went off piste today and back to day wear!

  2. Love the green FC ones, in fact I'm tempted to order them as I'm still in need of a NYE outfit :-)

  3. *LOVE* I have just ordered a sequin top from H&M (because I can) and I am super interested to see if I look as cool as Pandora Sykes in hers....... I probably won't, that's a given. I could do with those Topshop leather pants in my life too. x

    1. Oh god did you get the polo neck one? SO jealous! Missed it. GAH

    2. Yep. Still waiting for the order to arrive. Zzzz I just hope the sizing isn't too bizarre. x

    3. I got it instore today. I got the Medium but it's quite tight on the arms. The Large though was massive on the body. DOH.

  4. Hate to be a naysayer again re sequins but those of us with chunky thighs....worried that they would rub bald patches. Like the velvet leggings though, need to investigate if I can layer up those gap discounts.....

  5. Oh now I need black sparkly pants, tuxedo pants and velvet ones too! Throw in that gorgeous grey blazer... definitely my comfort zone. I do have a very old pair of gap black velvet trousers, but somehow the shape is not quite right (I am talking myself into this). But what I really need is a plain black smartish pair of trousers (not so interesting) that I can wear on smarter occasions and also dress down...

    Lovely outfit ideas, here.


    1. Everyone needs a pair of black smartish trousers in their lives and depending on your life, they could easily be pleather or leather. In fact the only occasion I can possibly think of where they wouldn't work is a funeral. And (thankfully) we shouldn't have too many of those to attend to.

  6. Can't beat a fancy pair of trousers that you can dress up or down. Thanks for the great choices posted!

  7. Now you see I'm not a massive velvet blazer fan... i had one years ago and I have to say I did get a lot of wear about it and my bestie is after one but for me.. meh... not feeling the velvet love. I prefer the looser crepe style ones. Now that with sequin trousers and just a tee though... I don't think I would team it with anything else too eveningy though... Black is definitely more wearable than the green!

  8. Love the gunmetal BR ones! Sadly sold out online in the US

  9. .....Thanks for all the inspiration...have a gold pair of sparkly harems from zara years ago...will wear with h and m black silk oversized shirt (tucked in!) and long zara black skinny heeled sandals...if you hadnt done your blog I wouldnt have remembered them in my cupboard!!!
    ps look on asos (own brand) they have a sweatshirt with 1970 written on the front with a red velvet background...sweatshirt is in blue...kind of turtle neck...and only 28 pounds...very very similar to the bella freud one you hanker after. x

    1. Oh I'm so pleased! Outfit sounds absolutely gorgeous. I would definitely wear that. Thank you so much for mentioning the sweatshirt. Yes, I've seen it thanks but really like the knit aspect of the Bella Freud one (if not the price...!!)

  10. Sorry to add yet another option but I'm also on the hunt for the Perfick party trews to go with a grey t, black blazer & grey furry clutch bag! Have you SEEN the black suede trousers on ASOS £100 (15% off at the mo)?! x

  11. You have made me need sequins! I've found a gorgeous pair of bronze sequin leggings online and have purchased. Will look great with a grey logo t or dressed up with heels and blazer for girls night out! Also check out Next's metallic denim leggings, they are lovely x

    1. Thanks for the tip! I too am blinged up to the eyeballs. You shall see me from space the entire party season!!

    2. The Next navy metallic denim leggings are verging on disco but I can so imagine you wearing these with your Stans/Golden Goose as well as a pair of heels...bit of a wait on them at 6 weeks though!!!

    3. You have certainly pushed me into Christmas bling mode, I may even wear the sequin leggings (if I like them when they arrive) on Christmas day with my GAP 'Love' logo jumper from one of your previous are costing me a fortune but I so look forward to reading your blog in the evenings when kids are in bed x

    4. Abi you have made my day. Thank you. xxxx Off to check out the Next denim metallic leggings. Your Christmas day outfit sounds gorgeous. I now have THREE outfits for Christmas parties (I don't think I have three to go to..!!) but I am so so over the moon with my outfits! xxx (I say that - they work in my head.. i haven't actually tried them on yet... this could so be "when good outfits go bad..."!)