Cinderella eat your heart out.

If Cinderella had gone to the ball today, she wouldn't have worn glass slippers.  Hell no, she would have donned the most kick ass pair of black stilettos on the planet. (we're assuming she had a black dress by the way and not pastel pink...)

This is the one shoe that every woman needs.  Again I am assuming (and we all know what that makes us) that every woman wears black and we know that isn't true.  But as much as most of us will acknowledge that black isn't as flattering as the warmer and possibly more wearable shade of navy, when it comes to Christmas and parties and nights out - it is black that does tend to dominate.  

It doesn't necessarily have to be a full on black outfit - for example my new found love - the sequin top from the other night.  It's mostly silver but I still wore it with black trousers and a black stiletto was an integral part of the outfit.

And the fact that the pair of black shoes I wore, I have had for either 4 or 5 years, speaks volumes about their longevity.  These are my go to shoes every Winter and I honestly haven't even thought about buying new ones.  (Famous last words here I fear.)

Mine weren't even expensive but they couldn't be more perfect if they were Laboutins.  And the fact that I am asked about them every single time I wear them, means I have to see if I can find a decent equivalent for you this year.  Plus, if I could also find some that are a smidge lower, it would be handy as they are on the high side and I can't dance in them any more.  My knees hurt.  I can't believe I admitted that.  I feel like the oldest gimmer in time.  If I could possibly find another pair that are slightly lower and, dare I say it, more wearable for hours and hours on end, that would be a bonus. 

So let the search begin. 

Most obvious place to start if we're looking for sensible shoes (and we're not looking for sensible shoes per se but if we can find ones that don't butcher our feet - this is surely an advantage?)  And sensible shoes don't necessarily have to look sensible anymore.  

I'm talking M&S (with their magic Insolia which, as we've already discussed, is where tiny elves live in the soles and caress your feet as you walk.  Or something like that) and Clarks (who don't claim to have any such magic I fear but because they're Clarks, surely they must be comfy?  Akin to assuming that if something has All Bran in, it makes it healthy?).

These are all more almond toed than most of the (clearly killer and I mean that in an ouch way not in a Killer Queen way) pointy jobs.   I am therefore assuming that the secret to comfot may lie in the shape of the shoe (not sure you need to be a podiatrist to work that one out, to be fair).

Stiletto High Heel Platform Court Shoes with Insolia at M&S £25

Sequin Embellished Platform Court Shoes with Insolia from M&S £29.50  One to let your feet do the talking here.  

Similar again at Clarks and again I am armed with a code.  20% off - BACK315.  Should work on everything. 

I know more than a couple of people who adore these.  I think there's something rather vintage looking about them.  And I also know they are possible to stand up for a whole day in. 

The Kendra Crisp £55

Also available in a black snake - again £55 pre discount.

And a black leather. 

Pointed stiletto but still not as high as lots out there.  But I think the point makes the slightly lower heel work.  

Black Flax by Nine West was £95 now £65  From Shoeaholics.  If you sign up for their newsletter, I think you can get an extra 20% off.  Details on the homepage.

They also do a black patent version. 

Or a classic black leather.

And then I come along with more offers.  20% off at Office with the code GRAZIA20.  Go forth and buy shoes. 

Perfect black courts again but this time in a rather delicious ponyskin...

On Tops Black court hair shoes £65

Black Court Suede Shoes £68 and a slightly lower classic suede.

A full court still but in a rather fabulous croc print from River Island.  And there is 20% off with the code FESTIVE15 for orders of £75.

Black Leather croc print court £55

Or they do it in a patent... (not sure I can tell the different massively if I'm honest..)  For me - the detail in the print is enough and I'm not sure you need them super shiny as well but if you're going to just let your shoes do the talking, go for it.

Cut away now which is what I have and absolutely adore. 

Black Lex Punk 90 by McQ by McQueen was £320 now £159  again from Shoeaholics so don't forget to sign up to get another 20% off.

Slightly higher but a great price. 

Black Rowin by Vince Camuto was £95 now £69

A suede and leather version at Office and the price is pre 20% off. 

Office Jilly Court Black Leather £60

Variations on a theme.  Not cut away but the illusion of cut away.. 

Black Vida by Kurt Geiger London was £220 now £99

And another version at M&S.  Stretching the court shoe stiletto definition here as I'm sure a court shoe is supposed to have a back to them, but these have a covered toe which is sufficient for me.  

Autograph Stain Away Suede Stiletto from M&S £49.50

And finishing with my ultimate favourites £72 from Office  Oh my lord I LOVE these.  So so so so so much.  I am trying to ignore the fact they are so ridiculously high and focus on the fact that my feet will officially be the most stunning thing in any room I go into wearing these.  Fact.  These look fabulously expensive to me.... (don't forget the 20% off...).  Thing I most love about these is they will transform any "worky" looking dress into full on glamour.  Instantly.  Let alone what they will do to a plain old pair of jeans, white tee and blazer.  These will pay for themselves by January.  

So thank you everyone.  I have gone from being Mrs Smug with my ancient suede wonders to needing - yes NEEDING that last Office pair.  You can go off people you know...

Well clearly I don't get the hugest opportunity to wear anything like this during the day but here I am in a couple of super casual outfits.  Today and some day last week I forgot to put a pic up. 

This is after two and a half hours of dog walking.  The hair didn't quite survive.   But fresh air clearly made me smile.  (I think I may have taken this photo pre children's dinner as I never ever ever ever look this smiley after I've had to feed them.)


Black mohair polo nec - Banana Republic
Black high waisted coated skinnies - New Look
Khaki Alan cardigan - Acne Studios
Black Angelica Boots - Seven Boot Lane
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

And today - dodging the rain showers.  This poncho is quite the most hilarious thing I have in my wardrobe.  It is 7yrs old.  I wanted a grey poncho (the same year I bought the black Reiss one).  Couldn't find one anywhere - literally anywhere.  Resorted to Ebay.  This is by Simply Be and I think it was about £18.  I wear it every year and without fail, people ask me where it's from.  Just goes to show, it's not always about the brand or the cost.  It is a pretty hideous scratchy acrylic but I love the shape of it so much.  Don't touch me in it if you see me as if we move quickly, sparks may fly.


Grey poncho - Simply Be
Charcoal Agnes jumper (not seen!) - hush
Grey tie dye jeans - Sandro
Black Caitlyn biker boots - Seven Boot Lane

So tomorrow I think I may have to do another classic post.  Dare I spend tonight on the luxury sites looking for black bag ideas whilst the footie's on?  Or actually I know - I've been asked so many times for more.. dare I say it... blouse ideas.  Ones that will take you from work to a party.  I may have found the perfect option...  Or I need to look at colour.  And blanket scarves, and boots.  Who needs new boots?  (you may have noticed I have abandoned the idea of over the knee boots... yes you can all say I told you so.  I will be back with an explanation shortly!).

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19 comentarios:

  1. Are you looking for ankle boots or knee highs? I have a hankering for longer ones but just can't get my head around them.... And the waxed jeans. Hmm they're not ridiculously long so you could definitely hem them. And I CAN'T stop thinking about those Office shoes.

  2. Those Office shoes are Amazing! (Yes with a capital A). They would look fantastic with my midi skirt for my Christmas party even though I promised the hubby my beloved Manolo's would be coming out of retirement. Damn it......
    Ooh eagerly awaiting your blouse post to go with said skirt. I'm still undecided about a couple in Topshop which I had seen and then you blogged about.
    Sarah x

    1. Blouses are so so so so hard aren't they and omg one to go with a shirt as well. Impossible!

  3. So, so much loveliness but I just can't do vertiginous heels anymore, boooo! I have the Clarks Kendra in black suede boot form & they are just the most comfy boots ever. I can stand & dance for hours & not the slightest hint of foot ache so I'm very tempted by the snake print shoes.

    I also looked at the M&S cut-out heels the other day but the black were completely sold out. I need to check again as there's a 20% discount this weekend! X

    1. Another 20% off!! And then we have Black Friday next week - meltdown on the internet!

  4. Now I need a new pair of black heels! I don't, I really don't... However the discounts are very appealing and like you say a great pair will pay for themselves... !

    1. Ok so I've been on Shoeaholics website, signed up to their newsletter and 2 pairs of black courts are now in my online basket! Just need to complete the transaction, the shoes are already a great reduction and with extra 20% off they're practically free!

    2. Been back and bought them! The extra 20% off convinced me!

  5. Biker boots please Kat ! And you need that last pair of shoes - you will rock them!

  6. I need a cold ankle saviour please! Low cut Chelsea boots or trainers with turned up skinnies is leaving me with numb, blue ankles this week. I need boots I can wear thick warm socks with...commuting to West End NOT hiking in the Lakes!

  7. Please may you do a post on flat ankle boots. I love your Angelica's but having invested in porridge skinnies, NL Coated skinnies, M&S Jumper and a checked coat since i've been following your blog (sometimes i wish i never found you, my husband does!) I can't justify the price of the boots and i haven't found anything else flat and as narrow on the ankle.

  8. Sorry and another question, can I wear black tights and black courts with a navy dress (all saints jersey style dress) i was brought up believing blue and black is a no no!

    1. I think you can totally wear black tights and shoes with navy IMO... Much better than navy tights that make your legs look like they are cold!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Reiss also have high backed shoes they don't look as dramatic as the office ones but the heel looks a little smaller, although I can't find the height of the heel

    1. They're a much better heel height but They're not nearly as striking as the others are they?!

  11. I didn't know I needed snakeskin shoes, but now maybe I do. Courts aren't particularly me but I think I could do snakeskin, reminds me of a pair I had many years ago (late 80s) as a teenager, more pointy and less high.

    Have shoeaholics changed their returns policy? They used to need returning through the post office, and shoes/boots are heavy, which is why I stopped using them. Be great great if they have.

    1. ooh I don't know. I remember making those costly mistakes before... (boots from Acne. Weighed about as much as a car)