On two counts today.  Firstly, Black Friday.  GAH.  Seriously, why?  Well, we all know why.  Buy buy buy is the main idea.  

And it's so hard not to get totally baffled by it.  Tomorrow I will be back with my "how to survive Black Friday guide", but for the moment, I have another "issue" to contend with.

It's the thorny issue of a black coat.  I may have mentioned that I think this is a really hard item to find.  So many of them just look meh.

I have one.  And it's not even a coat, it's a cardigan really.  

But in the Spring/Summer/Autumn, I live in my black blazers.  I have two, one which is more fitted and one which is on the oversized side and I cannot get enough of them. 

And, as if by magic, it suddenly struck me, that's what I need - a winter version of a black blazer.  The criteria is exceptionally simple, it needs to be tailored, it needs to be sleek, it needs to be a longer version of a blazer, not too thin but not too thick.

How hard can that be?  Oh my lord, I am so confused.  This should be easy but once you start looking at them, they all merge into one. 

Let's start.  And firstly, 20% off EVERYTHING at ASOS with the code CYBER.  Go forth and shop.

ASOS Ultimate Slim Coat in Tall £50  This has two buttons.. and I think I only wanted one.  Plus is it more coat than longline blazer?  Can you see what direction this is heading in?

We have one button at Zara (clearly zip all reduction from them.  OMG I lie - 20% off outwear, jumpers, cardigans, tees and boots.  Back online at 10pm tonight) and I love the look of the fabric but a) it doesn't look fitted enough on the shoulders for me and b) it's too oversized.  Fitted is the key here.  Well - at least vaguely tailored.   But I am a big fan of Zara online styling (I appreciate this is marmite for many).

Hand made Coat from Zara £79.99

Lovely and fitted but this time, too many buttons.  I am changing my name to Goldilocks.

Miss Selfridge Classic Black Coat £70

Now I have to say I love this and usually I'd love the alternative fabric on the lapel.  But knowing my predilection for pleather/coated/leather jeans this season, I fear it may look like a bad suit when worn as an outfit.  Which is a shame as otherwise it hits the mark. 

PU Collar Slim Fit Coat from Topshop £95

Fitted with texture now - the shape is definitely along the right lines.  But I'm not sure about the texture personally... I love it, don't get me wrong, but I'm looking for a winter blazer and not a winter coat (clear as mud there, I appreciate).  And of course there's the button thingy...

Selected Femme SFGRY Classic Coat in black £140

This one is hitting a lot of the right points.  But it looks like it's a but unusual on the fit.. too short in the body for her?  At 5ft10, I can't see it's going to be any better on me.  It just looks too small for her.  BOO.

MAX&Co Docile Coat £230 

Classic Coat in Black from Gant £295  But has this one again got too many buttons?  Does it turn it into a coat? (well clearly, it is a coat. Duh.)  Buttongate again.

Now this one doesn't have enough buttons.  I should just give up, shouldn't I?!

Sesto Wool Blend Coat from Reiss £295 BUT from Selfridges so use SELFCEE for 20% off.

So on talking to The Husband about this (he does actually have an interest.  Well, he doesn't but he does try and loves it when I ask for advice.  To be fair, he's normally a winner when it comes to coats), he suggested I was looking for a Crombie.  Good thinking Batman. 

I suggested this.  He regretted getting involved. 

Wool Cashmere Crombie Coat from Jaeger £399  With 25% off (to be honest, I would possibly be looking for more than this...) GRAZIA25.

The other thing you shouldn't do when looking for a coat is throw yourself upon the mercy of google.  Because if you just put in "long blazer" you may find the perfect item.  By Versace.  Actually it's not even Versace Versace, it's diffusion Versace which means I wouldn't have to sell a child or a kidney.  Merely eat beans for two months.  Which is tempting.  There is 20% off though if it's your first order (6WTKT at checkout), which would mean maybe beans for a month and a half.  What's a bit of extra methane between friends?

Versace Collection long blazer in black £635 I even have these boots (well, I have the Zara version...)

Also found this one, although handily, I think (know) it's too oversized for what I'm looking for.  Definitely after a fitted one.

Joseph Oversized Man Coat  £565 - again from Very so again, 20% off.  Plus you do have the option of spreading the payment over three months.  Ideal for budgeting if you do want to buy an investment piece. 

However I have found exactly what I want... in navy.  Pah.  However I MUST be able to find something that I love at All Saints as I am determined to take advantage of the 30% off this weekend with the code CYBER.  (pretty darn good reduction compared to most)

Isara Coat in Ink from All Saints £358

And again - All Saints have hit the exact nail on the head for me, the silhouettes are exactly what I had in mind.  But again - IN NAVY.  Boo schmoo.  There is black again on the collar.. but it's not enough.  I really wanted black. 

Vita Vine Coat in ink/black £298 from All Saints pre discount (check out those boots.  Swoon.  Swoon swoon swoon. *do not need, do not need, do not need*)

So, just in case you do want to start shopping before the weekend - just to recap:-

ASOS - 20% off - CYBER
All Saints - 30% off - CYBER
Selfridges - 20% off - SELFCCE
Finery - 30% off everything - discount applied at checkout
Atterley Road - 20% off full price items - SKIM20
Boden - 30% off - 3Y7L or 7H9S
Kurt Geiger - 20% off - no code needed
Clarks - 20% off full price adults - BELIEVE
Mango - 30% off everything - 5BLACK15

And an extra 10% off at Black (where I got my wrist warmers, scarf and hat from and can't recommend highly enough.) with the code DMB10 from 27-30 Nov.  They are offering 20% off 500 items.

I'll definitely be back with some suggestions for how to not buy everything (she says optimistically..) and can report back on my lovely morning spent in the Me+Em store in London.  I may also have "popped" into Selfridges... (Nutella jars scored *punches air & then realises how much of a rip off they are and punches self in face*).


White layering top - Me+Em
Navy merino jumper - Uniqlo
Navy cropped cigarette pants - Me+Em
Stan Smiths - adidas

Really looking forward to tomorrow morning in Earlsfield with the lovely Ann Lou of London.  Will come back armed with lots of Christmas present ideas for sure.

So what do you have your eye on for Black Friday?  Do you have a cunning plan?  Is your name Baldrick?

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16 comentarios:

  1. I really like the one with the PU collar too. I'm trying to convince myself that I'm channelling my inner rock chick but I but I fear I may just look tacky in too much pleather!

    The Allsaints coats are lovely, as was the bag from your earlier post, I may just have to have a good look online tomorrow to cheer myself up at having another day at home with an ill child. I swear I have spent most of November looking after one sick child or another, sigh.

    1. oh gosh you poor poor thing. They just seem to pass it between each other, don't they?! All Saints have some amazing stuff this season. In. Awe. I may have to do a blog on leather jackets.. inspired by the beauties they have!

  2. I tagged you in an Instagram post earlier, Nuxe set half price at M&S, may also have purchased the purfume with the discount at feel unique too!

    1. I didn't see it and when I went to look they were gone. BOOOO! (but i'm off to check out Feel Uniique as I love their perfume)

  3. I really like the Jaegar one and the quality of their coats is amazing. With the discount, cheaper than the Hush leggings, no?

  4. 30% off Mango as well - code on website

  5. Buy Nothing Friday. That's my plan!
    On to coats - I got a very nice black pea coat from John Lewis that is midway between jacket and coat. Very versatile. Sorry can't get a link. Xx

    1. Excellent idea! I love pea coats but was considering single breasted not double....

  6. Thought it about time I left you a message seen as I've followed this blog for around 3 years..! Can I just say how much I love picking up my phone before bed and reading your latest fashion story, written so well and such a goddamn help! I've bought several things suggested from your blogs (remember the Tesco F&F brown summer sandals with gold studs? I actually cried when they broke!) and am currently loving the la roche posay wrinkle cream (first time I've tried it so thanks). Been eyeing up an Anna Lou necklace and wondered which one it is that you wear? I have two little ones and I thought about a two disc with their initial on each... Please don't ever stop what you do, you have such a talent and I really look forward to every blog xx

    1. Thank you thank you thank you ! Mine are the personalised discs in three colour gold. Absolutely love them so so much!

    2. Thanks Kat....I'll leave a not so subtle hint for the other half 😉

  7. Just made my first All Saints order! You're right, their leather jackets look so fab that I couldn't resist (with 30% off!) and got their Colwick leather biker. Now feeling a bit nervous as not only have I never bought anything from All Saints but I have this weird thing with leather jackets. I can't seem to stop looking at them and yet I never wear the ones I have at home! Fingers crossed this one will work out for me!

    1. oh you are so lucky! I have had my eye on them forever but I just don't seem to wear them often enough to justify one... i should try harder . They are stunning.

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