It's the little things that make a difference.

And as we're not quite ready to throw on our huge coats yet (seriously, how mild is it?).  In fact, there have been days when I've just worn a big jumper (as I'm determined to start making use of them) and a scarf (this will be the little thing to which I refer).

Or - an outfit from late Summer, early Autumn (like today) and thrown on a scarf - partly for warmth but it just makes that slightly wintery difference to an outfit.  The world will be divided into people that either see it as warmth or see it as an accessory.

Either way, it's a great purchase for this (still!) inbetweeny time.  It's also a pretty darn perfect gift purchase.  Did I mention that I've already started my Christmas shopping... *punches air*.  And actually, three members of my family have got a brand new scarf waiting to be wrapped up.  Two for menfolk because they lose them and one for a little lady as we gals can never have too many (she's my daughter - I have drummed this into her from an early age..).

It's a really easy addition to your wardrobe that isn't going to reinvent the wheel but it just gives old outfits an extra level of texture and colour (if you're that way inclined..) to ring the changes. 

And the best thing about the sort of scarf that I'm looking at today is that they last forever.  The plain scarf.  A very underrated piece of kit that everyone should have.  

It's actually something definitely worth spending that little bit more on for pure luxury.  I had a rocking, shocking night with the 9yr old Aspie, god love him, (these may not have been words that were emanating from my lips at 12.30am last night) who was more unsettled than I would ever have imagined by The Husband being away for two nights.

Partly (mostly) my fault (so I also had Catholic guilt to contend with) as I may not have realised he was away for two nights and assumed it was only one (I don't know why, he's been going to this conference for as long as I've known him - 14yrs and every year it's two nights. Duh).  Finally got to sleep at 1 and was up at 6.

I packed him off to school (with a note in his contact book....) - he seemed fine and dandy this morning.  Me on the other hand?  I'd forgotten how brutal no sleep is.

So, having been supposedly going to London today, I needed to stay local so that I was here if all the wheels fall off at school (high chance) or I fell asleep standing up (higher chance).

And today, the one thing that is cheering me up (ok second thing as the first was a vat of coffee) is sitting here in a cashmere jumper and scarf.  I don't care how ridiculous that sounds, it really is the small things that can make a huge difference.  As I've said many a time, if you feel lovely in something, you'll just feel more lovely full stop.  And on days like this - anything that helps (that isn't swigging wine at 10am) has to be a bonus. 

However there's also something to be said for the little extra that is a cheap addition to your wardrobe.  I bought the khaki and black blanket scarf (which was about £20) from ASOS last year to go to New York with, as a billy bonus and it did the job perfectly. 

ASOS also have some great bargain options this season too.  They're not going to be the finest cashmere you've ever come across but they do make the perfect pick me up if you're not looking to indulge.

ASOS Oversized Knit Scarf £15

Other options at Mango which I tried on this week.  This is lovely - it's very chunky so you probably wouldn't want to wear it in the house as you may a) boil alive and b) look rather odd.  Plus I did find bits of it attached to my coat for hours afterwards.  BUT it was so gorgeous, I may be able to forgive that... Or wear it over a coat that it wouldn't stick to.

Textured Scarf in Ecru from Mango £29.99

Fringed scarf in heather grey £24.99 from Mango

Saw these as well in Topshop the other day and like the ones above - no they're not going to last forever but they're a great addition.  And make ideal presents for teenagers (and husbands...) who frequently lose them.

The love of fringing continues.

Super-soft scarf from Topshop £16.00

Super-soft scarf £16.00 Yes I am obsessed with red.  With lots more colours online.  From yellow to camel to navy.

Moving onto more luxurious now and these are, in fact, unisex.  I know for a fact The Husband would love one of these.  Yes, yet more fringing...

If it's a really weird thing to say - these feel like they look.  They are cashmere but they have almost a hint of a felty feel to them if that makes sense?  As classic in the flesh as they look here.

Unisex cashmere scarves £29.90 from Uniqlo

Also love it in the burgundy

Classic Navy 

Now yes, they are cashmere and they are very lovely but clearly for £30 they're not going to be the best quality cashmere in the world.  It's a bit like cotton - there's cotton and then there is cotton with a much higher thread count - you can feel the difference.  And it's reflected in the price. 

The better quality cashmere is a complete luxury and is the ultimate treat.  Which is handy as Christmas is around the corner.  These make a great present for yourself or for a (very lucky) loved one!

And with 10% off still at hush until November 8th (PUMPKIN15) there isn't a better time to treat yourself or get a gift sorted. 

Cashmere Shawl in charcoal from hush £125

They also have have a fine cashmere shawl as well - adore this Cappuccino colour £145

I was lucky enough to be sent an oversized grey cashmere scarf as a present by a luxury gift and accessory company called Black.  Beautiful beautiful products and I can personally vouch for how feather soft their cashmere scarves are.  

I chose the grey.  I love the fact, it's super long which is unlike so many cashmere scarves on the market who, when they say oversized, mean shawl size.  These are perfect for wrapping a couple of times around your neck, giving a chunky appearance that you can achieve with the usual oversized numbers, but you're also able to wear it hanging down in two lengths to give a very different look.

I could have equally have gone for one of the other colours though.  All gorgeous neutrals that would be super versatile.  But for me, this season, it's all about the grey.

They also come in a light brown and a black.

Oversized Grey Cashmere Scarf in light brown £115

And they also do a black version again £115

The eagle eyes amongst you will also notice I am sporting the wrist warmers.  Amazing too. Christmas definitely came early here, thanks to Black.


Grey Clementine jumper - Needle Knits
Black ankle zip jeans - Boden
Pleather jacket - ASOS
Grey Oversized Cashmere scarf - Black 
Grey long Cashmere wristwarmers - Black
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Fuchsia Roxanne tote - Mulberry

They certainly make up for the pretty pants end to the week I've had but The Husband is back tonight.  A take away is definitely on the cards and tomorrow we're going to dinner at some of our closest friends so the weekend is certainly looking up (ignoring footie in the rain in the morning....and I'm too scared to look at the Sunday morning forecast for rugby...)

Hope everyone has a great Friday night and manages to get some Christmas shopping done. 

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11 comentarios:

  1. Oh so pleased the kitchen has gone ok! Email me pics!! I got the black BR roll neck jumper in the end (and the skirt.. I think I'm going to wear that tomorrow night!). The cape I took back. It just didn't work for me. Too formal. I looked the Dandy Highwayman does Batman. It was wrong on every level. I have a cunning idea up my sleeve for tomorrow though.....

  2. Yup, definitely with you on the snuggly scarves! The uniqlo ones look lovely for the price, I have a cotton cashmere jumper of there's that is just soft and lovely.

    You have my sympathy with the sleep, my youngest has special needs and we had a very patchy (to put it very politely) night and an early pick up from school. It's a complete killer, mainlining coffee is definitely the way ahead... followed by an early night.


    1. I should have had an early night - but ended up watching American Sniper with a curry and mulled wine! Today has not been the most productive... just been to football with the boys and walked the dog (as in she played with lots of other dogs and I drank coffee...!)

  3. I'm with you on scarfs. I just love them all at this time of year. There is a lovely tartan one in Zara that I'm after. Lorraine xxx

    1. Print scarves are also on the agenda for another day..!

  4. Yes the black jumper is mohair.. which isn't going to work for everyone but I LOVE. The cape was too capey.... if that makes sense...?! It just didn't work for my every day stuff if that makes sense..?!

  5. ... if that makes sense? Cretin. Sorry!

  6. Scarves are one of my many addictions. I have so many but then again I wear them almost every day: even in summer. (July was more wintery than November in Dublin anyway)

    I like the look of the uniqlo cashmere-esque scarves. And the dark grey from mango. Their scarves have always been great IMO.

    Hope you and your DS catch up on sleep this weekend. I've been suffering as a result of DH and his stinking cold (=serious snoring for him and the sofa at 1am for me)

    1. oh lordy you poor thing! I have a snorer too. I go into panic mode if I can't find my earplugs...

  7. this post has just sent me to buy the scarf i have been pondering for the last month. i love the wrist warmers, but not for £45, i have arms like mr tickle so if i could match up some cheapie ones with all my jumpers i could get the Lemaire look without the £1000 price tag. Any ideas of any one who makes them for less than a tenner or am I dreaming?

    1. Well I've had mine from Toast longer than I've had a third child and he's now 7! And these ones are miles better quality than them so I'm hoping they last as long. Which makes them, cost per season, a bargain in my book! But I will be doing another blog shortly to see if I can find some others, fear not x