Time to wrap up

No not the Christmas presents which I STILL haven't started even though I swore I would have done by now... I have really got to get on with it - only problem is that my darling children (the older two that is) don't go to bed till much later, as in nearly the same time as me.  Christmas Eve and wrapping at 2am looks like it still beckons... 

But no, something far more exciting today.

Easing ourselves gently into Winter.  The temperatures are due to drop this week so it's probably time to put away the cardigans and take the next step up - the blanket coat.  Now I say, the next step up, but I actually wore mine when I went to New York last January and it was -18 degrees not including the wind chill factor.  Cold didn't come close to describing it. 

But actually - a coat like this, with layers underneath, a proper big scarf, wooly hat and gloves.  And you're good to go.  I didn't need anything heavier than this, even in those temperatures.  Admittedly it wasn't actually snowing as, I'll be frank, in wet/snowy conditions, these are about as much use as a chocolate teapot, as waterproof they are not. 

However for those other days when you don't want something that's a) practical (ergo sensible looking..) or b) heavy, these are ideal.  How to not look like the michelin man for a start.  These are your friend.

I have one in particular that I love.  And it has proven it's worth over the years - I must have bought this six years ago and it's still one of my favourite coats.  Mine is a boiled wool blanket coat with a waterfall front (sounds random and frumptastic but it's not, I promise) that I wear all the time.  

And I bought the wrap blanket camel coat last year from Zara (which I have to say I don't love quite as much right now - you know you fall out of love with something but then the next week, suddenly it's the most amazing thing you own?  I'm sure this will happen with this next week..).

This year, there seem to be even more around so many others have seen the light in how useful they are.  I tried on THE most amazing one in Jigsaw which is currently residing at the top of my Sales list.  If I didn't have enough coats and needed one, this one I would purchase immediately as it's immense. 

And yes, it's reversible so two coats for the price of one.  I have tried this on and can't for the life of me find the photograph (old phone that is one second away from dying and has enough storage for about 3 photographs).  But please do take it from me that it is gorgeous.  Seriously lovely.

Reversible Double Faced Wrap Coat £298  Yes there is a belt languishing at the back.

Similar but in a lighter shade, at Urban Outfitters and in the sale. 

Light Before Dark double faced blanket coat was £119 now £80

And a similar version but in darker greys from Gray & Willow. 

Gray & Willow Waterfall Blanket Coat £199 from House of Fraser

More grey and with fringing this time from Miss Selfridge although I found this on the Debenhams website.  Helpfully they do point out that Miss Selfridge often comes up small. 

Miss Selfridge Fringe Blanket Coat £89

Another fringe version in camel from ASOS.  I do think these look mostly better when they're undone...

ASOS Blanket Wrap Coat was £70 now £49

However I think the most useful coat in your wardrobe (admittedly this does depend on what colours you mostly wear.. duh... so take this with a pinch of salt.  And ignore if you don't wear black) is a black one and they are definitely the most difficult to master. 

But I've found one that I think is definitely worth a look.

Therapy Textured Blanket Coat was £99 now £79

From the sublime to the also sublime but faintly ridiculous now - a cream coat.  

Gorgeous.  Just not if you have a dog.  Or a child.  Or like chocolate.  Or red wine... On the plus side, insanely practical in that it would go with absolutely everything.  In my dreams I am not as much as a slob as I am in reality and could wear this.

Textured Wool Blanket Coat from Topshop £110

Slightly more practical in a darker grey at Jigsaw.  All these shades of grey make me very happy - in case you hadn't noticed...

Rib Collar Boiled Wool Coat £169

Or getting into the Christmas vibe with a red shade.  Oasis call it Damson.  They do this style of coat every year and I know a couple of people who have bought it and it's fabulous.  Has really stood the test of time and will keep you in good company for years. 

Oasis Two Tone Drape Wrap Coat £98

Hoods up now.  Not sure you'd actually use it as a functional aspect to the coat (although ideal if you're caught out in a drizzle you weren't expecting.  Although why that would happen when the iphone weather app is so unfailingly accurate...)

However it's a gorgeous styling addition - I love the texture and extra shape it gives the coat.

Urban Outfitters Mono Blanket Coat was £80 now £40

Love the check, again from Urban Outfitters and again in the sale. 

BDG Check Blanket Coat was £89 now £45

Staying with hoods and this is a hooded version of mine from Zara last year.  The one slight downside with these is that do have a hint of dressing gown about them.   Which is easily remedied by never belting and wearing the hood up at the same time.  The chances of you looking like Obi Wan Kenobi would be high if you did.  Other than that, it's perfect. 

BDG Camel Blanket Coat was £89 now £59

So here I am in mine which will be familiar if you read the blog last Winter at all.  I wear this a lot.  It's clinging on to being wearable (there is a fine line between something being "wearable if slightly worn" and "looking like you've raided the dog's basket") but I'm not sure how many years I have left in it.   It's boiled wool with ribbed knitted sleeves and I simply adore it. 


Cream boyfriend cashmere jumper - hush homeware
Black coated skinnies - Boden
Blanket boiled wool blanket coat - Ronit Zilkah
Brown suede bag - Coccinelle 
Tobacco logo scarf - Gucci
Black buckle boots - Toga

Managed to do a long dog walk today, making one of the children walk home at the same time... (if there's one of them they don't moan.  They seem to find solidarity in numbers.. one was at football, one at a playdate).   But it seems that the weather is on the turn so maybe it may be more scarves and time to crack out the wooly knits.  

I am super conscious that it's Christmas round the corner (my stash of unwrapped presents are testimony to the fact) so there will be some Christmas pressie ideas coming your way shortly. 

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21 comentarios:

  1. I bought a gorgeous grey no. from Zara. Ps. I can't believe Zara isn't on your list... Could that possibly be a first?! ��

    1. Reason I didn't include the ones from Zara is that on the THREE that I've had the belt loops have broken after the first wear (and this isn't even with me doing the belt up!) In the end I got them sewed back on properly and they haven't broken again!! I so so wish their quality hadn't gone down the pan.

  2. Ah, still smug about my double-faced boiled wool coat from the White Company, bought when I was pregnant and still going strong - my boy is about to be 4 in December. Also bought a cranberry coloured one from Jaeger in the sale, need to get that one out soon. Love this style of coat! Jo

    1. AHA! actually I think they might still do one this year... They really are so so wearable, aren't they?

  3. Love them all! The camel coat is gorgeous but also loving first coat... Argh so hard x

    1. The Jigsaw one for me has the edge (but that might be because a grey/navy coat would be perfect for me... and I already have a camel one!)

  4. Love the grey jumper under the jigsaw coat. Still kicking myself for leaving the nude coloured boiled wool jumper I found in Zara in Spain last year because it was 'too hot to try on' pah

    1. YOU EEJIT. Their knitwear when it's expensive is actually pretty good. but I think in the UK it's expensive for what it is. Much better prices in Spain... I have a hankering for more grey jumpers... I think I need an oversized one....

  5. I really like the damson Oasis one very tempted to order it and see how it looks on me. I had a lovely cream coat about 15 years ago it always looked lovely despite 2 children and 2 dogs until one day in my local town an elderly lady had a fall in the street, she had several injuries all bleeding, i helped her and waited until the ambulance came, she had been holding on to me the whole time, needless to say the cream coat was ruined. I miss the coat but glad to have been there for her.

    1. Oh my lord that is such a great story. I'm assuming she was ok?? You deserve a new coat for sure! xxx

  6. Nothing to do with coats! But as you can't wrap presents successfully in the evening in bulk, you could write labels in preparation, ready to pop on at speed when you do get the chance! Just thought of that and its something I think I will be doing soon! Happy wrapping.....Yvonne x

  7. Love all of the above - but know from experience that at 6ft and with my great long monkey arms I would have a good 6 inches of (cold) wrist sticking out of each and every one. Any 'tall' recommendations appreciated (or possibly not - perhaps it is good to enjoy one of your blogs without stretching the credit card even further!!). I do however have coat envy, but may have finally learnt that thinking 'it'll be ok' about a short sleeve on a coat are over (the charity shops have done well by me over the years...). Love the blog & your Ronit Zilkah especially!

    1. You have my sympathy and then some. I tend to swerve the problem by wearing longer sleeves underneath or longer length wrist warmers..... (and thank you!)

  8. Love the cream/white one from Topshop. I got a nice grey one from Zara at the weekend - very excited to wear it tomorrow! Lorraine x

    1. I'm hoping it doesn't rain tomorrow...!

  9. OMG I LOVE THAT ONE!!!! I quite fancy the navy/grey one as I have got so so so much wear out of my navy dress coat from H&M it's looking rather shabby (what did I expect for £20 I'm not entirely sure...!) This would definitely fit the gap. I also like the fact it's a mid length when so many of my coats are long. Do you not love my stream of justification? And ha ha ha - aren't they the boots you hated?! (you'll be coming round to sneakers next....!)

  10. NO! Boiled wool doesn't bobble! (well it shouldn't...) I haven't seen this - I may have to check it out as I am completely in love with my grey one from Primark which was £15... I would have got it in the black as well but it didn't look as good in the black. I love it SO much. Thanks for the inspo xxxxx (and personally as a trainer starter, I would go with either the classic stans or the Whistles or Jigsaw ones. For me - I'm not a massive fan of the superstars - think that's what the striped adidas are called... they do them in white on white which is ok too. But that's my personal preference x)

  11. I picked up the black Therapy coat in House of Fraser last night, as it is a good length for me and I love the collar shape. Still need to do a recce of all my coats to make some room as I know I have many I will not wear again. Turns out HoF had €20 off the coat and I had €20 in points so it was a great bargain :)

    Oh by the way my local Zara opened up after a big refurb and what did I spot there only the fabulous long grey coatigan you have featured! I bought it just to try and fell in love with it. ...

    On another note. You have been a big influence on what I buy lately - firstly I buy too much as a result of reading the blog ;) BUT I only keep what I love AND I am gearing more towards quality than quantity and buying what suits me. SO, thank you.

    1. i LOVE reading comments like this. It makes it all worthwhile so thank you xxxxx

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