Ivory ideals....

.... of the shirt (dare I even say blouse) variety.  It appears that this week I am all about the classics. 

One of these is a must in your wardrobe.  If you don't own one, I promise you will wonder how you ever lived without one, it will become that integral to your outfits.  

As the temperature drops, these are the perfect layering tool to make the most of all those jumpers you wore earlier in the Autumn and will wear into the Spring (and if you live in the UK - you'll probably be wearing most of the Summer as well, let's face it).

I have both white and ivory and I've discovered that the secret to a really functional one is in the drape.  We're not talking stiff white shirts today.  We are talking a more fluid fabric that can be worn during the day over jeans and under a jumper, be it v neck or crew neck.  They also look great layered under Summer dresses although I have to say this is a look that others have mastered better than me....  The other upside to these is that whilst they do need ironing (apologies), they don't take as much ironing as their crisp, white, "every so lightly uncomfortable unless you're in the office or live in a White Company catalogue", cousin (aka the stiff shirt that needs a ton of ironing).

And, as we all know how much I love a super versatile option, these will also take you on a night out.  At this time of year, I may have made my predilection for all things that sparkle well known, so I have to say, any of these with my sequin trousers would be a complete winner.  (Just add a crew neck jumper and I'd wear these for a festive daytime as well... lunch anyone?)  Or for a more dress down look - a pair of the rather fabulous black stilettos from yesterday and a pair of jeans.  Pub for Christmas drinks - done.  You may also require a black clutch bag if you don't fancy a metallic number from the other day but fear not, that's still on the agenda.

Starting with a couple that have inspired me to write this blog.  (mine included - that I genuinely couldn't live without).

Firstly one that I saw last week when I was shopping and I thought - this is perfect.  

The Polly Plains Pocket Shirt from French Connection £45

Photo that I took instore which I hope you can see that it's much nicer in the flesh. 


However my absolute favourite is my faithful white shirt from Me+Em.  This has taken me through Spring/Summer and will carry me through the Winter too.  Smart enough to wear out for dinner and the ideal "going out somewhere smart during the day" go to top.  Especially love it teamed with leather leggings (I have lunch with The Husband tomorrow and this is the top contender for an outfit as it stands) 

Double Layer Shirt from Me+Em £88  The double layer bit is genius.  Hides a multitude of sins whilst also guaranteeing it's not remotely sheer, yet still has that feminine drape to it.  However it's thin enough to layer a jumper over the top.  What more could you want? (One in black is the answer please Me+Em.....)

Investment again but the simplicity speaks volumes (I'm assuming the quality will too...).  I love the look of the fabric.

Denham Venture Blouse in bright white £100

Another plain version and this one is definitely on my list to look at as I can't get enough of these and they are the PERFECT transition into Spring item (I can't believe I said that out loud) - buttonless from Mango. 

Premium Lapels silk blouse from Mango £59.99 (it says dry clean - it's 100% silk which I always handwash.  Or the machine does it for me.  And I do mean the washing machine...)

Moving towards the slightly more elaborate with a tie neck one from Esprit.  This I love and adore the idea of this under a jumper so it looks like you're almost wearing a tie?  With a killer pair of heels - modern androgyny at its best. 

Esprit Collection Blouse £39

Another that would work in the same vein. 

Long Sleeve Bow Blouse from Autograph at M&S £39.50

In my mind I do plan on wearing mine with black.  As that's what the majority of my wardrobe consists of, if I'm honest.  I have to say I do love things that tie an outfit together - matchy matchy yes, that's me - it's a cliche but I love tones within an outfit that are the same.  These collarless ones, perhaps don't work as well to layer with a jumper over the top, but I do still love the effect and proportions that you'd get with a sleeve peeking out, ditto a hem.

Sisley Blouse in off white £45

Cara Crepe Blouse £55 from Great Plains

Staying with collarless but this time in just one shade from Selected. 

Selected Lind Blouse £50

Similar again from Selected. 

Selected Luna Longsleeve Shirt £35

There does seem to be a plethora of gorgeous collarless ones around and the silky loveliness continues at Mango. 

Flowy Textured Blouse £39.99

Currently 20% off the Tall range at ASOS with the code PERFECT20 (I'm not sure if it works on anything else...) and so this one becomes a real bargain. 

ASOS Tall Collarless Blouse in Ivory £28

Now this one is slightly different and not entirely what I had in mind but when I saw it, it ticked all the boxes (well, almost all of them...) so I couldn't not show you.  I had originally intended for them to be a blouse version of a shirt ie buttons were an integral part of the gig (clearly that went a bit wrong above when I started looking at collarless ones.. the best plans and all that).  But this one would work perfectly over jeans, over leather trews, over sequin bottoms and even layered under a jumper.  For me though -  this on its own is perfection. 

Second Female Maurizio blouse in off white £60  LOVE the gathered hem... that little bit different again.

This one for me has a similar vibe.  Again this would be better worn on its own I think. 

ASOS Pleat Yoke Pussy Bow Blouse £32

Ditto this one with a stud feature down the front.  For you to embrace your inner rock chick. 

Stud Shirt from Mango £34.99

So are you in the market for a white or off white shirty blouse thing?  If not and if maybe black is your preference, fear not, as I shall be covering these imminently.  Another must have classic that you will wonder how you ever lived without. 

Outfit from yesterday - lots of old favourites with a lovely new jumper that I got as an early Christmas present from hush.  Already feeling festive (and yes I did open it now... tree's not up so there's nowhere to put it.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it).


Grey and gold star knit v neck jumper - hush
Charcoal Baxter jeans - Topshop
Grey military knitted coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Grey scarf - Black
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Harker hands free bag - Anya Hindmarch

This is me the other day, after a long dog walk to pick the kids up from school (they were thrilled at having to walk home with me).  I am v windswept and got a tad drizzled on.  Zero glamour although I am absolutely loving loving these trousers and the change they make to wearing jeans. 


Navy jumper - Uniqlo
Navy cropped cigarette trousers - Me+Em
Navy check coat - Hobbs
Stan Smiths - adidas
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe
Damp dog - Australian Labradoodle

I am now off to the opening night (as in at our local cinema not the premier obviously) of the final Hunger Games movie with some very very excited children.  Who are gutted that we're going to an "early" 6pm showing.  "Why?", they asked.  "Because otherwise I will fall asleep".  To be honest, chances of me falling asleep in this one are high.  Very very high.  Saving my energy for lunch at The Ivy tomorrow.  Can't. Wait!

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12 comentarios:

  1. I don't usually wear shirts with collars (big boobs) but I have and love the layered shirt from Me + Em. Great investment.

    When you're talking to the peeps at Hush tell them we need another 10% code STAT. I think I ruined my gorgeous Adele sweater by putting it in the machine at 40 (should be hand wash; it's gone all fluffy and the sleeves shrank) and I will only be able to replace it if I can get a discount ;) ;) Needless to say I have two other items in my basket as well.

    1. I'm pretty sure PUMPKIN15 still works?

    2. Not for me :( although I think it was due to expire mid-November anyway.

    3. I think it did expire mid Nov yes, sorry xx

  2. I've just bought this gorgeous top to wear with leather leggings. https://www.reiss.com/p/ruffledetail-blouse-womens-raine-in-ivory/&_=1447964999678
    And I second miffy, please see what you can do to get us all a Christmas Hush discount!! Xx

    1. LOVE this! I will see what I can do I promise xx

  3. Love love love the Esprit one but the link isn't working. Xx

  4. Just tried again and it does work! Think I'm going to have to purchase that one! Thanks for the research. Love an ivory blouse. X

    1. Oh fabulous! (I was about to say otherwise I'm sure I found it at Zalando)

  5. Check the washing instructions ! Bought a wow white number from Cos and to my horror after wearing it and avoiding the usual food and drink which launch themselves at white wear IT WAS DRY CLEAN ONLY. Silk you see. What a prize........am I. Great Blog. My first go too every morning.

    1. Now.... if it's just plain silk, I always always hand wash.....

  6. The cropped trews are THE best. Only thing is that I'm between sizes in Me+Em - so these are the 12 and they are roomy (but the 10 was skin tight so not an option). Side zip, flat fronted - amazingly flattering. LOVE. (I think they're in the sale now...) The Star jumper - I have it in the small and it's a short slightly fitted jumper (could easily wear it with a blazer) Of course, if you wanted it larger, then size up for an oversized fit. And randomly I wore it last Sunday (TOTAL slob day - didn't leave the house) with harems. No make up no shoes, nada. No pic either!!