All about the pattern

Not something that you normally hear me say. 

But then I've not been myself for the last couple of days.  I have visited four garden centres - yes people, you heard that correctly, four.  Garden centres....

The only reason I have ever visited any sort of garden centre was to either look at sheds (clearly not my idea or my final decision and no, we still don't have a shed as I have mustered up about as much interest in the subject as I have in dry rot) or garden furniture (yawn).

Or...for coffee.  And cake.  Or scones.  They always have great scones and cake at garden centres, that is a fact.  They are also always packed.  In my next life, I am coming back and opening garden centres as if you do them right, you must make a mint. 

I would also need to go into business with someone who knew something about plants. Slight fly in the ointment there, as I know diddly squat.  I have learnt thought that they are exceptionally expensive.  Think designer handbag expensive.  Seriously eye wateringly dear.  

All I want are some planters for the patio.  I've given up for today and will tackle it in the morning.  I am now officially bored looking at Buxus Balls and Royal Horticultural Society Planters.  And thinking about how much they're going to cost... 

On a much more exciting note (ish), I have realised that it's back to uniform time. 

Yes I have branched out in the last couple of years to skirts, dresses, harems, joggers and khakis. 

But when it comes to jeans and these tops - they are simply the no brainer of outfits.  And.. like the boucle jackets and blazers I wax lyrical about regularly, the classic print top is something that I collect.  These are the no brainers of my wardrobe.  And when it comes to not being able to cope with constant changes in the weather or not being bothered to fake tan my (albiet only a small portion of) legs, a top, pair of jeans and a small jacket is the easiest "go to outfit" I own.  Throw on sandals, sneakers, loafers or ankle boots and you're off.  Even better - just put heels on and you're out for the evening. 

The one I'm wearing today is a ridiculously cheapo number from Zara that has completely stood the test of time.  Three years old this year. 

What's the key to longevity of these?  Ease of wear (must be able to go under a jacket but not be too/remotely cling) and you must simply love the colour and print.  It's as easy as that.  Oh and in a style that works for you.  Be it a tee shape, shirt/blouse shape, v neck, sleeveless or vest style.

So it's obviously a personal thing but these are ones that I would happily add to my collection. 

Starting with my favourite. I may not be able to resist this.  I was suppose to be purely "researching".  Bugger. 

Camo Colour Block Tee from Topshop £36

Structured print also at Warehouse. 

Placed Tile Strip Top £39

More tee styles also at Topshop. 

Floral now with the Daisy Tee from Boutique at Topshop £65

Slightly longer sleeves at Warehouse. 

Silk Floral Bird Print Shirt £69

Super pretty floral at Mango.  Adore this.  Gorgeous with cream, khaki or navy.  Or I handily have a pink blazer this would look amazing with. 

Floral Print Top from Mango £25.99

Stunning colours at Whistle and the perfect top to take you from work to out in the evening but would be the perfect Weekend Uniform with jeans and a jacket.  AND there is currently 20% off everything at Whistles for a limited time.  Go forth and drool.

Watercolour Print Silk Top from Whistles was £95 now £76

Moving onto my preferred style of blouse thingy.  I have to say, I really like a v neck at this time of year.  Something loose and with a pretty print and this ticks all the boxes.  This is verging on perfection in a top for me if I'm honest.  Camo print be gone - floral, you're up. 

Printed flowy shirt from Mango in ecru £29.99

Or the Dark Navy again £29.99 - personally it's the ecru that swings it for me.. although this one under a navy jacket with jeans... hmmmm.

A couple more stunning blouses at Whistles.  These you will have forever.   Definitely worth taking a look at with the 20% off.

Bluebell Print Silk Blouse was £130 now £104

And the Wild Floral Voile Shirt was £95 now £76

Classic Tee now with a twist (well - as much as a print bit on a tee can be a twist...I'm thinking pink blazer and black trousers.) 

Printed Cotton T-shirt from Mango £15.99

Sleeveless now and I love this striped version from Topshop. 

Striped Sleeveless Hitch Top was £34 now £12

A floral version from Mango.  Love this colour.  Perfect with navy. 

Floral Print Blouse £15.99 (how amazing is that price?!)

And in the ecru.... again only £15.99

And what they call a grapefruit which just looks amazing with jeans. 

And perfect for the Summer.

Tropical Double Strap V-front Cami from Topshop £24

Different colour palette but similar style at Mango £29.99

Again at Warehouse £25.00

Rather taken with birds this season... 

Bird Print Cami from Warehouse £22

Discounted again at Whistles. 

Lilias Jungle Top was £130 now £104

And a random one that doesn't look like it would work under a blazer but it so totally would. 

Off Shoulder Blouse from Mango £35.99

These don't just go with jeans of course - they look amazing with shorts, a faithful pair of black trousers or my newly found love of wide leg crops.  And like I've mentioned with some, most can be work for work, will take you out into the evening but be your perfect, every day uniform. 

Here I am today - languishing in all that is familiar. 


Floral tee - Zara
Navy boucle jacket - Zara
Phoebe Jeans - MiH
Gold Kipper loafers - Kurt Geiger
Whisky Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

So tomorrow - last day of the term.  I am obviously heading off to another garden centre (the final one and that's me done for the next five years or until I kill off my new pots) and a day of packing... Jumpers and wellies by the looks of things.  Thank heavens for wifi and wine.  

I have packing posts a plenty over the next couple of days and shall be refusing to give in to the wind and rain so have more summery ideas coming up.   And I have the Boohoo dresses to report back on which I'll do tomorrow... complete with pics.  It may well be a maxi revival...

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8 comentarios:

  1. Garden centers are almost as good as shopping centers to me, and the British ones are way better than in Denmark (think no cafe and not so good with all the extras), disadvantages of having a population of 6 million. Hopefully I'll find time to visit my local one today, however my husband will definately agree with you....
    As for patterned tops, these are definately my kind of thing, with skinny or straight jeans and a jacket, or cardigan. Was so hoping the top shop camouflage one was in a different colour, however the mango navy blouse may soon be winging my way!
    Danish Pastry

    1. Isn't the Mango blouse gorgeous?! God I could happily never set foot in a garden centre again. A garden is a necessarily evil to me. I have ZERO interest - but just want it to look nice with no effort...

  2. Oh that's a lovely outfit. I really don't think there's anything wrong with having a "uniform", isn't it just knowing your style and being (hopefully) chic? There's something about the patterned top that lifts jeans etc. into Spring/Summer.

    If you are still looking for a long, floral dress, free people have a sale on at the moment and have a few. I don't know what the quality of the dresses are like, but I have a top from them that is good. There shoes are rather gorgeous too...

    1. Oh god I can't look at the Free People site.. I go in and may never come out..!!

  3. You tease, I was so waiting for the Boohoo dresses. I love a good print, especially that tropical print from Topshop.

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