Yay or nay?

Shoulder in or shoulder out?

So upfront I should say that for me, the jury is out on these.   I will admit I don't loathe them as much as I did at the beginning of the season but I haven't fully bought into them quite yet.  There's still something sort of... errr, dare I say.....street wear about them.  And I don't mean "down with the kids" street wear, I mean "down with the prossies" street wear. 

SORRY SORRY SORRY but that was my thinking.  I don't know why... I really don't.  They just struck me as slightly cheap looking. 

However - however however however - I have come round - probably as I've been indoctrinated with them, you can't not have been, they're everywhere - to thinking maybe they're a good option for Summer. 

Maybe they will work as the "disgraceful" element to an otherwise graceful wardrobe.  The top you can add in to breathe new season life into last season's (or older's!) favourite pieces. 

Certainly lots of you asked on the bardot top post, if I could have a look at them as bardot tops give bra issue.  Whereas the upside of these is that no strapless bra is needed (seriously IS there a strapless bra that actually works and doesn't inch its way down your body during the day to end up being a belt by lunchtime?  If you know of one, I am ALL ears).

These would be ideal to dress up or down and all the ones I've chosen for the purpose of this blog are bra-able.  There are lots of versions which have spaghetti straps which = boulder older without straps required again so what is the point?

First off - one of the main ones that made me think - aha, these can exude class... from the rather wonderful Baukjen.  Who's models always make me feel like Grotbags. 

Marian Cut out Shoulder Top £69 from Baukjen  White jeans and you're set for any day activity.  I'd put with black skinnies and hey ho, night out.  Just add heels.  And even better, the code STYLE517 should give you 25% off with free delivery and returns.

Similar again but this time in off white (or cream apparently...). 

ASOS Oversized Supersoft Cold Shoulder Top Asymmetric Hem £18

They also have this in grey....

Shorter sleeved now at ASOS.  Top with Cold Shoulder and Ruffle Sleeve £18  And moving into more Summery territory.  Don't ask about the suntan marks.

Although I have to say I think I prefer this one.  In fact, this one I really REALLY do like.   Fabulously casual and super easy to wear.  You can keep your holes in your jeans at thigh level mind you.  And I think hell might freeze over before I wear a baseball again (oh famous last words - I shall SO be sporting a Frozen one at Disney, won't I?)

Daisy Street Cold Shoulder Top £12.99

Then there are jumpers... These in fact strike me as being quite useful Summer numbers... for those days when it's too warm for a full on jumper but too cold for a mere tee.  And they're the ideal night out tops as it's never that warm in the evening in this country.  Or perfect for on holiday for taking out in the evenings to fling over a dress.

ASOS Jumper with cold shoulder £28

Or a swing top from Monki £20  Ok so slightly less jumper now to be honest..

But in the black it is DIVINE

If you're still not sure then maybe this will alter your opinion as I think this is a complete game changer.  I LOVE this.  Absolutely absolutely adore.

Whistles Stripe Cold Shoulder Jumper £85 Appears to be £10 cheaper at ASOS than anywhere else.  Go forth and shop

More jumpers at Topshop - in the blush which is gorgeous. 

Pointelle Mesh Cold Shoulder Top £39

And in the black   These somehow work so much better in the black for me... (but then I am a black addict at the moment... don't know why I say at the moment.  Always).

There is of course the skinnier option.  I think this is maybe what made me think nah in the first place.  I think it's definitely trickier to pull off a top like this that's fitted... 

But these two are a great starting point... easing myself in gently.

ASOS Jumper in Rib with Cold Shoulder £22

If Baukjen can pull it off, then it definitely gets my seal of approval.

Lila Cold Shoulder Top £59 from Baukjen   

And finishing with two slightly off piste numbers - firstly a sweatshirt.  I will admit I LOVE this look.  I would happily wear this outfit on down days (like my outfit for today for example).

Missguided Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt £25

Slightly more random but I think the eclectic vibe to this, with a pair of jeans and a biker would be make a great "different" addition to your wardrobe. 

Aldworth Acid Flower Print Cold Shoulder Blouse from Finery London £49 (don't forget Paypal20 for your 20% off)

Thoughts?  I will admit, I have come round to these.  There are a couple above that I think are fantastic and are just that bit dressier than a plain top - especially the black ones.

Or the sweatshirt one which would be perfect for days like today when I really would rather not have got dressed at all and stayed in my jamas all day.  Completely dress down to the point of as casual as I get. 


Black Lyocell tee - & Other Stories
Camo joggers - Topshop
Onyx biker jacket - hush
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose

And why am I such a defeatist mood today?  Kids have been amazing (that'll be sod's law of course - we had a lovely hour up on the cricket field with Ginny and the local dog community, after school when it finally stopped raining and the sun came out).

Well I have spent THREE hours on the phone today to blasted Vodafone.  And guess what.  Yep.  Still not fixed.  Losing the will to live and then some.  I have spoken to every department and they all blame each other.   It's fixed they finally told me.  And the good news is that you can have the extra 2GB this month free as an apology, they told me.  Which would be lovely apart from the fact that a) they still haven't removed the charges they erroneously added to my package for the extra data that wasn't compatible with it and b) I have nothing free as I still have NO DATA.

Oh and the reason I used all my data early this month was because I had to use Apple Music as the Spotify I got free with my account that you, Vodafone, were supposed to put on, won't work.  So I have been, unknowingly, streaming very expensive music whilst dog walking which devours your data. 

I now have to go and ring them again.  All in all this week, I have spent seven hours, yes. SEVEN hours on the phone and in store with them.  I need wine first.  Wish me luck.  

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25 comentarios:

  1. I've been waiting for this post! Got the cream ASOS top to have a cheap dip in the water with this trend, like the bray but only size 6 left - thanks for the research as ever x

    1. The cream one is so comfy and great for summer might order black as well!

  2. Been pondering on one of these for a while and checked out the Whistles stripe at Asos & love how its styled with the slim leg trousers and heels. Bingo! Got the last one ...... ordered by my daughter with her 10% student discount too .... feeling smug!! Thanks Kat!

  3. Hmm ordered the Vera Moda off the shoulder one at asos yesterday BUT only because it looked the most covered of the OTS tops... Not sure about this trend but I think it's going to stick for a bit longer (like Stan Smiths in 2014!!!) AC xx

  4. If someone forced me, I'd go for the Whistles striped one or the black Baukjen one but I just can't bring myself to like these. They make me shudder a little and I'm not sure why. Don't laugh!! I certainly couldn't pull one off as daytime wear. This is one I'll have to sit out on, I'm afraid.

  5. Am totally with you Kat! Have been so unsure about these kind of tops, chatty is what usually springs to mind. But you have found a really great selection, which could just change my mind. X

  6. I know where you're coming from about these tops, think I've mentally filed them away with ankle chains and white stilettos. Saying that though I couldn't get my head around tramp trainers, yet here I am 6 months on, the proud owner of the most beautiful pair of Golden Goose/Geese? My bank account blames you entirely for that one ;)

  7. After years of enduring painful strapless bras (or avoiding anything that requires them in all honesty) I have finally found one that is comfortable to last a whole day in. Apparently I have ribs that stick out which is part of my problem. It is from Simone Perele and this one is similar at Selfridges
    I did have to size up in the cup size, so important to have properly fitted, but well worth it if it means you no longer have to avoid bra strap unfriendly clothes!

  8. I've been stalking these forever and you've picked a lot of my favourites plus new ones I hadn't come across yet. Love the Baukjen ones! Sitting on my hands for now as I just bought your gorgeous Seven Lane espadrilles yesterday and I'm trying to tone down the online shopping! xx

  9. Love the Whistles one, could so see me in it, some of the others are okay too! I hadn't thourght of the 'street' angle. I think how you style them makes a difference, think chic rather than cheap, no white stilettos for me please!

    As for Vodafone, you should send them a bill for all the time you've spent being shunted around in their system, not to mention being repayed the amount they erroneously charged you!
    My husband has been known to ring to a phone company's number intended for business customers, when they tell him to ring the other number for private individuals, he then says that he'll go over to another company. The point being that they usually (well in Denmark at least) have quicker and better service so as not to lose their business customers.

  10. My other half spent the equivalent of two whole working days on the phone to Vodafone, trying to sort out a mistake they made(luckily he runs his own company). They still ended up sending the wrong phone three times in a row. He can't listen to Hold Back the River (their holding track at the time) without suffering mild PTSD!! I really feel for you. Imbeciles.

  11. How joyful when the one you like the best is also one of the cheapest. The ASOS cream one is delicious and currently winging it's way to me (along with some metallic espadrilles to avoid paying postage).

  12. Why not try emailing the chairman (info should be online) or posting your misery on twitter - you have a big enough following - it might make them sit up. They don't need negative publicity Good luck

  13. I'm not a massive fan, but having said that I recently bought a high neck swing dress from ASOS with this sleeve design & have had lots of lovely comments. I really think it depends on the cut.

  14. I agree, I think they are cheap looking too. I prefer the completely off the shoulder top (which I think looks slightly more classy) and I did recently purchase the white Hush broderie one but even this feels weird and I keep having to pull it back off my shoulders so it doesn't ping upwards, so perhaps not that practical to wear every day.

  15. I'm not a fan. They all look like something you'd find down the market.

  16. I'm surprised to say I like them! Especially that cream ASOS one, which is also a bargain. Only one I don't like is the Baukjen one, it's too tight. Might look good on a 20 year old gazelle mind.

  17. It's a nay for me. The only possibility is the Monki top but I like the swing shape.


  19. Oh dear, I have to say no - ever since I saw Liz MacDonald wearing them in the Rovers on Corrie, and women round our way accessorising them with two tone hair and MK bags :) sorry (ps love your blog!!)

  20. Now you see I love these and have the Whistles one for a while now and seriously considering the Bauken one. To me they are much more stylish for those of us with curves. Still struggling with the Bardot tops, to me they are not great on anyone above a B cup! but each to their own

  21. i know this a bit late, but i have found the most comfortable strapless bra ever, in good old marks and only £12.50.
    you must try it. I used to work in a underwear shop for 17 years with the main makes wonderbra, playtex, gossard and so on
    and i could never find one to fit. try it and let us know how you get on.

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