It's a funny story...

.. well... sort of... (clearly I didn't bother telling the husband as I'm not entirely sure he would have that amusing.  Or remotely amusing..).

New York.  Two weeks ago.  A couple of healthy glasses of champagne at lunchtime.  On the first day and I had bought nothing.  And was genuinely planning on buying nothing.  Until a couple of glasses of champagne...Trip to the APC shop.  

Now.  Anyone who knows anything about APC will know that the Half Moon Bags are like rocking horse poo.  Seriously they are virtually impossible to get hold of in Europe in the black.  You can't buy them at an APC store (the woman in the Notting Hill one the other week didn't laugh in my face but I could tell in her head she was guffawing at my stupidity at even bothering to waste my breath asking the question).  You think you can buy from their French site but go and try and add one to your bag.  Yup, good luck with that.  That is because they're out of stock.

So.  Imagine my abject giddiness at discovering them in stock in New York.  Except that they were a fair bit more expensive.  I can't remember exactly how much more (as I'd had a couple of glasses of champagne) but it was enough for me to think.. eek.  The whole beauty of this bag is that whilst it's effortlessly chic and screams LOOK HOW FRENCH I ALMOST AM (my ultimate dream), it's also not ridiculously overpriced (disclaimer - this does depend on what your definition of ridiculously overpriced is...). 

I decided in a slightly alcoholic fug to go and "just check" that it was OOS in the UK and Europe. 

Cue abject giddy state of the day number two when I discovered it was in stock at Coggles.  So I ordered (whilst drinking more champagne as I was so excited) the bag and waited for my confirmation email.  Which I never got as - of course - I thought it would in fact be sold out (we've all been there and done that).

In the meantime (as I waited..) I managed to buy the unexpected Helmut Lang shearling gilet so didn't return to purchase the half moon bag as I had totally blown the budget.  It was always meant to be the one that got away clearly. 

Until on Friday a parcel turned up.  Which had been to US customs.  And finally landed on my doorstep.  With a black half moon bag in.   Apparently if you try and shop when tipsy you will a) when setting up an account use a combination of two emails and end up registering an email that doesn't exist - hence you won't receive any emails and b) not look to check the country box and if you order when in the US, it defaults to the US.  So it had my address in the UK, with the US as a country.  And with a completely non existent email. 


Can you imagine trying to explain that on the phone and then try and send it back?  No neither could I so I kept it. 

And then doubly spookily but proving how long I've wanted it for and how it was obviously meant to be - yesterday in the Stella article - one of my Must Have buys for this season was the APC half moon bag.  Which I'd told them way back in January.  And which they couldn't put it in black as it's sold out everywhere.  So they used the tan.

Meant to be or what?!  

Now - they are going in and out of stock at Coggles so good luck as it's the only place I've found them for sale in Europe.  If you can't find one there, they do seem to have them on Shopbop for £319.... Go forth and snag if you want one.  I can't recommend enough.  LOVE.

APC Half Moon Bag in black from Coggles £280

Why do I love it so much?  Minimal looking, sleek, elegant - the perfect holiday bag if you're not going down the boho route.  Just as functional for work as it is with a tee and jeans.  Cross body lushness in black.  It's got to be black for me.  It just makes it easy.

If you can't get hold of one, fear not, there are plenty of other excellent options out there which will do the job just as well.

20% off at The Cambridge Satchel Company if you sign up to their newsletter.   All sizes are pre your 20% off.  These are the ultimate in pared back.  Minimal, simple but functional.

The Large Saddle Bag £140

Ever so slightly more detail with the Cloud Bags which come in two sizes. 

Black Cloud Bag with Top Handle £145

And the smaller one for £125

And the two sizes of push lock bags - Medium and Large. 

Black Medium Push Lock Bag £75

And the large size £95 (this clearly isn't the black.. but they have loads and loads of other colours too).

Back to a half moon shape at Warehouse but this is from ASOS and there is 20% off everything today Monday.  Yes 20% off EVERYTHING.  That's me sorted for the evening in front of the tv then... use the code YESPLEASE till midnight.  Yes please.

Warehouse Stitch Leather Saddle Bag £59 

Vintage style again at ASOS so do take advantage of the 20% off. 

ASOS Vintage Leather Pocket Bag £28

Another that has a slight vintage feel to it from Rebecca Minkoff. 

Mini Mac Cross Body Bag in black £171

Pure simplicity at LK Bennett - another bag which I keep coming back to as it's so perfect.  Amazing size, great price, gorgeous detailing and the perfect two pockets.

Mariel Black Saffiano Cross Body Bag from LK Bennett £145

Another two zip bag from Marc Jacobs.  Now this is on the mini side but if you don't need to carry the kitchen sink like I tend to need to...

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Colourblock Saffiano Small Camera Bag £245

Bigger and double pockets again at Marc Jacobs.  

Marc by Marc Jacobs Ligero Double Percy Cross Body Bag in black £225

Double zips and moving away from the super minimalist but still sleek with just a hint of biker at Becksondergaard. 

Anna Beth Leather Bag £109

Another ASOS bargain even without the 20% off.  Simplicity in its purest form.

ASOS Unlined Soft Leather Cross body bag £25

Minimalist now but with a hint of boho from the following couple. 

Totally plain but the textured leather makes it super wearable for all occasions. 

Leather Cross Body Bag from Mango £35.99

And the same shape but in suede. 

Leather Cross Body Bag from Mango £35.99

Upping the budget but this definitely has the look of a Chloe bag with the price of a See by Chloe one.  Genius.

See by Chloe Leather Cross Body Bag £425

Stunningly classic but with a twist in the strap at Topshop.  Great price for a leather bag. 

Woven Strap Saddle Bag from Topshop £55

And yes, I shall be using mine all week as this is the only bag I bought with me.  Proving my point that it's the perfect holiday bag.  Handily something is perfect about my holiday (other than the fam and yes I feel as if I do have to say that!  Feeling the family love for sure.. as we're only two days in) as it's not the weather... we had two glorious days and we woke up this morning to November weather.  

Morning playing frisbee and freezing.  We then decided that the only option was the cinema so a lovely lunch at The Lighthouse in Aldeburgh (highly recommended if you're ever nearby) and then we hit The Jungle Book. 

White V neck tee - Yunion T
Black boyfriend jeans - hush
Blush cashmere hoodie - Me+EM
Onyx biker jacket - hush
Monogram scarf - Gucci
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Half Moon Bag - APC

Glass of champagne earlier with tapas and then I have to drink the rest as the husband and the 11yr old are off home for 24 hours as she's singing at Westminster Cathedral tomorrow.  Couldn't be a more proud Catholic ma.  

I will be here with the boys.  In the rain... what could possibly go wrong?  We shall be retreating to the local cafe for a slap up breakfast and then movies on the sofa.  Perfection in a holiday.  Who needs the sun... (stares at dresses in wardrobe and weeps a teensy tiny bit but it's nothing the champagne can't fix.  And peppers stuffed with ricotta.  My tapas of choice).  Whilst I gaze lovingly at my new bag. 

Am I the only one who thinks a black cross body bag is a must have for everyone and especially useful for holiday?  Would love to hear your recommendations. 

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27 comentarios:

  1. It's true - I have the Mulberry Freya cross-body in black and I love it and use it all the time, it's so versatile and goes with everything.

    1. The little satchel? They're super cute!

  2. Haha, that's such a cute shopping story! Love the APC bag, so compact yet holds an amazing amount! I do the bag marks easily and it's hard to baby (I have the same - black in regular leather). I read spraying with a protector helps (which I did but not sure it was effective). It's so gorgeous though, and you photograph with it so beautifully!

    1. This is very very true... don't suppose you know which protector?? Hmm I may have to investigate!

    2. I used Apple brand Rain and Stain Repellent. (LThe Colonil Waterstop would also be a good option.) Even if the protectant can't stop scratches, it's good for preventing color transfer to lighter items (which I read can happen with this bag).

  3. I had my eyes on this similar Etienne Aigner for a while but didn't like the strap: so ended buying a small Coach crosstown model Super cute, but doesn't hold much. Not sure it those two brands ship to the UK though. Enjoy your APC bag!

    1. Oh I LOVE the first one. We can definitely get Coach in the UK now - a gorgeous huge new flagship store has opened on Regent Street

  4. See now? I've had my eye on the LKBennett one for ages and now, next to your crazy APC purchase, it looks almost frugal!! Also, you do make me laugh, I had to read the US customs/champagne story twice before I started to understand what had gone so wrong, what are you like?!

    1. SOrry - it is confusing! And yes, the LK Bennet one now seems bargainous doesn't it?!

  5. That's a very funny story about the bag, it's amazing it arrived at all. It was obviously meant to be! I love a cross body bag, they are so useful. Of course, I like the Chloe bag best...

    1. And it's not a bad price for a Chloe bag at all...!

  6. It's available on the APC website for £345!

    1. Sorry that should be Euros, so even better!

    2. Yes but you can't add it your bag.... DOH!

    3. Sorry, back very late to this. I received my lovely black bag 2 days after ordering it, I had no problems adding it to my bag. This was the site. I can now see they have just chestnut brown. No idea why some people couldn't add it to bag. I'm in the UK....(ps bag is gorgeous - thank you!). Chestnut brown is v nice too!

  7. Well wear, the APC bag is gorgeous. I just got the Marc Jacobs double ligero percy bag and I LOVE it. Happy Holidays.. weather is AH-MAZING in good ol' Eire at the moment, unreal! Hope you get some your way. Audrey x

    1. The one holiday we don't go to Ireland..

  8. Lovely looking bag, hubby doesn't need to know, does he!
    Did you get stung by customs? Always wary of ordering from outside of the eu because of that.

    1. No - I ordered it from the UK but had put a US address so they tried to send it to the US hence it was languishing at US customs until someone worked out that it was obviously a UK address but with USA added as the country, instead of the UK. You know the flipdown boxes when you're filling your address is always fixed to UK. Well.. if you order when IN the Us, it defaults to the US.... Which I hadn't realised...

  9. While I love the look of the saddle bags, I once got my purse lifted from a flip top bag in Covent Garden, so for me zips are essential. (Wasn't too bad a day, I'd been to an interview, got the job, and 21 years later I'm still in Denmark). The apc one is great, something to save up for.

    It's always hard to know what to pack, I have a four day business trip next week, will be indoors most of time, or at the airport (somewhere between three and six flights depending on itinery), so it's comfort and versatility that rules!
    Danish Pastry

    1. AHA - this has a zip across the top and it's quite hard to get into it - iyswim!

  10. I looked at the APC ages ago but decided just didn't need another back bag with gold hardware. What I've been searching for for ages is a pale tan with silver hardwear and JUST got my hands on the Sportmax Nanni in pale caramel. From Italy if course. Matches was the only place in the country stocking this colour and it sold out in a flash. Super excited. Think you'd like the minimalism: And voila (don't know the equivalent in Italian) when I went to order it today 50% off! Lots of other great bags too. Take a look if you dare.

  11. Meant to ask. Did your purchase from the States get slammed with taxes and ongoing delivery charges? Always been a bit nervous of buying outside Europe since paying $50 on an online purchase of some headphones. Have a good day.

    1. See above... I ordered it from the UK, hence it was all so ridiculous! I just didn't realise that if you order when in the US it will default to country US on your address whereas normally it says UK.. I didn't even check as it's always ticked UK if you order from a UK site.... Not sure it actually went all the way to the USA or someoen realised and just sent it back. It does have CUSTOMS stickers all over it.... OOPs.

  12. Visited Aldeburgh on Tuesday having been glamping nearby. So sick of weather cane home a day early. Would recommend the cafe which is attached to a deli. Hot chocolate and gf brownies get a thumbs up.

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