Love me a bit of Spandau


Or to be honest, any metallic will do.

It's shoe obsession number 2399 this season.  So I have had a bit of a shoe fest recently - more than I would ever ever usually buy.  The Catholic Guilt may be catching up with me...  But this is because I have emptied my shoe racks of stock.  A serious purge, although I will fess up and admit it doesn't leave me exactly walking round empty footed.  And instead of my usual sandal splurge, I am only looking to buy one pair this whole summer whilst wearing my old ones from the last couple of years (so all the sandals could breathe a sigh of relief as they weren't carted off to the second hand sale or charity shop).

But shoes and boots - those handy things we have to wear in this country where sandal action is limited to days you can pretty much count on one hand - I have got rid of almost all of them.  A couple of pairs of trainers and two pairs of flatish ankle boots at last count was where I was at.  Heels did fare a lot better as I tend to wear them for years and years.

So after wearing the Gucci loafers day in day out for a couple of weeks it became clear that the loafer was the way forward.  I very nearly caved (ie bought and didn't wear and kept in the box...thank goodness as I can take them back) the white Topshop Karters.  

And then magpie mode kicked in. 

A trip to Selfridges made me realise there was a metallic hole in my shoe collection (at this point we're swerving over the gold heeled loafers that I bought from Topshop and have criminally only worn ONCE - they will get their day - as they are HEELS and therefore are omitted from this category by virtue of them not being flat..)

You could of course go the whole hog and get the Gucci Horsebit-detailed loafers (if you can find them in your size).  I'd go personally for these being a lot of money to spend on something that, with them being a mule, you're not going to get year round wear out of. 

Gucci Loafers £380 (although they do have far more stock in the red on that link from Net a Porter if you fancy them... just saying...)

Now I'll be honest - I had to sit on my hands not to buy these next ones as I LOVE them.  But sensible (ish) head kicked in and I have a pair in red.  I know they're not remotely similar (see what I mean about sensible?) but there isn't an occasion where I would wear these and not the red.  They are just too vaguely in the same bracket of shade colour... But oh my lord they are EPIC.  (and yes I do say that in my head like my 7r old does - they make me that excited). 

Karter Loafer in Pink Metallic from Topshop £65

Then there were these... which are simply sold out everywhere.  I did try them in the 39 but alas, just too tight.  And the colour.. well, it's probably the most Gucci like shade to be honest but be warned, is it a yellow gold... it's neon gold.  Sunglasses needed (although of course I would have bought them if they were in my size... )

Karter Loafer in yellow (their description not mine) £65 from Topshop

But then - I came across these.... 


Tread down backs and that buttery leather that you know will only age beautifully.  They weren't as cheap as the Topshop ones but the shade of gold has so so much more longevity and whilst I am beyond impressed with the leather of the TS ones, this is definitely a step above.  The sort of leather you know will never leave a blister.

And - they're brand new in but are already low stock... Nothing like the horror of something selling out to force an impulse purchase.

Kipper from Kurt Geiger £120

Topshop really are the winners this season though when it comes to fabulous metallic footwear and there is something for everyone. 


For me, it was a real toss up though between the Kurt Geiger Kippers and these much more reasonably priced Kimis from TS.  These are the same, super wearable, more subtle brushed gold but are more pointed than I was looking for.  

Kimi Loafers from Topshop in leather £39

I decided I definitely wanted a shoe loafer but if you were after a mule I can also vouch for the leather of these.

Kola Mule Loafers from Topshop in leather £59

Slight heels now but still loafer style from Topshop again. 

Jean Tread Down Loafers £66 (so you can turn into a mule of sorts).

More heels but slingbacks now.  Oh HOW I would love to be able to wear a mid heel.. although it does eliminate an entire tranche of shoes for me to purchase, which can really only be a good thing. 

Jenna Slingback Shoes from Topshop £59

Full on shoe if you prefer that to a sling back? 

Juliette Mid Heel Shoes from Topshop £56

Or.... now I think I could possibly wear this... *look away look away look away*.... slightly lower heel and verging on almost flat no?

Coconut Sling Back Shoes £56

Moving onto some different options now of the metallic variety.  More flats but this time a twist on a classic ballet flat - a pointed pump from Mint Velvet.  And there is currently 15% off everything at MV plus free delivery with the code PALM.  I need to look at this in more detail next week, definitely.

Pewter Pixie Metallic Pumps from Mint Velvet £79 

Pointed again but glitter now.  One great thing about all these metallic shoes is that if you prefer to wear flats for an Occasion, these fit the brief and then some. 

Werein Shoes from Nine West were £75 now £49

However easily my find of the day has to be the Van Stitch Point Ballet Flat from Topshop for a pretty fabulous £18.  No they're not leather but if you don't think you're going to be living in these and just fancy a bit of silver for a lift to your Summer wardrobe or for a special occasion, these have to be the answer. 

Slightly off piste with regards to a classic ballet flat but I love the shape of these - something vaguely Japanese about them.  Incredibly stylish and bang on trend, whilst being flat and therefore much more subtle than other options? (in my head this is...)

Karate Ballet Flat in leather from Topshop £46

Moving onto lace ups.  Another androgynous vibe (my current fave) to these from Seven Boot Lane.

Fleur in Gold Leather from Seven Boot Lane £120 but don't forget your 15% off with DMBSS16 

And of course, not forgetting a bit of sneaker action.  At the moment, it's all about loafer love for me but give me a couple of weeks and I'll have fallen back in love with my sneakers.  Nothing more Summery than a silver version.

Cypress Lace up trainer from Topshop £22

Lotus from KG by Kurt Geiger £45

Or a chunkier sneaker with the Silver Supergas £54.99

So here I am in mine yesterday - taking advantage of the delays on the Circle line.  All the glamour. 


And what I wore... meetings in London and then out for dinner with the family as the 11yr old finished her SATS.  One of those days that I knew was going to be stifling in London but I had to walk a fair bit.. so obviously you put on new shoes?  Can happily confirm they do not rub one iota. 


White tee - Eilee Fisher
Scarf print silk jacket - Zara
Kick Flare cropped jeans - Rock & Republic
Kipper loafers - Kurt Geiger
Grab bag - Gucci

I am now off to pack - nothing like leaving it till the last minute.  The only reason I've done this is because I have been watching the weather like a hawk in the hope that it might change... Am off to New York.  Just for the weekend.  A super flying visit with one of my oldest friends for her 40th.  On a scale from one to ten of lucky, I appreciate I am about a 35.  However it is due to rain.  A lot.  And having lived in New York, I know that when it says rain and when it says a storm, it means business.  Am vaguely considering my wellies.....

PS.  And no.  My phone still isn't fixed.  Only three hours on the phone all in all yesterday to Vodafone.  Apparently they really "want to help".  I have tweeted.  About ten times.  Maybe more.  NOTHING.  I didn't have time to go instore.  Every time I speak to them, they tell me it will be fixed within the hour.  It's not.  I have to call back.  They've now said, actually it will take 24 hours for your tariff to change.  They said this on Wednesday.  They lied.  I have a feeling that the chances of it being fixed this time within 24 hours are also absolutely none.   I won't call them lying ($(£*^^&s just yet.  However I will not be responsible for my actions when I return from NY and it's not fixed.  Am having to take The Husband's phone.  If anyone who works for Vodafone reads this, can you please send an email to your COO telling him his company SUCKS.

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11 comentarios:

  1. Oh have fun in New York, what a fabulous weekend! So looking forward to hearing about your shopping tips and best buys in the US as off to Boston at the end of the month.

  2. I need another coffee, I read that last bit as 'coo' as in 'highland' and was confused for much longer than I'd like to admit... Enjoy NYC, am green with envy xx

  3. Have a fabulous trip. Can I ask what the sizing is like on the kipper loafer?

  4. Have a lovely time in NY - it would be rude not to shop! I have to say I couldn't go all that distance for only two days, too much faff! have fun xx

  5. I bought those pink topshop shoes before even reading to the end of the blog! They are everything as the young people say! Shame the toppers ones are out of stock in the gold. I misread the blog post title and though it said 'spandex' instead of 'Spandeau' !!!!!

  6. For once I'm ahead of the curve! I bought some gold Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 68 trainers just after Christmas, not too bright a gold, just perfect to go with denim. I also have some dull gold All Saints ankle boots from years ago that get dragged out every year!

  7. I have just ordered the pink loafers (bit daring for me ) & the silver backless loafers from top shop :) thanks for the heads up
    have a fantastic time in New York xx

  8. Is that a new bag I spy Kat?

  9. Enjoy NYC... I love it, need to go back. I feel ahead of the game as I bought some light gold snakeskin trainers a few months ago...
    Slightly off topic but seeing as you mentioned Mint Velvet ... I used the 15% off code earlier this week to buy some jewellery, they have some lovely pieces this season and some gorgeous bags!

  10. Kat! Can you please do a post on which shoes/boots to keep and which to toss? I have a fear but need to purge :)

  11. I bought the Kipper loafers in gold and they are soooo lovely. I am usually a 3.5 but the 3 are perfect and I cannot believe how soft the leather is. Thank you for the heads up Kat! Just need some styling ideas now😀