Once you pop...

... you can't stop.  Not Pringles (although it is a fact that you can't stop once you've opened a pack but I have to say I am the same with every form of crisp.  And don't get me started on cashew nuts...) but jeans.  I have well and truly popped my denim cherry and now I want to sleep in them.

Simply can't get enough of denim. 

And although I may not be quite (read remotely) into shorts yet (it has to be sweaty mcsweaty season for more than 5 minutes and it does in fact look decidedly cloudy today.  That may well have been our Summer I fear...), I am all over the jeans. 

Haven't bought new blue jeans in forever (last ones were £24.99 from Zara last year I think and I've worn them to death) and it seems, on looking at mine, that they are all super distressed.  Which I think definitely have their time and place but with my (still in the planning stages...) Summer minimalist look - pared back and plain - the extra detailing that distressing gives isn't perhaps what I'm after. 

You can imagine, therefore, how over the moon I was last week at Kilver Court in Somerset (yes, whilst on Rugby Tour...) to come across the MiH concession who were selling two pairs of jeans for £120.  And no - I didn't buy two pairs (all faint now) but snagged one pair of Phoebes which I have been umming and ahhing over forever.  Decision made decidedly easier with a £60 price tag.  Yes - £60.  Down from £225  (and my friend bought a pair of black skinnies). 

They are the lighter denim which is perfect for Summer months.  Look amazing with other denim, navy, black and most definitely whites.  

However fear not if you can't make it all the way to Kilver Court, I have found some Phoebes also on offer elsewhere. 

Why do I love this style?  They're not tapered boyfriend jeans but they're not as skinny as straight legs.  They look fabulous with flats and even better with heels.  You can throw on a jumper and sneakers or dress them up for out out.  Ok so I appreciate I'm describing pretty much every pair of jeans going but for me, it's such a novelty not having a distressed pair - it's like my jeans have been given a whole new lease of life.

MiH Phoebe Turn Up Jeans were £225 now £90  Size down.

And another version at The Outnet - this time rolled up (they don't have to have the classic Phoebe turn up - it's up to you to finish them as you'd like). 

Phoebe mid rise boyfriend jeans from MiH were £205 now £86.10

You can either roll or turn up (or cut off but I'll be coming back to that another day...) these jeans and you can find pairs that are tighter or looser on the leg to suit your preference and shape. 

There are some great bargains around in the sale at the moment - they're probably not the most "en vogue" style of jeans, but seeing as I don't live in Shoreditch or Hoxton, I think I've still got ages wearing "last season's shade of blue"....

Helmut Lang mid rise boyfriend jeans were £220 now £88

A paler option too at Helmut Lang for again, a great reduction...

Distressed mid rise slim boyfriend jeans were £220 now £79.20

Paler again for the Summer at Pepe.

Pepe Jeans Donna Turn Up Loose Fit Jeans £85

And another sale bargain from ASOS with these Diesel jeans.

Diesel Slim Fit Kameron Boyfriend Jeans were £140 now £84

These I think are probably a more fitted as opposed to loose jean which I know some people prefer.

7 for All Mankind relaxed skinny boyfriend jeans were £190 now £85.50

However the bargain of the day has to be the wide turn up from ASOS.  Now I know I said no vintage but this is just a smidge of distressing which I can forgive for ELEVEN QUID...

ASOS True Boyfriend Jeans were £38 now £11

If you do want more fitted as I mentioned, it might be a straight jean that you're after.

Soft Grey Straight-cut 5 Pocket jeans from La Redoute £49

Clyde Straight Jeans from Kaporal 5 £49  These you could easily turn up for the Phoebe effect.

Moving into more tapered territory now with the classic boyfriend, the popularity of which shows little sign of waning.

Pepe Idoler Hipster Boyfriend Jeans £75

Classic at Whistles.

Whistles Boyfriend jeans in a light wash £95

Panelled Boyfriend jeans from Whistles £95

hush do a darker wash (as well as a lighter wash, not to mention the black...) £75

Or a classic boyfriend cut from ASOS - I have to say I LOVE ASOS denim and for the money have historically found them easily as good as anywhere else.  If you can find a fit and a wash you like there, definitely worth exploring. 

ASOS Carrot Boyfriend Jeans £32

Here I am in my new Phoebes from Kilver Court - doing the rounds of the outlet villages at... yup, Bicester.  Shopping trips like buses this week.  Not planned that way, it's just the way the diaries fell. 

Seeing as I'd bought absolutely nothing last time I went, I wasn't holding my breath... 

Well that was a mistake as I could have bought everything.  The law of sod of course.  I managed not to completely indulge.but there was one thing I completely couldn't resist...


White tee - Eileen Fisher
Navy Ada Blazer - M&S
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Red loafers - Gucci
Leopard bag - Tory Burch

And that would be.. the glove shoes from Balenciaga that I featured on this blog.  In the end I ordered both but the low were too low and the high were vertiginous.  

However they did have last season's at Bicester which were half price with another 20% off.  They are THE perfect heel height.  High enough to be "high" but not too high that you can't wear them during the day (for special occasions like a lovely lunch...).  

New hair (three inches off) and the start of Summer with a tropically sunny day meant the first al fresco lunch of the season.  Ridiculously pleased with my new shoe purchase.   And I can confirm that they are super comfy as well as I wore them out last night too.

I think they may also have been meant for these jeans.  This sort of outfit, just seems to be slightly more up to date without the distressing (or is that me trying valiantly to justify my new jeans... yes, even I can see through that one...).


Black ruffle sleeve top - ASOS  (this is what I featured on the Ruffleitis blog - first outing.  LOVE it.  Will be living in it) 
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Leopard bag - Tory Burch
Glove sandals - Balenciaga

So I am well and truly ensconced in a full on denim love in.  Sitting here typing in.. oh yes, that will be more denim.  I'm about to take the boys swimming and then we've got a bbq with friends this evening.  And it's only Saturday.  Am loving these weekends with no sport (football all finished by 10am on Saturday morning). 

Have you rediscovered denim or were you never estranged?  For Summer, this is definitely definitely my favourite style of jean - too much rose on a regular basis means that skinnies aren't really a comfortable option.  Would love to know what your favourite shape is?

I'll definitely be back tomorrow as First Holy Communion season is looming and whilst I can tick the box for dress, shoes and bag, I am in need of a jacket.  What better excuse to do a ton of jacket research?  Which would obviously also work with jeans.... And then of course we haven't really looked at many Summer tops have we?  (which would work with jeans...think I may have done with the justifying now...!)

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19 comentarios:

  1. I'd say I rediscovered denim a few years ago when I finally found jeans that were a good fit round the derriere and the right length! Petite clothing in Denmark is non existent - disadvantage of living in a country with a smaller population than London!
    I'm not into distressed as in big holes, but a bit of a worn wash is great. Straight leg or slim leg, both are good, like the look of boyfriend jeans, but not found ones that work for me yet.
    Weather here is almost too warm for denim though, 24°C today, not that I'll be counting my eggs before they hatch, it's supposed to be back down to 10°C at the end of next week!
    Danish Pastry

    1. Well that's it isn't it? Two warm days and we all get carried away and crack out the shorts! And back in Winter coats by the following week... I'm sticking to my jeans and may wear a summery top in honour!

  2. I love this style for summer! Have a look in your local TKMaxx, I found some MIH Phoebes in the clearance section. The 26' fit me perfectly, and I'm normally a 28'., mine are a slightly lighter wash. I wish I could afford the shoes. Great outfit!

    1. That's a good shout too although these days I have to say I prefer The Outnet for bargains as much more reliable than TK Maxx! They do come up big don't they?? I"m usually a 27 and the 26 are PERFECT. The 27 would have been enormous.

  3. yeah Im so glad that you are back in love with blue denim I was so sad when you went over to the 'black' side..😂I love my blue denim and my favs at the moment are my AllSaints Girlfriends (worn as yours above) love em ! 😍

    1. Back in the game for sure here! I may never take them off...!!

  4. Once again thanks for the inspo Kat! One pair of MiH jeans winging their way to me !! Sue xx

  5. Skinnies are my usual denim go-to, but I love the look of boyfriend jeans for summer. I've never until now managed to find the perfect pair, but after your recent post, I thought I'd give the ones from The White Company a try. Thanks so much for the tip - I've gone for more a slim boyfriend with the sizing, and I love them! I don't wear a lot of blue denim, but the pale wash is just perfect, and I like that they're not heavily distressed too. And, yes, please, a post on summer tops (and jackets!) would be great! xx

    1. Oh so so pleased - they are great aren't they? Just the right amount of slouch and the denim is perfect for Spring/Summer - heavy enough to give drape but light enough to be cool to wear xxx

  6. Hi Kat, totally off topic but just got back from a wedding where I wore a black self portrait dress. Discovered this brand through you and got loads of compliments including one lady telling me it was her favourite outfit! Huge thanks as I am a mum of 2 who gets out approx 2x per year and I felt stylish and comfy and completely at ease. Had a fab time! Thanks again xxx

    1. Well I am so so pleased to be able to help xxxxxx

  7. Just out of interest, how often to people wash their jeans. They say that denim lovers can go many months without washing their beloved denim! Putting them in a freezer is one thing that they do do, as it neutralises smells and kills bacteria. Helps keep them looking new apparently!
    Now I've always washed my jeans when I think they need it, don't like it when they start getting a little baggy around the knees.
    Danish Pastry

    1. Errr I fear the answer chez moi is probably not enough... (minger alert!) When they need washing?! Not that often for sure. But then I don't wear them for days and days on end....

  8. Cropping yourself is definitely a genius idea. Have ideas on that coming up.. after trying on ever kick flare jean on the high street and wanting to SOB! (bar the £15 ones from River Island which will be perfect as they're a great fit and are cropped enough for Summer) x

  9. You got the Balenciaga shoes! I SO want them! Enjoy the sunshine.

  10. Who decides the silly code names for denim? Because I keep reading and hearing "boyfriend", and all I see is 80s jeans. Ugly fitting, unflattering, saggy high-waisted 80s jeans. A pair of jeans shouldn't be difficult to style around. In fact what made jeans great was how it used to be the easiest piece of garment to wear.

  11. I'm sorry if I rant, but I'm so fed up by fashion lately that won't decide which decade to copy and stick with it for more than two months! I understand not all body shapes suit everything, however, all of the sudden everyone demonizes bootcut. Even worse, they seem to forget what a decent bootcut looks like, and confuse it with flare and 70s bells. People seem to have forgotten than between the sky-rise waist of the 80s and the Britney low-rise of the 90s there should be a middle, alias an average waist rise. Suddenly someone decides jeans should have a hole around each knee and people follow the trend like sheep. At least cut a hole somewhere else on the fabric, just for originality's sake :)

    By the way your hair looks amazing.

  12. BTW Phoebe shorts reduced to £15 in local TK Maxx. Every size available though limited numbers. Also come up huge but a very flattering fit if you drop down a size or two. Not that I love shorts, but needs must as the temperature rises and if I have to wear shorts, better they're MiH.