The Grown Up School Summer Dress

Which means...??! 

Essentially I mean (and I am making this up as I go along) that dress that you can put on every day without thinking.  The no brainer of a Summer dress.  For the school run, for work, throw on heels and you can wear it out in the evening, Summer BBQ (as opposed to a Winter one... duh), lunch, you name it, you can wear this dress to it. 

And for me - that is the Shirt Dress. 

I feel properly grown up when I wear a shirt dress, especially one that covers my knees (damn you sinky knee caps).

First realised how useful they were last year with my two dream purchases (which I should already be wearing this season but they need ironing.. oh yes, the one fly in the ointment.  Ironing.  But I'm sure most of you aren't as bone idle as I am and probably iron on a much more regular basis..) from & Other Stories. 

Oh and if, like me, you were lucky enough to inherit the shade of skin that glows in the dark, a touch of fake tan is needed too.  

However these only seem like vague irritations as it's not probably warm yet.  As soon as the sun does come out for more than five minutes, it suddenly becomes a must to get your legs out.  A touch of fake tan and a bit of ironing seems very little effort when you can be cool (in the not hot sense, not hip sense) and not wear jeans (or have to wear shorts... the latter being the bigger driver if I'm honest...refer to previous issues with Les Dawson face knees). 

But till then - I am planning on wearing mine with blazers or biker jacket and ankle boots (these being amazing as I don't have to worry about tricky ankle tanning). 

And this is the last bargain that I bought from New York. 

A shirt dress from Anthropologie by Maeve.  I won't be wearing mine with a neckerchief as I look like an escaped air stewardess whenever I try to sport this look.  Shoe wise I was thinking flat gladiator sandals or tan peep toe shoe boots.  I paid a rather respectable $86 as it was on special offer.

They don't have this colourway anymore but they do have a beautiful Summery shade of blue from Anthropologie UK. 

Jemima Shirt Dress by Maeve £118

It's the back detail which is the most interesting (and super super flattering).

And speaking of last year and my wonderful dresses from & Other Stories, I had hoped that they might repeat them this season.  Welllllll they have.  But.  But but but (there was bound to be a but wasn't there?), I've tried the one that's out at the moment and it's completely see through.  It doesn't look it from the pics and I am doubting myself as I type as I REALLY want to love it.  But I've tried it on twice and both times have walked away from it (very unlike me).  It's just too... err... nightie.

Ocean Floor Ankle Grazer Dress from & Other Stories £55  Yes it does look gorgeous on her here and yes of course I'm tempted to order it even though I know it looks vile on me.  Gah.  It also says it comes in two colours but there's only one colour online and it's been like that for weeks.  They don't even know in store what the other colour is supposed to be or when it's coming in.  I am watching like a hawk...

If you do want to order it - one other point - unlike most of & Other Stories stuff, this comes up on the normal/large side size wise.

Midi at Topshop and a spotty theme. 

Spot Print Shirt Dress was £46 now £30

Plain navy now at ASOS and a really useful, every day throw on dress. 

ASOS Midi Shirt Dress in rib £30

Love this colour.  Not remotely the colour I would usually wear but I think teamed with gold, or black, or snakeskin or leopardprint, this is actually an incredibly useful neutral shade and perfect for this time of year. 

Just Female Ruchi Midi Dress from ASOS £84

Plain again and classic black at Autograph. 

Waist Tie Shirt Dress from Autograph at M&S £55  AND use MAY16EM for 20% off this weekend.   Off everything (I shall be raiding the beauty section for holiday packing treats).

However when it comes to saving 20%, this is the dress you should be buying as it's a lot for usual M&S.  But it is AMAZING. 

Pure Silk Floral Belted Shirt Dress from Best of British at M&S £149 (pre discount).

Lala Palm Maxi Shirt Dress from French Connection £110

Now I prefer mine to be on the plainer side (for every day that is...except for the floral ones above... oops) but I have to say, my inner Laura Ingalls Wilder is rather loving this one. 

Embroidered Waters Shirt Dress from Anthropologie was £128 now £89.95

Shorter now as I appreciate not everyone has knees like dough balls. 

Semele Floral Shirt Dress from Anthopologie was £118 now £34.95

However when it comes to shirt dresses for bargain prices - look no further than Topshop.  On fire with these.

Palm Print Shirt Dress from Topshop £39 (it does have a cold shoulder hole.. I'm assuming there is one on each side).

More Print in print and khaki - adore this colourway.  

Bamboo Printed Shirtdress from Topshop £39

Oversized Colour Block Shirt Dress from Topshop £39  (I'd probably undo the top buttons personally...) 

Plain now and again - the necktie looks amazing on her - on me? There would be more than a whiff of mechanic.  I'm going to stick to the safety of necklaces...

D-Ring Pocket Shirtdress from Topshop in khaki £39

Collection of stripes now.  Vertical, flattering and very on trend.  I love the idea of teaming these with a clashing print.  Seeing as to my mind, leopard is now a neutral, that would be my starter for ten....  Or floral.  I feel a floral moment coming along soon....

Oversized Stripe Shirt Dress from Topshop £39

And maxi now - LOVE this one.  

ADPT Maxi Shirt Dress £55  Either navy blazer or denim jacket over the top.   Perfection.

ASOS Maxi Shirt Dress with Patch Pocket Detail in Stripe £38

So I am definitely planning on getting the legs out tomorrow.  Thoughts on the shirt dress?  Yay or nay.  I LOVE.  It is genuinely my favourite style of dress.  I find it the most flattering and the most easy to wear - ironing aside....

But today, it was back to jeans.  And a sneak preview of my last (it is honestly the last!) purchase from New York.  An investment for next A/W theoretically but I've already worn it twice this week.  There is something to be said for a cooler May... I get to wear the shearling.  This was, can I please please say, massively reduced compared to the UK price!


Navy and white breton - Joseph
Navy reversible shearling - Helmut Lang
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Gold Kipper loafers - Kurt Geiger
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci

I'm out tonight for dinner with friends which I am so looking forward to.  One of our favourite local restaurants with some of our favourite friends.  I shall be celebrating finally having someone acknowledge that there is a fault on my mobile phone account and no, it's not working properly.   It's only taken 12 days, 14 hours on the phone to Vodafone, 6 Vodafone store visits and an hour in the Apple shop.  Two new sim cards and one new iPhone.  It's finally been referred to the Vodafone "super users".  And I can expect it be fixed within..... .a week.  And if it's not fixed, I get to ring them back.  And breathe.........

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28 comentarios:

  1. I'm with you on the glow in the dark skin, must be those anglo-saxon genes!
    So while the shape of the just female dress is my favorite, the colour is most definitely not!
    Danish Pastry

    1. I reckon though it could be one of those colours that randomly works.... But yes it would definitely be a suck it and see!

  2. I really agree with you re the stories dress. I love it the most in the set of dresses posted above, but it is too big and see through. While I have sent off for the smaller size I can't imagine doing the school run in it due to its transparency. Wd a full length slip work? Not sure as it makes it go from easy to fussy. I am also holding hope out for other colour. Meanwhile I am searching eBay for last year's porcelain dress. Would you mind saying re the sizing? I am a 12 but found the 38 too big. Thank you so much.

    1. It looks SO lovely in the pics doesn't it? But I have tried it again and again (ok twice) but even in the dark dressing rooms of & Other Stories, it looks too dark! I think a slip might work actually but then it would make it really warm.. And the whole point for me it is to be able to wear it on hot days! I have a 36 and I'm usually a 10. That fits me fine. x

  3. Just to add on the US site the ocean dress is coming soon and the other colours listed are blue dark and black..

  4. Adore a shirt dress. On other people that is. Always thought they were so chic on you tall gorgeous waify gals but being top heavy at moment with a bit of a mummy tummy I simply didn't think they would be very flattering. I also thought the material on most shirt Dresses were rather thin and sheer, again not great for skimming the post curves. So gorgeous though, I might have to put on my spanx and try one on, with a slip :)

    1. Hmm you can get shirt dresses in other fabrics.. but they are mostly a more fluid fabric as I think that's where the "shirt" connotation works as well as the buttons down the front! A heavy jersey would probably be best for you - I'd have a look at the M&S Autograph one above in black which would suit you best from what you've said. And M&S always cut for a larger bust than most! Hope that helps xx

  5. I love a shirt dress, the first one from anthropologie is just gorgeous. I think I am now of an age where it needs to look like a proper dress, not just a long shirt, or I will just be wearing it with jeans! I'm with you on the knees, mine used to be fine but years of kneeling down for small children mean they are definitely "schoolboy knees"!

    I am a convert to midi length, but you have to make sure it hits you at the most flattering part of your leg. One of my most useful dresses is a hush breton scoop hem dress from a few years ago. You can wear it with sandals or boots and a jacket. I could see a midi shirt dress doing the same thing. I've talked myself into it one now ;).

    1. Completely completely agree. Even my Baukjen one from two years ago now seems indecently short on me and I will be wearing over trousers!!

  6. I love all of the above - however have never ever been able to find a 'standard' size shirt dress to fit my 6 foot frame. Do all of these not end up with the 'waist' about 3 inches too high!? I feel like a female Simon Cowell with a belt halfway between my waist and the bottom of my bra? Are there any tall versions anyone could recommend - or perhaps ones without any waist markings but which won't flash the fandango as it were!? Great inspiration as ever, just not for the giant in the corner here.... :)

    1. If you have a look on ASOS in their Tall sections, I think you might hit gold with some options. Also always worth checking out the Tall section of Topshop. I have to say I find the & Other Stories ankle grazer dresses generous of fit. But I do have a body that is not that tall compared to the rest of my 5ft10 frame. Good luck!

  7. This is a great post Kat. Love them all. I've had the & other stories dress in my shopping basket for about a week but if it's see through that's no use so I've ordered the French Connection one instead and can't wait for it to arrive. Also love the Topshop dress with cold shoulder but too short for my ageing knees!! We have a & other stories shop opening in Manchester soon. Very exciting!

    1. The knees simply aren't going to work for me anymore I fear! And yes! How exciting. So much of their stuff, like Cos, you do need to try on. xx

    2. Whoooo JAN, wher in Manchester please is the shop opening? I must have missed this one!

  8. Where French Connection was opposite M&S!

    1. What has happened to FCUK I wonder. They've closed both their Regent Street and Bluewater stores... Have they relocated in Manchester or simply closed? Wonder what's happening. Our Mango has also closed xx

    2. Not sure what's happening with them. It's closed permanently and the nearest is now Chester!

    3. I haven't looked where our nearest is - it's currently at temporary H&M now whilst they redo the H&M and make it massive... Hmmm such a shame.

  9. Lovely and will be looking at M and S tomorrow - just sending back a lovely other stories off the shoulder black cotton dress that was on another blog. Slightly rucked bosom made me look much too matronly - would be such a great dress for those less endowed......

    1. & Other Stories you have to try on. I've also found that lots of bloggers are much much shorter than me so lots of the Stories stuff looks amazing on them - but if you're tall, it can look mega frumpy! *weeps*

  10. love this dress.

  11. Love this post Kat! I bought two shirt dresses from New Look on a whim last year - in a good quality grey and khaki crepe - and they've been surprisingly great - for about £20 each! Have worn them all winter with tights and boots and will 'transition' them to summer i.e. wear with sandals. By the looks of it they haven't repeated the design exactly this year but they do have some other shirt dresses there that I might have to investigate. Also spotted this one for just £6 (!) in navy and burnt orange, bit more sporty than other shirt dresses but worth a try for price of a bottle of wine!

    1. Oh that looks great! Love a bargain!

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