If you can't wait for the sunshine...

...I may have an idea. 

It's also a pretty darn good solution if you have rubbish knees.  And today I have learnt something.  My entire life I have had bad knees.  In the general scheme of things we are talking small fry issues, of that I am aware, but there is no denying they do look like little Les Dawson faces stuck in the middle of my legs.  

And today I discovered why.  I have inverted knee caps.  That's not the technical term but it's the descriptive term.  My knee caps go in whereas most others go out.  Which means that when you stand normally, the skin folds in on them making them look, frankly, rank as hell.  Not to mention the muscle over the top (which may or may not become more covered in less toned flesh the older you get...) - so the (what was once) muscle and flabby skin hangs over the top and looks even more pronounced (and flabby) as it has no protruding knee cap to hold it up.  Scientific fact (not). 

If you have ever had issues with your knees, I suggest you do the innie or outie knee cap test... 

So whilst this goes absolutely no way to solving the (not exactly life or death) issue of the gurning knees, it does make me feel vaguely better about knowing that there is pretty much diddly squat I can do about them.  

Therefore I am happy to revel in the luxury of things that cover my knees - one of them being midi dresses and skirts.  For the purpose of today - the longer length dress.

Which are also perfect for wearing right now seeing as the sunshine seems to be on yet another hiatus.  Obviously we're in for some scorchio months shortly (I have no meteorological science to back this up and am just relying on blind faith) but right now, it's actually pretty chilly again. 

You could definitely be forgiven for not swanning around in small Summer dresses and shorts.  I'm still in full on cover up mode. 

That doesn't mean full on A/W dresses however - one idea is a Summer dress with a jacket or jumper over the top for now.  Get your moneys worth out of your Summer dresses whilst not freezing to death. 

First thought of doing this last week was when I went along to the hush Pop-up Shop in Notting Hill. 

Absolutely adore Pop-up shops - nothing better than being able to have a feel of the fabrics, get an idea of sizes and lengths and being able to try different things on.  If you didn't get a chance to go, do not worry as I did and spend absolutely eons trying pretty much everything I could on.  So if there's anything you want to ask questions about - please do just ask in the comments as chances are I may be able to help. 

And I discovered my must have dress of the season.  Now - despite what I just said about not gadding about in full on Summer dresses, this is a Summer dress but it's definitely of the sturdier variety.  A lovely heavy jersey that drapes and doesn't cling.  Covers all your lumps and bumps without drawing attention to them and is the ideal dress to fold up in your suitcase.  Throw on with sandals during the day, would be ideal with a denim jacket, or a biker jacket and boots.  Will work as well in Aldeburgh as it would in Ibiza. 

Gathered Scoop Back Dress from hush £75

And the Frayed Crop Jacket which again, I can't believe I haven't tried on before... 

hush Frayed Crop Jacket £85

And here I am in both.  A very smart outfit - dress down with a biker, denim or cargo jacket for sure.


Now I have to say I wasn't convinced by the blue as it's perhaps not very me (ie it's vaguely an interesting colour and I prefer the more morbid side of the colour palette according to the husband) but I tried it on and.. loved it.  Perfect with denim, gorgeous with black - just stunning. 

In the blue again £75

It was hard to get a shot of the back.. but the detailing in the drape is really what makes this dress.


Others which we can invest in now, throw a jacket over and get full use out of when Summer does finally decide to show up. 

Romantic Floral Wrap Dress from Topshop £59 

We're moving into bra issue territory now - there are some that, I'm not going to try and pretend - are not fun bag friendly, I apologise. 

Bandana Print Ring Slip Dress from Topshop was £38 now £25

Black or white now from Mango. 

Black Double layer gown from Mango £35.99

Or the white which I have to say I ADORE but I fear may be a tad see through for Waitrose...  However, with a long chunky cardigan and buckle ankle boots?  

Double layer grown in White also from Mango £35.99

More wearable perhaps (and I would happily wear heels with this) from Mango in navy. 

Embroidered long dress £59.99

Racer back tank dress in stripe from JCrew £59  This, on your average person, is much longer and definitely below the knee.  Looks fantastic with a denim jacket and sneakers - I know, as my friend bought it!  Also available in a navy colourway online.

If you're looking for a bit more of a cover up then there are some other great options.  Again, these are perfect for the Summer 

Openwork Panel Dress in navy from Mango £35.99

Longsleeved at Mango now in Floral Print £39.99

Who says lace has to be for best?  This would be perfect dressed down with a biker or denim jacket.  Or even a chunky cardigan (I have some of these up my sleeve for soon)

Blond-lace panel dress from Mango £59.99

More long sleeved options at JCrew and this maxi dress is amazing. 

Long Sleeve Striped Maxi Dress at JCrew £128

However I have to yet again visit Warehouse as they can easily be crowned Queens of the Midi Dress this season.  And now with 25% off for the next couple of days (till the 19th) with the code GRAZIA25. 

Pure dress heaven.  For a pretty price at 25% off, believe me (you may want to also check out the tops...) 

Jungle Print Midi Dress £45

Sleeveless again and this time a light Summer knit dress.  Simply adore this with a biker jacket and ankle boots or with gladiator sandals. 

Linen Mix Tie Waist Midi Dress from Warehouse £59 pre discount

This one for me, with ankle boots would be just fabulous.  Not that I'm wishing myself still in boots but.. it does make fake tanning the ankles easier.

Embroidered Midi Dress £69 

Zip through midi dress £65

Lace pleated midi dress £85  This is the PERFECT dress me up and dress me down err dress.

And one that could be worn for work but throw on a biker and sneakers and ideal for the weekend. 

Bonded Tweed Midi Dress £69

Finishing with a couple of florals. 

Silk Floral Bird Print Dress £95

More birds!  Clearly someone at Warehouse has an aviary thing doing on... but who's complaining when they are this cool (and these well priced with the 25% off?) 

Floral Bird Empire Midi Dress £59

So these are my mission from tomorrow.  But today, dog walk early doors and so laid back casual was called for, which was a great opportunity to wear my new sweatshirt from New York. 

Ahhhhhh New York.  Oh my lord how I adore that place.  And the shopping.  So I sort of managed to make up for my total lack of shopping last year by buying everything I saw this time. 

Well almost.  Ok so most of it was for my dear dear friend that I went with - the purpose of the trip was to completely revamp her Summer wardrobe.  When I say "revamp", I mean replace everything.  From vest tees, to dresses, to cargo pants, to jeans, to jackets.  Not forgetting jumpers (actually there was only the one), long sleeve tees, tops and shoes.  She did very very well.  

And I didn't do too badly either.  First up was the Wildfox sweatshirt which was reduced three times down to $44.  

This is the one I got in black. 


Which you can still get from Harrods for £99.95 but in red.

I will be back with my other purchases shortly... 

And obligatory New York shot!  (all the rest are on the husband's phone as I had to take his as.. guess what folks.. yes that's right, mine is STILL NOT FIXED.  Apparently they're now saying it's not their problem and I need to go to Apple.  There are simply no words.  I now have an appointment with the Genius bar on Thursday.  I had better meet a bl**dy Genius otherwise I might be not responsible for my actions).


Black Lyocell tee - & Other Stories
Khaki Industrial Pants - Quattrorish
Onyx leather jacket - hush
Red Soho Disco bag - Gucci
Gold Kipper loafers - Kurt Geiger
Coffee - Starbucks (!!!)

And today with the new sweatshirt on. (not in New York).


Side embroidered white jeans - Isabel Marant
Logo sweatshirt - Wildfox
Faux Leather and suede zip collar jacket - ASOS
Mario black fringe bag - Jerome Dreyfuss
Black leather Falcon espadrilles - Seven Boot Lane

So I will definitely be back tomorrow, loads and loads to report on and some really exciting things coming up this week.  Apologies for not being around over the weekend but I was SHOPPING!! (and not even drinking - honestly, just shopping!  The odd little glass of champagne but the weekend was dedicated to the holy grail of activities - flexing the plastic friend).

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13 comentarios:

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love the Isabel Marant jeans, very gorgeous. My partner has had similar problems with Vodafone, and also referred to Apple. I don't think they can decide whose fault it is... good luck.

  2. My knees went all pear shaped - literally in my forties! I have the hush dress and jacket - great combo. Looking forward to tomorrows post and update on phonegate.

  3. Yes, I too have knees like comfy old armchairs, and a scattering of thread veins on the calf (paints a nice picture-no?).....so all hail the midi dress!!�� Not joking have literally bought ALL the warehouse ones and 2 of their skirts too....looking on it as investment in the future cos as sure as hens lay eggs it will be mini's all the way next year! With 25% off I have managed to completely overhaul my wardrobe and use accessories I already have to make multiple outfit choices.....I now need a long sleeved long length shirt dress that I can unbutton from the ankle up....seen anything? Cos obvs now I want it I can't find it, Zara has the perfect floral one online but has sold out...having all the luck- not! Glad you enjoyed NY ....Sarah toomanychoos

    1. That's the difference in being 'on trend' and stylish. One is fleeting, the other is (hopefully) more lasting. So stylish investment pieces are great!
      Danish Pastry

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the explanation of why my knees look so awful! I've known for years that my knees hyper extend or over straighten but I'd never considered that that was why they look so horrible!

    I love the Mango blond lace dress, I just wish they did it in a darker colour, I'm so not a cream dress person!

  5. I've just ordered the jacket from Hush after you modelling it soooo well and also the TShirt with the feather. Yet another good recommendation from you! Thank you 💐

  6. I love the Hush jacket. I just got this dress from H&M and can't keep out of it. http://www2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.0391625002.html

  7. Love the hush dress - in black and blue - especially for those of us with uglikneess. I do find the quality of hush a bit hit and miss though - just brought Fashion Target jumpsuit, worn twice and already bobbling :( Do you?

    1. Yes I do too. I ordered the white trousers with blue print and they have already gone baggy even though I have only worn them once and also the waistband keeps twisting. Also a couple of their t shirts have gone baggy after one wash.

  8. I hate my knees too but being only 5ft 4 I find most midi dresses stop at the chunky part of my calves and being slim, baggy dresses (like the Hush ones) swamp me. HOWEVER, if any of your other readers have this problem I have found a solution - find a dress that is slightly longer than midi but not as long as maxi with a fitted top, it seems to work. The Warehouse Jungle Print Midi Dress and Top Shop Floral Wrap Dress look like they fit this criteria - hooray!

  9. I so wanted to love the hush jacket but returned it - quality was just not matching the price tag. Lx

  10. I love Hush, but I have found the quality to be hit and miss at times. In fairness though even if you contact their customer services a couple of months or more after buying something that has turned out to be poor quality, they do ask for it back and give a refund. More than anything it's the length of time they take to process refunds that irritates me! The thing is though I do love their clothes and buy so much from there! Just love their summer colours this year, the Capri marl is stunning.

  11. Knee-disdain over here too, love this length dress!!