How it is nearly mid October already?

Ok fess up - what did you do with September and the beginning of October?  Seriously where did it go?  HOW is it half term next week?!

Yes it's October and yes, we are in the thick of all things Autumn.  Cosy, warm, but still light enough to wear on slightly warmer days.  What is it about our psyche that says as soon as the clocks go back, all t-shirts and bare legs must be stowed away until Spring.  When it usually snows...

And then we have October when this week it was over 20 degrees!  Which means that ideally, if we want to add some new season gloriousness into out wardrobe, we should be looking at items that work well throughout the seasons. 

Speaking of all things new season, there is a WHOLE host of fabulousness brand new in at hush, which coincides rather superbly for my October paid partnership edit with them. 

First up - yes it's obviously a dress.. it's an AMAZING dress.  It's a dress I will wear and wear and wear and wear.  You can dress up or down and for those of you can't wear black... call off the dogs - it's navy.  Which I would wear with black.

Soleste Dress £99

I sized up to a 12 in this as I wanted it to be looser on the waist for me as I am a giant... I also like the longer length but I would say take your usual size if you're not an Avatar.

Red Metallic Boots £185

Here I am in it with boots (also hush that I featured last time...) and my faithful black jacket from hush that is 5yrs old. 


But speaking of navy... I can't remember if I mentioned this last time but jacket of navy dreams - come to mama... Actually I know I did but I'm just to carry on mentioning it as it's soooo good.

Onyx Leather Jacket in Midnight £295

And whilst we're on the topic of navy, I have a couple of cheeky navy jumpers that I tried on (which you can see in a walkie talkie stylee over in Instagram stories) which are quite superb.

Leopard Star Jumper in navy £99

And then another blue gem which I couldn't resist as it's so darn jolly.  This colour just makes you smile.  And Love Rules is also something I'm rather partial to as well.

Lennox Jumper £89

Then it's onto something that are actually quite tricky to find to purchase.  Coated skinnies.  My absolute go to for a casual outfit where a dress doesn't work.  My absolute go to for a smart outfit when I don't want to wear a dress.  My absolute go to Sunday rugby outfit with wellies or other big boots.  Pretty much suitable for any occasion.

Now I will always tell you that hush sizing is on the generous side.  Except for these.  SIZE UP.  Unless I tried on ones that were sized incorrectly (I so didn't) then these are diddy.  I couldn't even get the 10 past my hips.  The 12 though is perfect. 

The Goldilocks of rise.. not too high, not too low and skinny without being spray on.  Go forth and indulge.  They're all sorts of awesome.

Coated Jeans £79

Speaking of awesome - anything Rock 'n Roll related. I love too much.  This jumper I missed out on this year so have put my order in super early, despite the current warmer temperatures.  I also sized up - not because it comes up small but because I am so tall and did want it to have that oversized look to it (without swamping me).  The large is perfect. 

Rock 'n Roll Jumper £139


You know I mentioned that I am rather obsessed with Rock N Roll?  Oh hello tee. Fabulous with the above coated skinnies.  I take a small in this.

Rock N Roll tee £35

But also fabulous with my most favourite trousers of all time (for casual...) - the hush harems.  I have my original ones which I got 6yrs ago which are still going strong.  I also have black which admittedly are a faded version of the blackl they once were but that's because I tumble dry them when you're not officially supposed to.  But dare I say, they completely work with a vintage vibe to them. 

These are identical to the ones I have had for years.  I do wear a large - but could get away with a medium definitely - I like them to be very loose as you can tie the waist with the drawstring to suit yourself.

Harem Trousers in charcoal £55

There is also the Love jumper.  If you don't have one of these - the best way to describe it is a hug in a jumper.  Looks amazing with the coated skinnies and the harems.

Big Love Jumper £130

And here I am in the outfit that I wore today.


Whilst this photo was taken at the weekend, it's the exact same outfit I wore today.  I have THE worst toothache in the world.  Actually, that's not true, it's not THE most painful thing (that was earache - seriously it was worse than childbirth), but it's incredibly uncomfortable and necessitated a trip to the dentist (which was overdue....).  And I have a gammy gum.  So I now have antibiotics, I can't eat properly and so have spent all day feeling very sorry for myself.  Whilst driving children around.  BUT I have been super super comfy! (See stories over on Insta…)

This has been written as part of my paid monthly partnership with hush but all the views are my own unedited.

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  1. Bit of a random question but can I ask where your twigs/tree is from? :)

  2. Well, thank YOU for this. There is nothing nicer than starting my Friday reading that you recommend two things I ALREADY BOUGHT!!! I'm not a total lost cause after all ;-) Haven't worn the dress out yet but LOVE it x

  3. amazing looks...totally loved the outfits and would love to try all of them..:)

  4. I really love the trousers you're wearing with the leather jacket and the blue jumpers. Where are they from please :)

  5. Not entirely sure how a teeny 5ft 2er would wear that dress!!! It's like Me and Em - clothes for avatars! Not sure what the opposite of avatar is btw that would be politically correct!

  6. Do realise you're being spammed DMBl...? must get to Gujarat for school tomorrow after I visit the dentist for new peggies! ;/

  7. Loved the Rock and Roll Jumper. As I am from India, could you suggest from where can I purchase it so that it fits my budget. Thanks!!

  8. Can I recommend the Asquith long harems - as a fellow avatar (5'10 but 80% leg) I found these a) long enough and b)more flattering than the Hush ones that I love but make me feel a bit Blackadder in their leg'o'mutton-ness. They also wash better