Think pink

So how is it August already?  I swear to god July was only two minutes ago (and whilst we're on the subject of time flying - err the Olympics?  Seriously?  They were not four years ago.  Two maybe, I'd even argue three but four?  Nope nope and thrice nope). 

However clearly the world is right and I am wrong and we are racing towards Autumn. 

And I'll be honest with you - fashion is confusing right now.  It's sort of trying to be warm (apart from today when it's given up even attempting to get with the program and is positively November in its attitude) but we haven't really cracked out full SUMMER yet (bar three days.  Whoopdewhoop). 

The shops have even given up and the sales are dwindling to a close - the rails being full of Autumnal loveliness.  

And I have a cunning plan.  We need to be thinking about things that we can buy and wear now but keep wearing into the Autumn.  Rather than thinking about a specific item of clothing, today I've gone in a slightly different direction and am thinking about a colour. 

A colour that goes really well with our Summer shades - for me that is a whole host of neutral so pretty much anything is going to work well.  I'm talking mostly greys, blacks and whites (all the interesting, that's me).  For Autumn, I'm cranking up the khaki quota, throwing in some navy for sure, not to mention the year round staple of good old blue denim which I have come round to love all over again. 

What would work perfectly with all of them?  That will be yellow.  Or pink.  Or yellow... or pink.  

So I will confess I can't decide which I'm currently preferring but I think pink may be slightly edging it. 

Sort of confirmed when yesterday I saw this pic and thought - MUST have.  

Of course, can't find them online at all - my major gripe about monthly mags (this was in the August edition of In Style which came out at the beginning of July.  Obviously....).  Their fashion picks are often simply not for sale.  Which is really really irritating.

And now I'm all griped about these pink boots.  Which, I have to say, I was super surprised to find were only £55 from River Island.  To be fair though, it's neither here nor there and they could cost £555 from Saint Laurent when you can't actually find them to buy.

But it peaked my interest enough to give more thought to pink.  I've bought that blush dress from H&M (the super embroidered chiffon one), I have another skirt which has pink in it and so something would work well with that and generally, I keep coming across blush pieces of gorgeousness I'm lusting after. 

Starting with a trench.  What could be more perfect for Summer and Autumn shower than trench coats?

ASOS Bonded Midi Trench £75

ASOS Mac in waterfall drape with rollback sleeve was £75 not £45

Skirts now.  So SO much easier to wear into the Autumn with a jumper (as opposed to a tee in the Summer).  Oh how I love a little fitted jumper or a crew neck jumper that nips in at the waist.  Simply perfect for over a waistband that can prove contentious for matching a top to (yes, looking at you, wafty little tee that doesn't ever quite work).

ASOS Tiered Midi Skirt was £32 now £22

Midi with a print now - perfect for teaming with more black. 

Ganni Rose Smoke Print Midi Skirt was £90 now £40

And throwing in some maxis.....  The itch that I feel I need I should scratch....

True Decadence Petite Tulle Maxi Skirt £40

Scrap that one - prefer the shade of this... with a grey cashmere jumper and black biker jacket.  I defy you to say no.  Maybe I'll order, pap it and we all agree it is in fact a hilarious idea that only works in my head.

Little Mistress Maxi Tulle Skirt £50

Far more wearable.  Jumper, blazer - easy for work.

Warehouse Premium Lace Skirt £69

Moving onto tops and starting with my absolute faves - the extra fine merino jumpers from Uniqlo.  Men's ones - but they still do a pink...  I'm a 10/12 on top and I wear a Small.  If you're not as broad as me at 5ft10, then I would say an XS. 

Extra fine merino crew neck jumper from Uniqlo £29.90

This is another option which I'm definitely going to look into.  Wear as a cardigan now - wear as a jumper in the Winter over skirts and culottes or with jeans.. 

Pure Cashmere Button Through Cardigan £85 from M&S

And a bargain more fitted jumper at M&S (also available in navy and silver grey... just saying... *rushes off to order all colours*).

Tailored Fit Crew Neck Jumper £12.50

However this is the one that I've plumped for.  The perfect shade of pink if you're not looking for a blush. 

The Perfect Crew Neck Jumper in Bubblegum pink was £68 now £34 from Me+Em

Not everyone loves a jumper so I've come across a blouse.  I never knew I could do a ruffle... with a pair of jeans, this would just be sublime.

Ruffle Detail Blouse £42

Another top that has caught my eye and only because I saw one like this teamed over a maxi dress at Chloe (yes actual real life stuff from Chloe along with their Creative Director at a festival..!!) over the weekend and thought HELL YES (and I will be back with more weekend musings from Port Eliot but suffice to say - where do I sign up for next year?!) 

So here is the top (gorgeous girl in the green dress with navy track top) from the weekend. 

And here is the one I tracked down (sorry...)

Stripe Detail Track Top from Topshop £65

An easy addition would be just a hint of colour with a scarf.

Light Pink Neck Tie Scarf £8 from River Island 

Or you could tie an oversized one with a complete bargain from Me+Em.

Lightweight Scarf in Sugar Pink was £48 now £14

However my find of the day in pink is this jacket from River Island.  Oh.  My.  Lord.  This looks like it was plucked from the pages of Matches.  The perfect cut for over dresses and jeans.  Not to mention culottes and wide leg crops - all of which we normally have problems teaming jackets with and resort to a biker.  Which isn't an issue per se but it's nice to have another option.  And this is perfection.  With a black or grey polo neck underneath... oh hello. 

Pink cropped trench Jacket £65 

So I will be back tomorrow with more info on how the weekend went... (suffice to say there was no blogging and for that I apologise!).  But in other exciting news, I've written an article for The Pool on my current obsession with the midi dress (you may or may not have noticed, I am mostly surgically attached to them at the minute)

Proving my point, here I am last Friday - for travelling down to Cornwall and then until the small hours. 

Red floral dress - M&S
Copeland Trainers - Air & Grace
Onyx leather jacket - hush
Haworth bag - Village England

And today for a trip to London for an appointment at the Passport Office in Victoria.  Don't ask.  There is not enough eye rolling for this one... 

Black shirt dress - & Other Stories
Yellow faux leather jacket - Zara
Onyx leather jacket - hush
Haworth bag - Village England
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose

So that's me - trying to work out how much pink I can cram into my wardrobe for next season until tomorrow when I'm back with weekend musings and an easy on trend addition for Autumn. 

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10 comentarios:

  1. Kat, I have a completely unrelated question. I have seen you wearing a pair of joggers from Wyse London. I want to order a pair but am ordering from Australia and it's a pain to return them so want to get the size right. Did you go for a size 2??

    1. Mine are a size 2. I would say that is a large 10/12... hope that helps! They are absolutely gorgeous and I'm almost looking forward to it being a tad chillier so I can wear them again!

  2. I'm definately a pink convert, although the more barbie ones that have blue undertones wash me out. I go for blush shades that have more peachy undertones. They do look amazing with grey, and khaki - I'm on the look out for a pair of khaki trousers for the autumn (preferably on the skinny side, with a bit of an edge). I like the first asos trench, and the Knitwear from M&S.
    Sounds like you had a good first festival, and survived sleeping under canvas!
    Danish Pastry

    1. I would LOVE and have always always wanted a pair of Houlihans but I know they're too short on me. Tried them on when they first came out five years ago and they were like pedal pushers on me. There's cropped and then there's simply too short. Lots of variations of them around though!

    2. Sounds like Houlihans may just be the ticket for a vertically challenged individual (read "short arse") like myself!
      Thanks for the heads up.
      Danish Pastry

    3. They really did put JBrand on the map, for sure but they're definitely made for those who don't have hugely long legs....!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on the me & em scarf - I forgot I had £10 credit with them, so I've just snaffled one for the princely sum of £4! Thinking it will go well with the navy velvet blazer coming up at Banana Republic this AW (seen in an American mag last week). Channelling my inner Dandy Highwayman...
    Love the M&S dress, but that's not the Archive by Alexa one, is it? Can you please shed more light?

    1. Oh that sounds gorgeous! No, it's not the Archive one which I tried and was GRIM on me. Seriously, the fabric and fit did me no favours whatsoever! This was a Limited Edition one that went into the sale. I think I paid £29 for it!! Possibly my favourite dress that I've bought this Summer. For the money, definitely my fave.

  4. Ooh that jacket! Mustn't buy anything else until September - that's not going to happen!

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