Boots that make you go hmmmm...

... and that is hmmm in a good way, not as in when your husband looks at your boots and says hmmmmm.  (I'm sure most of us have had "that" version of hmmmm one time or another?).

We are talking boots with attitude.  One of the things I wax lyrical (aka bang on) about, are how to update your wardrobe with the addition of just a few new things. 

It's completely unrealistic to expect us all to have an entirely new wardrobe each year - hopefully there are things that you will have amassed over the years that you love and still want to wear.  But sometimes old outfits don't have the same fizz factor.  Yes that is a complete (crud) thing that I just made up and could probably coin a better phrase but for now, you know that feeling you get when you put an outfit on and think YES.  Old outfits that you thought you loved never quite do that a year on.

So what do you do?  Add something new into them.  And what better than a pair of snazzy (seriously, I'll all with the crap semantics today - apologies) boots. 

It's no secret that I adore an ankle boot.  I clearly also have my Christmas hat on as I also love a metallic pair.  Boots with bling.  Shiny and not so shiny, ones for every day, ones for evening.  I've got your jazz hands boots (I should just call it a day, shouldn't I?) covered.

Starting with ones which are perfect for every day.  Old jeans will be completely reinvented with these.  

Atherstone Ankle Boots £130 from Boden

Flat again at M&S. 

Block Heel Ankle Boots £35

April Metallic Leather Socks from Topshop £75

Gold again and this time with a hint of western to them.  These are probably the most similar to mine I would say, although in gold, and mine are silver.  I don't have a gold pair and think they are VERY different.  I'm finding them so useful I think it wouldn't be too hard to justify both shades...

ACE western ankle boots from Topshop £69

If you are able to wear slightly higher heels for every day, these would be ideal.  And perfect to take you from day to night. 

Leather Stiletto Pointed Ankle Boots from M&S £69

Similar in pewter from Dorothy Perkins, now with 25% off (everything online!).

Pewter Ada Cone Heel Ankle Boots were £35 now £26.25

I would absolutely wear this in both the day and into the evening.

Truffle Collection Silver Boots were £45 now £35

Ditto these as they're "too high".

Alexa Heeled Boots from Boden £140 in Antique Gold

Similar in a silver patent at Topshop £59

And finishing at the toppier end of the budget.  But I do think these are a perennial.  Ones that you will wear year in and year out. 

Silver at The Outnet.  I should so SO have bought these.. 

Monty glittered-leather Chelsea boots were £595 now £297.50

And finishing with the gold versions of my silver ones.

Metallic textured-leather ankle boots were £345 now £172.50

As if by magic - here I am in mine yesterday.


Silver boots - Maje
Grey coat - Alexa Chung at M&S
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Belt - Weekday at ASOS
Nightingale Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert
Tools bag - Balenciaga 

Last night (didn't wear the above outfit - that was for during the day), I went to my very first Premier in Leicester Square - Downsizing with Matt Damon which was superb (should probably point out, having re read that back that I didn't go with Matt Damon - YEAH RIGHT - but that he was in the film.  I went with the husband).  Of course, outfit dilemma... but was very pleased with it in the end and inspiration a plenty with a Victoriana ruffle blouse which I am now, obviously, obsessed with.  How did I not realise how versatile they are?  I will be reporting back on them tomorrow.  

Today was spent at the Warner Studios for the Harry Potter tour with the family, which was superb.  Again, will be reporting back, but for now, it's Saturday night, I'm trying to persuade the husband that watching the rugby is the WORST idea he's ever had (seriously, he goes all eye rolly if he comes in and I have Say Yes to the Dress on but apparently, it's fine for me to watch the rugby.  Which I HATE!  Which I also may or may not have mentioned.... ) Send.  Wine.

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8 comentarios:

  1. Regarding partners saying 'H'mm' my partner says 'well do YOU like it' - kiss of death!

    1. That's more polite than mine!!!

    2. My other half doesn't understand the half tuck, thinks I haven't got dressed properly!

    3. Hmm Mine's never commented on that! He probably assumes the same!!

  2. Hubby and my best friend dislike most of my boots. Silver, hairy leopard print, buckled, studs, “dangly bits” as he puts it. Me on the other hand... LOVE them! x

  3. Loving ALL the boots! I bought these beauties last week which are seriously out of my usual comfort zone. Cut to the first wear and I was fending off strangers all day wanting to know where I got them from and receiving compliments from all & sundry. Winner!