It's defnitely become the norm

It was only a couple of years ago when eyebrows would have reached space at the thought of wearing leather for during the day - as trousers.  Dare I even say, as joggers?  

But roll forward a couple of years and they're everywhere.  It has become the norm to wear leather trews to work, to the pub, to the supermarket - everywhere.

And it's not just joggers - obviously we can talk about leather leggings but not today.  We're talking bottoms of the looser variety.  So peg legged, wide leg crops and the good old jogger.  

What do you team them with?  Well pretty much any top to suit the occasion.  There is no reason why these shouldn't be your staple A/W bottoms for every eventuality.  Christmas parties with a sequin top, Christmas Day with your fave cashmere jumper.  I love to wear mine with a tee and blazer (I do tend to avoid a biker - you would probably rather swerve the Hell's Angel, head to toe in leather, look). 

What about with a blouse for full on chic for the office or for a night out?  Any from the blog yesterday would be superb.  I'm also loving them with any knit and a longline cardigan.  Speaking of which, I am on the cardie hunt so bear with me for a couple of days.  And blouses that are flattering for everyone.

Budget wise, there is a pair to suit all pockets.  First up - investment time.  *bites fist*.

Me+Em Slim Crop Leather Trousers £750  Love this entire look and would happily wear on repeat.

Similar but at a much more reasonable price point at & Other Stories 

Leather Trousers £225

Wide leg crops at LKBennett

Lula Forest Cropped Leather Trousers £425

But they don't have to be leather - trust me.  Faux leather is so so good these days, it's very difficult to see the difference.  

ASOS Leather Look Tapered Trousers with Elasticated Back £35

They also do these in a petite...again £35

And a tall version as well.

If you're looking for a higher waist, then I've found some on Shopbop.

Suncoo Jil Faux Leather Joggers from Suncoo £137.30 (or whatever $180 - I didn't work that conversion out, the website does it for you).

Although I have found similar at Vero Moda for a fraction of the cost. 

Vero Moda Leather Look Trousers £44

Plus they also do them in a Tall, also £44 (which clearly is only vaguely relevant if you're an Avatar, if not - scroll on by).

Straight legs but not in a black.

Straight seam trousers from Mango in navy (although I would say I said yesterday - I think I might be in love with this colour.  Discuss?!) £29.99

Then there are the wide leg cropped versions.  Which I have on today.  Mine are from Topshop last year I think - maybe earlier this year but certainly from A/W16.  I cannot vouch for the quality of these, seeing as I'm 44 so the sum total of everything I've bought from Pretty Little Thing is zero.  However for £28 I'd be tempted to give them a go.  It suggests on the description that you might like to team them with a leather bralet (and there in lies one of the reasons I perhaps have not been a frequent peruser of the site?  Just a thought).  Whatever floats your boat - throwing it out there, that I prefer to team mine with a (midriff/muffin) covering tee and blazer or thin cashmere knit.  The choice is yours.

Black Faux Leather Cropped Trousers from Pretty Little Thing £28

Peg Leg versions again from Pretty Little Thing £25  You may, or may not, be pleased to hear the belt doesn't come with these.  I have to say, belt and cropped tee aside (it's like looking at a house that has avocado bathrooms - see beyond the decor), these look blooming marvellous.  I have a pair of these from Zara which I LOVE but are too big (although I have been eating well recently so I'll stop talking now).

And finally from Topshop where my cropped faux leather ones are from.  Off white.  I've zoomed in on this pic a million (ok maybe about three) times to see if the trousers have pockets or she's got her hand in the coat pocket.  Thoughts?

Faux Leather Cropped Trousers from Topshop £38 

Now I have always worn faux leather but this year, I do have a full leather pair as I bought them from a friend who had them as a sample and the company decided not to produce them for their main collection.  So I literally have a one off.


Leather joggers - Rue de Femme
Blondie tee - Hollister
Blazer - Mos Mosh Jeans
Flutter trainers - Air & Grace 
Shark scarf - Rockins
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

In faux leather today with my old classics from Topshop - the ones I think are the same as the off white ones above.  Alas, they don't do them in black anymore (but I would be tempted to try the Pretty Little Thing ones).


Wide leg faux leather crops - Topshop
ROAR sequin tee - Quattro Rish
Red ankle boots - Topshop
Blazer - Zara
Tools bag - Balenciaga

I will definitely be back tomorrow - couple of ideas up my sleeve but all of which are perfect for this time of year.  In the meantime, all keep safe in the storm.  

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11 comentarios:

  1. Thanks Kat. Think I’ll give the asos ones a go (and try on the me and em ones when I land back in UK ��). Topshop ones do have pockets, and come in a putty/blush also. Teal - love, but not with that styling. Looks like she’s off to a 70s party. ��RachelinOz

    1. I saw them in the putty and thought maybe they were a tad flesh coloured?!

  2. I have just bought these HM ones and LOVE them. They went out of stock quickly and are just back in so I bought my second pair. They have them in blue too *sits on hands*. Rather similar to the meandem ones I think:

    1. Can I ask what the sizing is like on those? I'm usually a size 12-14, but the last time I bought a pair of skinny jeans in H&M, I had to go up to an 18!!

    2. Actually good! I'm a 10 and bought a 10. So go for normal size.

    3. AT LAST! something that's normal sized!!

  3. are they the magic boots from Toppers? x

    1. Aha. No, these are from last season at Topshop. I was just way ahead of the game!!!!! The Magic boots aren't as tight on the leg I don't think....

  4. Always have problems with knowing what to wear with leather trousers shoe-wise. I don't like leather trousers with leather boots, personally. Trainers, I guess? Jo

    1. Interestingly, I think they work with a different colour leather boot - so red leather, white leather. The other option of course is to change the texture. I love mine with ponyskin leopard or black velvet boots. But yes, trainers are definitely perfect for every day. Do loafers take your fancy?

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