There is no getting away from...

... another indulgent blog for me.  BUT can I please also mention that it's because they are creeping into our every day wardrobes, like trainers did.  Little by little - at first the concept seemed unthinkable, whereas I predict that come next year, these will be second nature to us all. 

Yes, it's the long skirt.  I've decided just to call it that - long.  As opposed to midi or maxi as everyone likes a different sort of length.  But the skirt is definitely here to stay.  For day to night, in fact, from day to night.  Just add a statement jumper (lots on offer from the last blog) for your own unique "dress". 

Or you can team with a plain blouse or one with personality as an alternative (and I have lots of those coming up).

I have also been asked on so many occasions for these - whenever I wear one of mine, I get request after request for more of them.  So here we are and starting with one of my favourite fabribs - good old leather (or the faux version).

Faux leather midi skirt from La Redoute was £39 now £31.20

Maje Jacron Leather Wrap Skirt was £420 now £252

And then one which I love.  Now I know it's not leather.  And so for the money seems insane.  But.  But but but.  I would wear this ad nauseum.  For me - to find a skirt that's long enough (being an Avatar), in the style that I want, WITH POCKETS - cost per wear, this would be a very good investment.  I actually have the M&S leather one from last year which is similar and so I am sorted but if I wasn't, I would definitely be scrabbling down the back of the sofa for funds to buy this with. 

Pleated faux-leather skirt from MM6 Maison Margiela £330

However, if you're not Gulliver, then a pleated midi coated skirt from M&S is also an amazing buy.

Pleated Midi Skirt from M&S £39.50

Moving onto some maxis.  There aren't that many of these around at the minute.  I predict that there will be loads more next year so at the moment, finding ones that are at the more reasonable end of the high street is tricky (as in - impossible).

Plain navy at Finery London. 

Ness Navy Wraparound Skirt from Finery London £99 with 15% off if you sign up to their newsletter.

Black maxi at Mango £49.99

And in the grey... 

Print midis now at La Redoute and also this does seem very expensive, they currently have a code whereby if you spend £200 you get £100 off.  Oh hello then... the code is WINTER.

Merys Skirt from Antik Batik at La Redoute £219

Tapestry Print Skirt from & Other Stories £59

Alyssa Printed Maxi Skirt from La Redoute £155 (£40 off with the code WINTER). MAXI KLAXON.

Print at ASOS in a very easy to wear black and white.  And they've solved the problem of what to call the long skirt... midaxi.  Ta dah!  I can HEAR the husband's eyes rolling back in his head as I type.

ASOS Scuba Prom Skirt £38

And then one in tall.. although this model is only 1.5inch taller than the model above.  But it's still going to be long, that's for sure. 

ASOS Tall High Waisted Scuba Midaxi Skirt £38

Black and white gingham now.  This may look summery but there's no reason at all why you couldn't wear this with a white or black silk blouse, trainers or ankle boots and a biker jacket.  Long black trench would look amazing with this.

ASOS High Waisted Gingham Maxi Skirt was £35 now £14

Mesh and print now - easy to dress down with trainers and dress up with heels for the evening.  Too early to buy your Christmas party outfit ("never" is the answer, by the way).

Tiered star-spangled tulle skirt from Sister Jane at La Redoute £125 but £40 off with the code WINTER

Tiered again at Finery London. 

Baltic Printed Pleated Skirt £89

Layered pleated pink paradise at Finery London again (don't forget your 15% off - sign up with other emails if you've already signed up would be my cunning plan...).

Baltic Double Layered Pleated Skirt £89 from Finery London 

And this one I LOVE.  Bargain as well. 

ASOS Mesh Skirt in leopard print £28

And then metallic.  

Free People Catch the Wind Metallic Skirt £128

Free People Flashing Lights Sequin Maxi Skirt £128 

Finishing with print maxi skirt HEAVEN. 

First up - Ted Baker. 

Frelan Mirrored Minerals Maxi Skirt £249

And then a different coloured version of a skirt I have and have already worn more times than I can count. 

La Double J Editions The Big Gathered Cotton Skirt £400

And The Slinky also from La Double J £535 

And here I am (yet again) in mine.  


The Big Gathered Cotton Skirt - La Double J
Tee - FWP by Rae
Premium Jacket - Jigsaw
Flutter sneakers - Air & Grace
Tools Bag - Balenciaga
Nightingale glasses - Walter & Herbert

A couple of days in London for meetings and some catching up with friends before the weekend.  Tomorrow night, we're off to see the Premier of Downsizing which I am ridiculously excited about.  And then Saturday afternoon, it's hello Harry Potter.  Sunday I'm trying not to think about, as it's a rugby tournament.  Seven hours it's currently looking like. Leaving at 8, we'll probably get back about 3.  Note to self - TAKE CHAIRS!  And sun lotion whilst we're at it - it's expected to be about 23 degrees.   Indian Summer, come on down.....

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9 comentarios:

  1. You've read my mind! I've been toying with the idea of a skirt, and this has just given me food for thought! I'm in the UK this weekend for a family do, and someone has mentioned a shopping trip to Merry Hell (correctly named Merry Hill!), haven't been there since the late eighties. Maybe something will take my fancy...
    I've never fancied a pair of leather trousers, but I have been thinking about a leather one, your leather midi has been the inspiration. The one problem is that I'd like it in navy (always have to be picky)! So if you've seen one on you travels...

    1. That should read "leather skirt", rather than "leather one"! It's not always enough me knowing what I mean!

    2. I LOVE LOVE leather skirts (and leather trousers too.. I'm off to a premier tonight and I shall definitely be wearing my leather trews!)

  2. I'd love to know what a normal person looks like in that striped ASOS one. It's giving me hope because she seems to have a disproportionately short body too but she is a waif and probably has a waist :D I'm not good with skirts for those reasons and I can't bear too much fabric swamping me and getting in the way. But I do love that striped one. And the Mango one is much more up my street although suspect I might end up looking like a governess in a spooky movie :D xx

    1. I REALLY wish I'd ordered that new black and white skirt to wear tonight to see!!!!! DANG IT!

  3. Love all the designer dresses shared by you. Amazing designs and patterns. Specially that long pink color double layered pleated skirt is amazing. Keep sharing more stuff like this.

  4. I tried to order the £39.99 one from la redoute but it wasn't reduced .great blog as always.i love how you always cater for everyone's budget.

    1. oh bum what a shame - must have been a special offer... They often have really good discount codes so it's worth going and looking again!