Mid season madness

So first up, apologies that it's another post dedicated to a single retailer BUT I don't think you'll mind if you love a discount code as much as I do. 

Especially when it's 30%.   In the Friends and Family Event at Very Exclusive.  And the only reason I'm telling you about this, is because I already snagged two rather lovely pieces to bring away on holiday with me. 

You know that "oh I don't need anything new to take with me" line?  


Me neither.

And to be fair, I didn't indulge in another dress but in two things that have been on my wishlist for ages and will definitely last long after my tan (which is always going to be of the fake variety, by the way) has faded. 

So without further ado as yes, I am on holiday (would just like to point out that it was either do virtual shopping or go to the gym with the husband and the 13yr old.  That's a no brainer then.. AND I have just done yoga.  Nope, I don't know myself either...) and so there are cocktails to be drunk at some stage - but whilst my small boys are having a bath....the code for 30% off is PASSITON (not passion spelt incorrectly as I originally thought and pondered what a random word to use, it's obviously pass it on...Only me who can't read properly?) and all products that are on promotion (it's loads by the way) are HERE.

What did I go for?

First up - new sunnies.  With 30% off.  These are new season Chloe and I'm not sure they even go into any sales... 

Now what you can't see (and so I wouldn't want it to be a shock..) is that these are slightly mirrored.  You really can't notice it in the photo, but trust me, they are!  I'm wearing them in the pics at the bottom which hopefully will give you an indication. 

Nola Navigator Sunglasses in Rose Gold £260 by Chloe (all prices are pre 30% off).

I would be more than happy with any of the Chloe glasses though (note to self..do not need more, do not need more...)

Nola Navigator Sunglasses in Gold £260 

Alternatively another pair which I got a couple of years ago and love (although mine aren't black - they're a paler brown colour but the same shape.  I wear them loads and always, always get messages asking where they're from).  Again, these are a classic and are never in the sale (apart from on this discount).

Victoria Beckham Iconic Square Sunglasses £275


And something that I need to make no justifications on buying - finally, I found a navy bag.  That doubles up as the perfect beach and flight bag.  I did order this with slight trepidation as I thought the denim might be a bit too "denim".  Does that make sense?  Needn't have worried at all - it is sublime. 

Marc Jacobs New Logo Tote Bag in Denim £205

Trying to work out though, if I can also justify the black.. ("Santa baby...").

Marc Jacobs New Logo Tote Bag in Black £205

Things that I am sitting on my hands not to buy. 

First up - another maxi skirt.  Yes, this is all the indulgent as it's SO me, but well... it's my wishlist.

Anna Sui Iridescent Moonlight Garden Pleated Skirt £430 

And whilst we're on the subject of things that sparkle and Christmas (ok I just threw that in for effect) THESE. TRAINERS WITH BLING! 

Marc Jacobs Empire Strass Low Top Sneakers £280

You could possibly file those under "things I shouldn't love but do" and whilst we're there - fling this on that list too.  I ADORE this.  With jeans, with wide leg trousers (be them full leg or cropped), with a maxi or midi skirt.  OR (scroll down to the outfit pic... - not now, in a min) and look at my latest cunning outfit shortcut - a jumper over a dress.  Ta DAH!

Wildfox Future Seeker Jumper in Off White £260 It's also got red on it, which makes it a Christmas jumper in my book (tenuous link, but just go with it).

Another jumper it's very easy for me to love and the perfect shape again for over dresses (I'm on a roll now..)  It can obviously also be worn as a more conventional "jumper".  

Kenzo Logo Jumper £225

Ok I need to step away from the jumpers now...

Wildfox Mirage Rainbow Jumper £200

Finally - some hi top sneakers as I NEEEEEED a pair. 

Starting with these.  I had these.  I had them for about 8 years.  And a couple of months ago gave them to the charity shop.  WHY?!  Why would I do that?  I might just have to replace them instead of torturing myself with regret...

ASH Virgin Nappa Hi Tops in Graphite £135

These are also calling me name... 

Nike Blazer Mid Vintage Suede Trainers in Taupe £80

So whether you're treating yourself for half term, it's a birthday, you're stocking up for Christmas or because there's a Y in the day, it's definitely worth a look.... And let me know if there's anything I've missed and shouldn't live without.  My credit card won't thank you but my wardrobe will. 

Speaking of wardrobe - it's the Summer version, I'm currently sporting. 

I will be bringing you (don't hate me) details of what I'm wearing and what I'm using on holiday (ALL of which can be used all year round) along with some hotel and holiday details (more to be revealed), but in the meantime - a taster in the form of my travelling outfit from the other day. 


Dress - Ridley London
Sweatshirt - FWP by Rae
Denim Jacket - Tu at Sainsburys
Basket - Rae Feather
Flutter trainers - Air & Grace
Sunglasses - Chloe at Very Exclusive

Hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend, mine has been rather epic so far, I'm not going to lie (this did include a child - yes one of mine - pebbledashing the lovely Emirates plane an hour after take off.... EEEEK!!).

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  1. OMG just spent a fortune on that site but I'm saving money right? Got Xmas stuff for many male relatives and also some cosy Sorel boots for me - would recommend them so much for everyday and cold weather

  2. what was the hair stuff you spoke about on the plane?

    1. It was the Revlon 'No Blow' creme for air drying your hair. I know because I bought some! (Still to try though)

    2. Yup, it was Revlon No Blow Dry creme - I have the Bossy one which is for coarse hair, but there is another one for finer hair!

  3. You're on holiday and still blogging, that's dedication! Loving the sneakers, and the bag you bought!

  4. The virgins aren’t the same anymore, they are shit now! Really bulky and cheap looking. I’m gutted as I have loads of pairs, but I’ll never buy another pair now. So sad!

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I can't believe I ditched mine FOOL!!!! Maybe I should just give in to the Golden Goose... actually I'm really happy with my new black low trainers. Baby steps..!

  5. Your blog resulted in me getting two new Hill & Friends handbags lol - you're an enabler :)

  6. Kat do you mind me asking what size your Olivia Rubin dress is? I think we are similar size. I could only get a 12 and trying to decide if it's too big or if I can get away with it... don't fancy selling yours do you?! X

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