Going for more being more

So it seems that prim and proper is the way forward this season.  I have been a very slow adopter of the blouse but now I'm in, I'm IN BIG.  There cannot be too much going on with these blouses, more is more is more. 

We're talking high neck, velvet, ruffles (not print - I'll keep that for another day), lace, throw it all on.  And how will I be wearing mine?  With my new found love of skirts.  I am embracing all that is Mary Poppins.  One of these with a floor sweeping maxi or a mid calf swirling midi has my name written all over it. 

No reason why they shouldn't work with wide leg trousers (just throw on a biker jacket) or your favourite loose jeans and a blazer or military jacket.  I will just say that I am aware that most of you with a more ample cleavage won't be loving these - I will definitely be back with some more with a v neck.

The prim blouse door has been swung wide open and I'm the first in the queue.  

First up, I've been some research for my monthly foray into all that is amazing at M&S and call off the dogs with their blouse selection.

Top of my list is this which comes in two colours.  And I haven't forgotten about our green blog - on its way.

Velvet Trim Round Neck Blouse from M&S £27.50

And the red - again £27.50

Red again at M&S

Ruffle Round Neck Long Sleeve Blouse £29.50

And the same in cream again £29.50

White again at V by Very.

High Neck Ruffle Blouse £30

White at Boohoo

Frey Shirred High Neck Blouse was £22 now £14

Cotton Blend Lace Long Sleeve Blouse £45 from M&S

More high neck lace at La Redoute for a complete bargain. 

High neck tie-back lace blouse £19

Which they also do in a dark green - a popular colour this season.

High neck with lace detail in black at La Redoute £55

Utterly divine black lace at The Outnet. 

Isabel Marant Ronny lace-paneled silk blouse was £695 now £284.95

Buttons now at Millie Mackintosh at Very Exclusive.

Farley Ruffle Blouse £65

Almost at the end now with a slightly different idea.   A layering blouse.  Which you can wear on its own but can also layer under a dress, a jumper or a sweatshirt (or anything else you fancy layering it under - dungarees?  Is that layering or just "wearing"?!).

Pleated Collar and Fluted Layering Shirt from Me+Em in black £99

Or in the Soft White again £99

I'm also throwing this in as I absolutely love it and it was listed under blouses and so it's going in here.  I adore the colour (teal... discuss...) and the style is so very very me.

Montezza knit-paneled guipure lace turtle neck top from By Malene Birger was £195 now £75

Which is the one I wore on Friday night for the Premier of Downsizing in Leicester Square.  Yes this was taken by the husband, no he didn't think of asking me to move five paces to my left so there wasn't a whacking great bouncer in the pic!


Virigina Blouse - Boden Icons
Blazer - Mos Mosh Jeans
Leather Midi Skirt - M&S
Ankle Boots - Tabitha Simmons
De Manta Clutch in Tan - Alexander McQueen
Earrings - Aldo

So that was the outfit that I settled on in the end - although to be honest, I could have rocked it up in anything.  It said "smart dress" which clearly means a lot of different things to different people.  Anyway, I have leather trousers on in the car and realised, as I sat there, I was going to sweat like a chuffing welder and so went back in to change into a far airier skirt.  Which worked much better as an outfit to be fair. 

However, I have realised that my leather joggers should now be having their time and so tomorrow, I will be back with all things leather on the bottom.  And I'm also putting together blouses that work for people blessed with frontage - all hail the v neck?  Or is a wrap style blouse that you prefer?  Do shout what styles you prefer otherwise you'll just get the ones I've got my eye on!

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17 comentarios:

  1. I love the Boden blouses but sadly I have far too much up front for them to work. Looking forward to see which v-neck ones you find. I think I’m the only “curvy” person who can’t wear a wrap style dress or too x

    1. I bet some of the blouses I found will work..... (fingers crossed - up on blog now!)

  2. Love the Boden blouse on you!
    Me + Em layering blouses almost make me want to have a boob reduction! They are gorgeous, but sadly I have too much boobage to make them work. My blouses all have a lower neck line, so are more flattering for my figure.

  3. Wrap blouses please! Preferably ones that don't crease after 9 hours in the office.

  4. Also have boobage, but also a no to wrap anything - I have no waist, so end up looking like a sack of spuds! Now teal... yes please. I have dark blue/grey eyes, and anything up top in a blue/teal/turquoise makes them look really blue and always gets compliments!

    1. Boden have one in teal with fluted sleeves, size up though as I found it a bit tight on sleeves and hips (ordered my usual size 12, which is normally okay from Boden). I ended up with a bat wing number from Jigsaw, slightly more blue than teal, but not too much so.

    2. Interestingly, I find anything that finishes just on the waistband (so it's actually a false wrap...) works. Hopefully it will make sense over the on today's blog!

  5. Too much chest and American footballer shoulders so its a no no from me but that’s a lovely selection for anyone they suit. Longer length is such a thing exists would be good for me.

    1. Hmmm I think longer length blouses are really hard to find. That's more of a shirt?

  6. Such pretty blouses Kat; with the boobs not so much, but I might get away with the per una one as the cami creates a false v neck...sounds like it could be an expensive week for me with v necks, green and leather trews coming up. Sob. At least I will be well dressed ��. Thanks for doing the hard yards of research. RachelinOz

  7. Another one here with excess boobage, so looking forward to the future post! I love the cream ruffle neck M & S one, but it definitely wouldn't look good on me! V necks or wrap....both good!

    1. DONE!!! I do have v necks coming up as well. xxx

  8. Spotted online, several bargainous blouses at Giorgio Asda, my fave being a navy and white plaid ruffled affair, also there's a pretty white cotton and lace blouse in New Look. I honestly thought this winter might be less flouncy but it may carry on till next summer, my beloved Ms I Marant featuring them heavily in her Spring collection but paired with black bondage pants. In short I will be dressing like an extra from the Railway Children for a while longer :)

    1. Alas no, it's frill, flounce, embroidery and more is more is more until way into next Summer!