Because we haven't had one in ages...

... I'm doing trousers.  I haven't really worn trousers this Summer but certainly last Spring, I couldn't get enough of wide leg versions.  Cropped for the Spring (and into the Summer) but last Winter, I discovered full length wide leg numbers. 

Clearly I didn't discover a cure for hangovers - it's hardly the biggest find in the world - there was no reinventing of the wheel but, as someone who has only recently discovered skirts as her mecca, trousers are the perfect alternative for when the temperature falls and you don't want to faff with tights.

One thing my newly found trouser love has to be is wide.  And when they're long, they're loooooooooooong.  We're talking Dalek here. You should look as though you're gliding on castors.  Ok so not exactly but there is nothing worse (in my personal opinion) than too much shoe on show.  Unless they're cropped.  And cropped ones work just as well.  It appears I am one of those odd individuals who never suffers from cold ankles.  Unless we are wading in snow, I am able to have bare ankles, so long as the rest of my body is sufficiently clad.  With a pair of trainers, with loafers, with ankle boots, I can do a crop trouser practically all year round.

If you are a skirt lover, then these are the perfect alternative (cropped or looooooooong) for the colder months, as you already have the perfect tops in your wardrobe. 

Not to mention the versatility - these can be worn with trainers and a blazer for a more casual, yet still chic look.  Or with a sequin jumper, trainers and a biker for a - well, I don't really know what you'd call it but it was one of my favourite looks from last year.  And I can't wait to recreate it for this year.  We haven't even spoken about them being the perfect work option.  With any sort of flats, these are such an easy solution for any work environment.  Change up the top to comply with what sort of environment you work in.

Starting with ones that are similar to mine from last year.  Oh and I meant to say - do not forget that pockets are a must.  A complete deal breaker.  No pockets, no purchase.

Wide Leg Trousers from M&S £35 in black  For anyone who is tall, the long length is sufficiently long to wear with flats (I have a 36inch inside leg).

But more excitedly - they have them in navy.  *skips*.

Navy again at M&S but still with pockets.  These will look a lot lot better than they do in this photo, I promise.  Plus all the M&S ones comes in different leg lengths.

Double Button Wide Leg Trousers £45

Snap Button Panel Trousers from & Other Stories £79  PLEASE click on the link as it won't let me paste the picture of these with flat shoes where they look so much better.  I can't even describe how much better... have a look and tell me I'm wrong... If that isn't proof of the length needing to be right, I don't know what is.

Creased Trousers from & Other Stories in black £69

And then the cropped.  Velvet.  Be still my beating heart.  Velvet is everywhere this year, for day, for night.

Wrinkle Velvet Culottes in black from & Other Stories £59

Classic at Topshop, although I'm not sure these have pockets. 

Textured Wide Leg Trousers from Topshop £29

These ones do though and I know they're a staple line at Topshop and are very popular.  Last time I wrote about wide leg crops ages ago, these got rave reviews from people.   Although it was without the pockets on the legs... but I quite like these. 

Fluid Cropped Wide Leg Trousers £45

If you fancy alternative colours which still work perfectly with a neutral wardrobe, then look no further than Jigsaw.

Pressed Flannel Crop Trousers in Dark Petrol from Jigsaw £140

Or in the warm spice £140

And here I am the other day in my wide leg cropped trousers which are from M&S last year.  This was last Thursday when I was invited for an evening at Chewton Glen, to stay in one of their Treehouses.  What can I say?  Seriously, one of the most special places I've ever visited.  I was on my own in one but they actually sleep up to 6 people - two adults and four children in the attic room (where there are beds, beanbags and a PS4.  Only issue I have is that I don't think I could ever persuade my children to leave - although thinking about it, not entirely that's an issue in the slightest....).  Log burning stove, tv in the bathroom, hot tub on the veranda which is in the trees of the New Forest.  Superb dinner at The Kitchen (one of their dining rooms), followed by drinks and lots and lots of laughs.  It was exactly what I needed at the end of a very busy week. 


Trousers - Alexa Chung at M&S
Blazer - Alexa Chung at M&S
Sweatshirt - FWP by Rae
Earrings - Topshop
Trainers - My Fashion Tribu (15% off with the code KAT15)

For our dinner, I wore an Issa dress (yes you can spy the pink boots from Mango which I caved on) which I plan on cracking out at numerous times over the Christmas period but will also be definitely wearing with trainers and a biker to dress down.  The fabric is jersey and fabulously swishy - goes in the machines, doesn't crease, is genuinely dress me up, dress me down.  


Scarlett Wrap Dress - Issa at House of Fraser
Pink Boots - Mango
Earrings - Aldo
Bag - Issa at House of Fraser 

Today though, it was all the glamour of the rugby pitch.  For two hours (plus the 40 minutes I can add on at the beginning as I insist on getting there early to get a parking space.  My laziness knows no bounds).  Followed by a long dog walk in the park with friends, which my children (only two of them were here, one was away at a rugby tournament) refused to accompany me on.  One claiming tiredness (fair enough, he had done two hours of sport already) and one who cried homework (which I've checked and fair enough, she has got concrete proof of having done something...). 


Jumper dress - Celtic & Co
Black leather leggings - Celtic & Co
Wellies - Ilse Jacobsen
Camo raincoat - Topshop
Hat - Zara Men
Tools Bag - Balenciaga
Scarf - Lily & Lionel

So I have more than earned a glass of wine.  And I'm catching up on Strictly as we watched the marathon that was X Factor last night.  Jonnie is SO my new favourite.  

Roast dinner with a movie followed by a day off tomorrow with the 10yr old who has a day off school.  We're off to the London Dungeons and then shopping for new trainers for him.  And lunch with papa.  I am a LOT more excited than he is! (got to love an Asperger's boy - I know though, he will love it.  Actually famous last words - it is actually pretty scary and knowing me, it'll scar him for life.  Maybe I need other options of what to do with a 10yr old in London tomorrow.....)

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13 comentarios:

  1. Love those M&S trousers (the first ones). I have the wide leg in black and navy from Hush (elasticated waist AND pockets - swoon!) but these look slightly more tailored.

    Annoyingly I cannot find the white shirt they feature with the trousers anywhere on the site and I NEED to see it - it is perfect (the pussy bow blouses I ordered recently did not work out as the sleeves were the size of parachutes).

    Oh and that Issa dress is fabulous. I have a wedding in Spain in 3 weeks and have nothing to wear so I might hit up House of Fraser later this week!

    Enjoy London tomorrow.

    1. The Issa dresses are amazing. The prints are superb, the cut is amazing (especially if you're shapely, they are ridiculously flattering). Never mind the quality which, for the money, is out of this world!

  2. Can’t do wide leg trousers! Just have to look and dream of having lovely long limbs. On the other hand, the Top Shop crops with pockets are just up my street. Ohhhhh, I just love that Lily and Lionel scarf.
    I know you plans on more coat blogs - any chance of some long puffs or down filled one being included? Find it hard to get glam rather than frump!

    1. It's this one. I have it and love it but it comes up massive. I got my usual size 10 but should have got an 8 really and of course all the small sizes sold out almost immediately. I wish M&S would sort out their stock control. No idea why it's in the sale, they need to get some more in, ideally also in black...

    2. Sorry, that was a reply to the comment above. Oops.

    3. Oh thank you so much, I will keep an eye out for my size. I totally get you with M&S! It doesn't show up in regular 'shirts/blouses' search which is annoying too!

    4. That can be very frustrating!!

  3. All sorted here, I have two pairs, one from earlier in the season from Boden, and one ancient pair in silk velvet from YLB at Wallis. Both are looooooong, the second pair are the ones I was married in, and have been used at Christmas ever since. I tend to wear them with something more fitted and heels.

    1. Oh WOW - velvet ones... oh yum yum yum!

  4. Lovelove wide legs with brogues for work or trainers for weekends as I'm 5ft 11 and they're so flattering. Next extra long or M&S are my go to, with fitted jersey top or smarter shirt.

  5. Just entered the world of wide leg trousers after years and years of skinnies. I bought the black wide leg ones from Hush and they are ace. They are fairly high waisted so no muffin spillage, elasticated waist so no more bad fits cutting across my tum and.....AND....lovely lovely pockets!! I also invested in their cropped version which are equally ace.

    1. I think once you discover how versatile they are, it's hard to go back, isn't it?!