Back in the game....

... and back to the boots.  Ok, who turned on Winter in just 10 days?  Seriously, I was all the Phil Collins before I left (no jacket required) and I was one step off reaching for a scarf this morning.  

Thankfully there was no frost (that may have had me heading back to the airport smartish) and I refuse to put the ankles away just yet.  I do, however, appreciate this bold gesture has a very limited shelf life. 

Which isn't the worst issue in the world, as that leads me to discuss one of my favourite wardrobe essentials.... BOOTS.  And for once, it's not ankle boots.  It's the polar opposite of ankle boots.  It's verging on crotch high boots.  Ish.  Also known as over the knee boots.

You may remember that I have looked at these a couple of years ago - the Stuart Weitzman Highland boots, which I never got round to buying for various reasons.  And I can't say I've really ever regretted that decision - they were too expensive, I didn't really know what to wear them with, I was worried they wouldn't stay up my leg and would bag down.

So why am I contemplating them again?  Well, I'm not contemplating the Highlands but over the knee boots are on the verge of once again becoming an obsession - a scratch I really need to itch.  But this time, the irony is, the baggier the better.   We are talking ruching, we are talking Nora Batty style boots. 

We're randomly talking about not even seeing all of the boots - by all accounts, the ideal way to wear them is under a dress or skirt.  Not even one of the mini varieties.  Midi or maxi is the length of choice.

And THAT is why, I've gone from "OMG NO WAY, I look like I belong in a window in Amsterdam", to  "they're top of my wishlist" at the moment.  As, being Gulliver at 5ft10, it's incredibly difficult to find midis that are midis.  However, with an over the knee boot to hide my, soon to be white again, skin and Les Dawson knees - it opens up a whole host of midi love for me.  

So starting at the very top end of the scale.  This is not where I am intending to purchase.  Not at all.  But it's a great place to get inspiration and see the best styles to then try and track down on the high street.

I'm not sure how popular these are going to be, but I wonder if anyone will change their mind by the end (which is what I inevitably do when I write these sorts of blogs).

Deep breath peeps, we're going in...

Thigh suede and leather two tone boots from Marques Almeida £705

Dare I say, I think these are actually really elegant?  Not a whiff of red light.  
Gabriella Hearst Matilda over the knee leather boots £995

A classic which I heart on every level.  Apart from in actual real life wearing the buggers, as they are hideously high for every day.  Which is handy as I would have hated to fall in love with them at that price.

Balenciaga Knife Over the Knee Boots £950

Or my favourites which I fear would elicit all sorts of "wading", "fishing" and other non complimentary comparisons from the husband.  But I love them.  

Lostynn leather over the knee boots from Isabel Marant £1280  Never going to happen!  Which is handy as they're sold out in most sizes already (which doesn't mean I therefore want them more.. doesn't at all.  Not.  At.  All....)

Don't faint at the price of these ones....

Prada Buckle Embellished Over the Knee Boots £1740

Now here's the thing.  If you're going to wear a dress or skirt below the knee, you're not seeing the true beauty of those amazing buckles.  Which means that it's "probably" not worth it for that money ("probably" in there was no possibility of me EVER spending that money on them - this is purely for inspiration purposes).  They also look like they would take a lot of time to put on.  All those buckles... I am waaaaaaay too lazy for that amount of time expenditure on putting on boots.  Not to mention the nails I would break in the process (when I say "break", I mean ping off, as I still use the stick on ones!  All the class when one of those flies across the room and you have to go and rescue it...).

BUT I do think lower heel ones are a good idea.  A really, really good idea as I have become addicted to wearing flat, or near as flat godammit, boots.  Is it an age thing?  *weeps*.  Is it a fashion thing? *offers up small prayer*.

Without the above price tag.  I have to say I love the brown as I fear the black may be edging into Gestapo territory.  And I'm going to throw it out there - never a good look.  However I think if you team with floral midi dresses and flowing skirts, it would definitely de-WW2 them.

Leather high-leg boots from Mango £119.99

Although personally I prefer these from Topshop. 

Dollar High Leg Boots £59

Flat again at Zara but I do prefer the extra studding on the above Topshop ones. 

Flat Over the knee boots with toe detail £59.99 (I can't see any toe detail...just saying..)

Then there are these ones also from Mango.  The fabric definitely makes them less German Soldier.

Over the knee heel boots from Mango £49.99

Moving up a notch in the heel height (actually they're the same as the ones above) are these from Topshop.  Where I lose ALL my confidence and think - are you out of your mind?!  BUT then I'm curiously drawn back in... WHY???! 

Crawler Over the Knee Boots £79 from Topshop

So it's all sorts of wrong diddly therefore, that I'm more drawn to the red.  HOW is that?  

Crawler Over the Knee Boots from Topshop in red £79

Or.. how about these from M&S.  Hmm, yes M&S.  

Kitten Heel Side Zip Over The Knee Boots from M&S £49.50

And we're going higher still.  Oh man... Again.  I start a blog thinking - meh.  Nah.  Not going there.  And end up convincing myself that I can wear all of them.  I love these.  I think it's the suede, the Marant inspired feel to them, the glorious price tag, how fabulous they'd look with dresses and skirts.  BUT are they a teensy bit too high for every day wear?  Alas, I fear if I'm asking the question, I already know the answer.  Of course it's completely down to the individual but for me.. probably too high. 

Boxer High Leg Boots from Topshop £99

Or how about these from Miss Selfridge?

Miss Selfridge Over the Knee Ruched Boot £65

Or at Kurt Geiger.. 

Violet Black Mid Heel Over the Knee Boots £229

Then I get all the bold and think - maybe I could go patent (I started writing this at midday so no, I hadn't had a sniff of anything emboldening aka gin).  As I could see myself in the Marant ones... but these.. they just tip over into Red Light District, don't they?

Boxer High Leg Boots from Topshop £99

Which leaves me in utter confusion (nothing new there...).  Come on - what do we think?

I'm finishing with ones that I know I'm not going to get as they're simply too high.  BUT if you are a fan of the Balenciaga Knife boots - these are for you.  For less than £50.  As opposed to nearly £1k. Get in there. 

Public Desire Refuge Over the Knee Boots £44.99

So.  Break it to me gently... I think I'm going in.  But which ones?  It definitely WILL be ones that are sub £100, that I will tell you. And not the Marants... DEFINITELY not the Marants... I'm going to try and get to Topshop tomorrow to try them on.

Today - it was Halloween and, as I said on Insta, this is my "please let it be over soon" face.  I am not a fan of Halloween.  To be fair, I don't actually mind it once I'm out with the children but this year I'd been completely disorganised.  Well - I hadn't, I had bought costumes to take on holiday with us as I knew there was going to be a big party whilst we there which I thought would tick the Halloween torture box.  Alas no... they still insisted on Trick or Treating.  More fake blood from the 99p shop, costumes recycled from holiday and we were off.

Obviously I didn't join in.


Que Sera Sera tee - hush
Skirt - M&S
Trench coat - Acne Studio 
Half Moon Bag - APC

I did though manage to avoid all fake blood and zombie slime (gotta love having boys) on my skirt, so that counts as a win for me this evening. 

I'm far more interested though in your over the knee boot chat.  WHICH ONES???  Or none?  It's so going to be none, isn't it?!

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25 comentarios:

  1. Nope not buying into this look at all. Like the style of the Prada ones if they were ankle length but that’s it for me. Bit too lady of the night. Wondering about a cashmere blog - hard to find nice colours, good quality, affordable etc

    1. I thought that might be the case but I'm going to give it a go... ! (try them on at the very least!!)

      Cashmere blog is a really good idea, leave that with me!

  2. Deffo the m & s ones. Neither lady of the night or gestapo lol kitten heel is a must as I ain't no good in stilts, tend to fall off erm a lot �� But then again....I'm 52 ! (Shit ! ) I said that out loud didn't I ! No really I love fashion, but it does have to be on a very strict budget unfortunately. I have to wear out good shoe leather trawling the high street looking for good looky likey stuff. I did miss the party on the Office Chloe susanna ankle boots and now keep being out bid in the last bladdy 10 seconds on eBay !!! WTF ! Anyway, hay ho, deffo the m & s boots get my thumbs up ����

    1. Do they not still do the Office ones? Hmmm I think I should probably do another buckle boot ankle blog as they're still very popular! Good luck and I'll let you know what the M&S ones are like xxx

  3. I'm in my third year of wearing the SW over the knee boots and love them more than ever this year. Been wearing with maxi skirts and dresses. I say definitely go for it. Love the Gabriella Matilda boots. Very classy.

    1. I LOVE the Gabrielle Matilda ones, just not the price!!!!!!

  4. I bought the M&S ones at the week end and I love them, I think ! Good heel height ( they 'seem' higher than they actually are ) and they do stay up which is a big plus. Because I'm still somewhat ambivalent I didn't want to pay too much so , with 20% off as well, these are the perfect option. Rather disconcertingly my Husband likes them which usually sets off alarm bells but I'm sticking with them anyway ! Glad you had such a fab hol btw .

    1. Ahh now you see I don't think I want them to stay up - I think I want the slouch... but this is the problem when you look at too many - you lose sight of the wood for the trees!

      I have ordered them to pick up tomorrow to try, so I will let you know.. And I am SO with you on "if the husband likes them, is that a good or a bad thing..?"!!

  5. Mumsnet hates them on anyone over 25! Seems like a good enough reason for me to own four (High Street!) pairs since I’m double that age!!

  6. I have just ordered a Kurk Geiger pair from john lewis, heres hopeing they stay up on my skinne legs.

  7. Ha! Fab comment from "justme"! I have 2 (high street) pairs - nice sensible block heel as I can't do stilettoey things. They are great for keeping your legs warm when you can't face doing tights 😊😊

  8. I bought some navy suede Faith ones from the Debenhams New Year sales a couple of years ago, which I loved the look of but never actually wore. So they went on eBay and someone took them off my hands for more than I paid!

  9. I went a bit otk mad last year and bought 2 pairs, one flat, and one with a high but not too high heel. They're great for keeping in the heat and have a stretch, so no sagging. But I've yet to style them with a midi or the like. Looking forward to your ideas...

  10. I keep seeing people in them and love them, I try them on and they look cheap and cheap slut at that :-( Or else if they are flat I look like I'm in the panto. I've not given up yet though! Going to try those Topshop ones and maybe the Zara ones... xx

  11. I have a pair of 'just under the knee' boots, flat heel, I do wear them with midis, and other dresses and skirts (not mini though!). I do keep thinking puss in boots as far as over the knee boots go, sorry...
    I know from experience that once I get a silly image in my head (like puss in boots), it's wise not to buy, as they'll just sit and gather dust. On the other hand, if you like them go for it, some things just look better on other people, regardless of age or what mumsnet think!

  12. Oh I love a boot but getting bored of the sock boot and am totally bored with the Stuart Weitzman originals and all the copies of them. So sorry but dislike the Marant ones too, which Zara have copied too - there is nothing good about a crinkley leather clad leg. The Zara flat ones could be cute but just bit too flat and make your foot look massive however I love the ones from Uterque which I have ordered and arrived today and look AMAZING with midi skirts, maxi skirts, oversized jumper dresses and I think any age can wear them.

  13. The Mango boots are great, esp sub £50!! Every year I've searched for a good long boot that covers my knee but that I can wear easily to work/school run etc. and look elegant and comfortable. These are the best ones I've found and that's against LKB/R&B ones sitting in my wardrobe - these hold their shape around my ankles and calves and, at 5'7, they cover my knees and only slip to just below after a whole day. Truly, it's like wearing a warm cosy woolly pair of socks - and the suede finish is fine and easy to brush up. Fab heel height too.

  14. I look forward to your verdict . Re Husband’s stamp of approval, his idea of a great look is a pencil skirt, peplum blouse and a pair of court shoes , bless him . You can see why I’m nervous when I get his thumbs up !

  15. Ooh I love the Topshop boots. Even the shiny ones I think. I’m unconvonced about baggy boots though, I always feel as though they look odd when looking down on them x

  16. Have black leather 5050s and grey suede highlands and love both! Excellent quality and considering how at this point them seem to come out (again) every autumn / fall I think they have left the realm of expensive trendy frivolity to classic pieces do for what it’s worth I for one don’t regret splurging on them
    At all! I am a lover of all things boot related so love this post!

  17. Am relieved to read this post as I just bought my second pair of OTK boots AND I AM 44. Was wondering if this was a bad move since (a) I already have a pair and (b) I'm never sure how to style them and (c) there don't seem to be that many about this year. Wore them today with grey jumper and black leggings and felt wrong all day, a bit dated. So definitely looking forward to your styling tips with them. Will try dresses with them on my next trying on sesh. Jo

  18. If you are wearing them with midi's or maxi's, no-one will know if you are wearing a pair of knee high boots or over the knee boots anyway!

  19. Clark's do good ones. I've got their Caddy Belles in navy and black from last year and they're not at all lady of the night - if anything, a bit Principal Boy, as they're flat. I choose to see that as a good thing.

  20. Sadly I think I would look Like a Beryl Cooke Stripper in thigh boots! But hey girl not dressing up on Halloween? What were you thinking? Its the best night of the year! This year it was cat ears, snow leopard coat (last winter M&S),black Bob with a pointed fringe wig and a fabulously dark lippy which I loved! Sort of cat/rocky horror mash up with a bit of Faster Pussycat kill! Kill! thrown in. Would pin a picture if I knew how to... Also, spent lovely evening drinking gin in the front garden with my neighbours, hurrah for Halloween, boo to the 2 day hangover tho...