Monday Must Have

Greetings from the Ark. 

Well, obvs not but seriously, that would have been the most appropriate mode of transport for today.  It did finally stop raining but not until I feared I was going to disintegrate in the deluge. 

And it's as if the whole world is against me (she says in typical, ridiculously melodramatic style) as I was so excited about my Monday Must Have.  Which I had planned on doing last week but I was away in Cyprus and even I wasn't going to take boots with me then. 

As YES we are talking boots.  So in one breath I moan about the rubbish weather and in the next breath, I'm extolling the virtues of boots.

But in my defence, these are a thing of beauty and are a very sensible addition to a Summer wardrobe.  Except when it rains.  Which means, thinking about it logically, maybe not the pair of boots you'll wear the most in this country with our constant rainfall. 

Ach, details, schmetails.  These are almost identical to the Isabel Marant ones I bought last year for three times as much - even in the sale - and returned as this colour suede + our climate = a very foolish purchase. 

But from Zara?  BRING IT ON. 

Leather High Heel Ankle Boots from Zara £69.99

They are perfect with skirts and dresses when you want something dressier than trainers but not a heavier winter boot.  They are SUPER comfortable, you can walk miles in them and they are - well, I'm in love with mine. 

I was going to wear them today, but it was pouring with rain so ya boo sucks to that. 

Here is what I did wear....

Hoodie - H&M (sale aw17)
Skinny coated jeans - Boden (4yrs ago)
Trench - Zara (aw16)
Trainers - Golden Goose from FarFetch (sale aw17)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)

And this was from Saturday night when we went to see The Vamps (ticket success!!).

Skirt - Jigsaw (gift current)
Tee - FWP by Rae (gift aw17)
Jacket - hush (gift 4yrs ago)
Bag - Hill & Friends (gift current)
Boots - Chloe (aw16)

So I am very much hoping to be able to wear the boots tomorrow.. watch this space!  I've checked the weather forecast and it's not raining.  A girl can but dream. 

This week I've got loads of blogging to catch up on as I've been so busy out and about the last couple of weeks, I've not had time.  However, I have loads planned - want to run you through my current skincare routine which I'm really pleased with (not to mention my new makeup which I am blooming OVER the moon with), dresses with a difference (I promise this isn't something I've done in AGES), we need to talk sandals and other Summer shoes.  And t-shirts.  Wide leg trousers - oh the list is endless!  Anything to not have to think about the rain....

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6 comentarios:

  1. Just got the Zara boots in black suede ..loved the Marant ones but way out of my financial league so thrilled with these. Sadly the beige are out of stock in all but tiny sizes and no hope of restocking they say 🙁

    1. they are actually more comfy than the Marant ones. SO sorry you didn't manage to get the beige ones. They'd only sold out of the 8 when I first mentioned them... SO SORRY!

  2. Ooh these are good. Realised trying to get ready to go out on Saturday that I have a summer boot shaped hole in my wardrobe x

    1. They're so useful for this time of year!

  3. How are you getting on with the &otherstories leopard jacket? Just got mine and love it - it's featured on The Pool as well so glad I got in there!

    1. I'm not going to lie to you.. it's still in the bag. EEK! I think it's because it's not very flowy... I fear it's going back. I absolutely LOVE it but not necessarily on me...!