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Not something that you hear from me very often At All, but when the Tu School Shop asked if I would like to partner with them on promoting their school uniform, the opportunity to get everything done and dusted for September in July, seemed like a genius idea.  And seeing as I buy my school uniform from them anyway, I'm not going to lie... this wasn't a difficult post to write at all (not entirely sure I should be admitting that...!!).

I will though, hold my hands up and say, yes I was that person who thought it was a good idea putting it off till the last minute, as surely my children would grow like weeds during the holidays and it wouldn't fit if I bought it too early.  It was only when the husband pointed out that it was a mere 6 weeks (which, as all know flies by.. and those pack lunch boxes are rearing their ugly heads all too soon..) and did I have to buy them new clothes each half term because nothing fit?  Err no.  Good point.  Maybe it was just my inner Mrs Procrastination who has a verrrrry strong personality, coming to the forefront again. 

Why do I usually buy Tu school uniform over anywhere else?  Quality, choice, value and convenience.  Especially that you can now order online and either have delivered or click and collect in store.  

So I'm sure that everyone will have a different selection of what they buy but here is what I chose to be sent (actually some of it I have bought myself and what I buy regularly ever year.. although usually a lot later!).

First up - the classic polo shirt.  I have been buying these from Tu for nine years now.  I reckon I must have bought them in every size.  Comes in 11 different colour shades. 

Kids Unisex Polo Shirts from £4.50 for a pack of 3.

Trousers now and I have one that's a trouser wearer.... 

He's a very slim Jim, so the slimmer cut versions are perfect for him.  They also do longer leg lengths in a similar style which are ideal for those tall children (who have shot up, but not shot out!).

Kids Grey Trousers 2 pack Slim Fit from £7.50  These come in three colours - black, grey and navy.

....but I also have one who insists on wearing shorts every single day of the year.  Go figure.  Yes, even in the snow, there wasn't one day this year he has worn trousers to school.  Actually I don't think he's worn trousers for the past three or four years.  He's going to have a big shock when he's off to secondary school in a year's time (although I'm not sure how he can be going to big school NEXT September when he's only NINE still! *weeps*).

Grey Cargo Shorts from £7

Shoes now and I will admit that it was the first time last year that I'd had school shoes from Tu but I did continue to buy them throughout the year.  They are amazing quality, leather, no complaints at all about comfort and less than half the price of where I used to buy them.  Seeing I have two boys, school shoes have never lasted a whole year and they tend to grow out of them before they wear them out.

AND they do a wide fit.  Which - seeing as one of my children, bless him, has feet like Weetabix, this is a very, very good thing. 

Boys Leather wide fit shoes from £15

However what is the one item I buy more of than anything else?  And would happily work with anyone if it meant I could get a regular supply of these babies.  Socks.  Yes, I defy there to be anyone amongst you, who will not say you can have too many of these.  Seeing as they're essentially disposable.  I always buy these ones so that I can always make a pair out of the odd ones!

BUT I will warn you, seeing as clearly everyone bulk buys them, I have had problems getting them in the right sizes in previous years (leaving to the last minute obvs), so save yourself a lot of sock heartache (this is a definite *thing*... the frustration that not being able to find any socks is something only a parent can truly feel.. ) and buy now.  Just remember where you put them...

Grey Longer Socks 6 pack from £5.50 

And then onto the one that thing that makes it easy for me to persuade my children to get dressed in the morning.  COOL PANTS!  I know that sounds all sorts of random but I will take anything that means I have to shout at them one less time... 

These, they love. 

5 pack Black and Grey Epic Trunks from £8.50

Finally the finishing touch and a coat that will take you all through the year.  We had last year's versions of these and they have worn them all year round.  Water resistant, light and - not sure about your school's uniform policy but we have to have a dark outer layer.  This - for when they don't want to wear a heavy, full on Winter coat (and one of mine wore his all year round), is ideal.  I also like the fact that it doesn't necessarily look like a school coat so they're happy to wear it at weekends and during the holidays.  In fact, we'll completely get our money's worth out of them in two weeks in Suffolk (I'm banking on it raining.. I can't tempt fate and even dream of wall to wall sunshine).

Khaki Mesh Water Resistant Coat from £14

Two small boys, living their best life.. in their school uniforms.  As I choose to pick my battles, they're getting exercise and fresh air and are NOT on anything electrical... plus it all washes and tumbles like a dream.  What's not to love?

And one from the archives.. 6yrs ago, but still rocking the Tu blue polo shirts, socks and shorts (this is pre cargo pocket short days!!!)

Now Tu, if you could just organise hair cuts for my children too, that would be AWESOME!

This post has been written as part of a paid partnership with Tu Clothing and some of the products were gifted.  Others were purchased by me.  All opinions are mine and are unedited.

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  1. I don't know how you do it, but I don't have kids and totally enjoyed reading this post. That last picture is adorable!

    1. aww thank you! I'll be back with something way less practical tomorrow!

  2. Replies
    1. Not sure I understand?! Seriously have I written about school uniform as it's something I and most parents have to buy and a huge percentage of my audience are mums so I thought it would be vaguely relevant.. yes! The blog - thanks mostly to Instagram to be honest, over the last couple of years has really expanded from purely fashion into beauty, travel, lifestyle - it's not been "just" about fashion for a couple of years now!

      Yes, it's mostly about fashion but if I get given a paid opportunity to write about something that I already buy and is relevant to my life - and useful to others - it would surely make sense to write about it?

      However I don't expect everyone will agree but FEAR NOT - there will be something far more frivolous tomorrow!!

  3. This isn't fashion by any stretch of the imagination. Or what a 40+ woman might wear. But I guess they are paying you.

    1. Gosh I'm so so sorry, it's not but the blog has become more than just fashion - I do beauty, travel and I have done Back to School before... I PROMISE it will be something decadent and frivolous tomorrow!!

    2. You don't need to apologise to me, it's your blog and your decisions. :o)

  4. Your daughter is a total mini you in the last photo - even her pose woth the lunch box is like you carting a handbag! Who gives a sh#te if you are being paid for it? I Don't. #real life

  5. There's just no pleasing people sometimes is there. So what if every once in a while you write about something that not everyone will be interested in, if it's not for them they don't have to read it do they. I don't have any children but I still read this post and I actually found it interesting, I think that says a lot about your writing style you can make anything seem interesting and I would read it no matter if it was relevant to me or not, it's your blog so you should do and write about whatever you want.

    1. Same here! This post is interesting, and your writing style is what makes it so for the non parents among us! The photo of your kids is just so cute!

  6. I honestly don’t understand peoples problem with this. It’s clearly marked as a sponsored post, it’s not some subliminal stealth advertising, she’s not coming into your bedroom at night and whispering “buy Tu clothing” into your ear while you sleep.

  7. It never fails to amaze me how people think everything should be relevant to them personally! My kids are much older, but I remember the uniform days and this post made me smile with nostalgia.

  8. Kat, if you have any influence on Tu bringing back there click and collect facility that would be good! So much more convenient for busy parents to order in the evening when kids in bed and then collect the order at your own convenience knowing it's all in stock etc. Debbie x

  9. Great post. We are awaiting A level results so school days are no a thing of the past and a new era beckons. You are so right about socks though. They used to disappear as term progressed. When my son broke up last Easter he excelled himself. I found 23 grey and black socks in his hockey bag, no wonder the drawer was almost bare! I won’t miss the labelling days though. Have a great summer. Sue