Designer v High Street

So this is something that I thought I'd start doing.  A little lookey likey blog post at how we can sometimes get a great designer inspired thing of beauty on the high street, an homage to its much more expensive counterpart.

And today, it's a brand I've had my eye on for ages and have ummed and ahhed many a time but haven't bitten the bullet yet.  

It's the Malone Soulier shoes.  What, I hear you cry?  Well obviously they don't just make one kind of shoes but for me - there is one style of shoe that very much epitomises their brand. 

The Maureen.  

Hmm, it's hardly the most awe inspiring name is it?  (It was also the name of my dad's first and third wife, except number three changed her name to Anne which amused me highly for years.  As you can imagine it was a sort of *different* bringing up that I had!).

They do the same shoe in a number of different shapes.  The two that are most popular (and the two that I personally like the most) are the high heel and the flat. 

Starting with the backless flat aka a mule...

Metallic Maureen Flats £425

Maureen Backless Flats £425

Snakeskin versions were £475 now £322

Greeeeeeeen.  £425

Now these aren't identical but they are very very much in the same vein.  I fully expect these to be everywhere come September (well August..) and so I'd get ahead of the game now with these bargain versions from M&S.

Autograph Leather Cross Strap Mules £49.50

And in the nude...again £49.50

Flame Suede £49.50

Yellow Suede £49.50

And then the heels...

More utterly divine Maureens (yes it makes me giggle!) from Malone Soulier.  With a not so utterly divine price..

Maureen Leather Mules £475

Higher in leopard (not these are high... warning.. high.  I ordered them and am sending them back as they're too high for me!).  

Maureen Snakeskin leopard miles were £522 now £365

With some great alternatives from the high street.  Not M&S this time, but Kurt Geiger.

Stratton Black Hight Heel Court Shoes were £149 now £69

Or in the blue again now only £69

Slightly lower now and I think I might prefer these... well, they're definitely more practical with this heel height.

Berkley Black Mid Heel Court Shoe was £139 now £89

Nude Suede was £139 now £69

Or this one which is similar....

Lexington Khaki High Heel Mule was £149 now £49

So I will say, I'm not sure how much wear I would get out of the heels.  But I really really think that the flats are a great purchase.  I have LOVED my flat mules this Spring/Summer.  Am definitely planning on wearing them well into the Autumn... (she says knowing there is a LOT of Summer left!!).

Today though, in the heatwave we're having.. yes I am still checking all the weather apps like a crazy loon, praying it won't end but wondering if I'm going to run out of high summer clothes shortly!  The holiday wardrobe is definitely earning its keep this year. 

And speaking of summer clothes, this is a top I've had for a couple of years and is the PERFECT Summer throw on.  Washes like a dream - works with shorts (not for me - I'm leaning to embrace knee exposure but am not quite brave enough to take the cut off plunge just yet...).  

Loose trousers, sandals, hat, perfect for a day which wasn't quite as scorchio as it's recently been.

Trousers - Current Elliott from Quattro Rish (2yrs ago)
Top - hush (gift 2yrs ago)
Sandals - Zara (current)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (ss18)
Hat - Penmayne (gift ss17)

And yes, I was today at... drum roll... a GARDEN CENTRE!  I think it's the second time I've been to one (to actually look at plants and not just take the children for cake - even then, I haven't been since they were toddlers!).  The 11yr old (ASD/ADHD) had a respite day today (car crash end of term, end of school time) and so we went to look at new pots for the patio.  We took photos, we did some research, we bought a watering can, an ash bucket, a small brush, a random scooper thing and a new door mat.  As you do.  

I've come to the conclusion they're very relaxing and therapeutic but the shopping experience is along the lines of Ikea/Costco/Primark.  You go in, spend a fortune, come out with *stuff* but you're not sure how useful any of it actually is.

However the 11yr old was in his element.  He then came home and spent three hours putting together a new hose and Karcher and washed the cars.  And THEN cooked dinner!

All hail Hello Fresh.  I had tried it before and absolutely loathed it.  Thought it was the biggest waste of money ever and the recipes weren't even that nice.  When I was away last week, the husband ordered it as apparently "we waste so much food".  The 11yr old asked if he could cook.  Second meal that he has done ENTIRELY on his own.  AND cleared up.  And they were both absolutely delicious.  I asked for people's opinions over on Instagram and most people said they preferred Gousto or Mindful Chef, so we will definitely be trying out both of those too. 

But at the minute, I have to say, I am a convert to Hello Fresh (so long as someone else cooks it mind you... !!).

Hope everyone is having a good week and surviving in the heat.  We are burning the candle at both ends here but have a quiet weekend planned.  Actually it was quiet until a certain football team have ensured that Saturday will be one massive PARRRTTAAAAYYY!!

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  1. These shoes aren't my thing, but I do love the idea of taking a designer product and find affordable choices with the same vibe! So more of this please Kat!

    1. Tis a tricky time of year but there will definitely be more coming once the new season stock starts flooding in!