Normal weather alert

As in - maybe a jacket required?  As in - RAIN! 

Ok so obviously this is the second day of our UK holidays.. by the sea.. where 30 degrees is perfectly feasible seeing as there's a lovely breeze on the beach.  When it's 18 degrees, the breeze is less lovely and more goose bump inducing.  Did I mention the sideways rain?  AND whilst we usually take refuge in the cinema (big shout out to the Aldeburgh Cinema which is probably my favourite cinema ever) but this week, they're showing Mamma Mia 2.  Shoot.  Me.  Now.  Admittedly I may love it, but seeing as I haven't, in ten years, seen the first Mamma Mia as I'd rather poke forks in my eyes than watch Pierce Brosnan murder Abba classics.... 

SO the kids are snuggled up with a movie and I'm having a small peruse of what's new in.  

Is there anything better than when the New Season stock starts to filter through?  Well, I'm sure there is, but right now, this is heaven for me (I have a glass of wine.. could it be better?) and I'm planning for Autumn BUT with something you can wear now. 

We're talking skirts.  Skirts that can be worn now with vest tops when it's super scorchio, throw on a tee when the temperature drops a couple of notches and silk blouses and jumpers are your friend come much cooler days.  They work with blazers, with denim jackets, with bikers or with trenches. 

And it turns out, the easiest way to totally update your wardrobe is to be asymmetric.  These will work perfectly with all the existing tees, jumpers and jackets that you own.  An IMMEDIATE injection of new season now and you'll happily be wearing these into September and beyond.  Winner, winner, asymmetric skirt dinner (I may be onto my second glass of wine... I am on holiday after all.  AND it's raining....).

Shoe wise - well - the footwear world is your oyster.  Sandals, slides, trainers or boots.

I'm going all lengths (well - I'm not going too short as frankly anything above the knee these days includes a flash of foliage which I'm not sure anyone needs) so hopefully there will be something for everyone.   I say that - actually asymmetric is usually midaxi, but some are shorter than others.

First up - CHECKS!  I'm going to do a whole blog on check, maybe tomorrow, maybe this week as I am having a total table cloth obsession.

In the meantime - check out (sorry...!) this baby from Topshop.

A crop top is optional...! 

And it seems like yes, this is THE length to watch this season. 

Spots at M&S.

More spots in the sale at Topshop. 

LOVE this from ASOS in the sale. 

Another amazing option which would look heavenly with an oversized red jumper. 

Rainbow heaven for less than half price at ASOS. 

I could genuinely wear every single one of them.  Yet here I am, on hols, having foolishly listened to the weather forecast, which means I have a WHOLE suitcase - for two weeks - of super summery clothes, sandals and just TWO denim jackets.  I kid you not.  WHAT THE CHUFF WAS I THINKING??

So I was marauding around in the sandals.  Splashing in all the puddles.  I'll give it two days and I may have to rethink...!

Dress - Ridley London (gift ss17)
Bag - Village England (gift 3yrs ago)
Sandals - Becks Sondergaard (ss17)
Denim Jacket - La Redoute (part of paid partnership ss18)

And finally we have arrived at holiday "everyone is happy" time.  Yes it may be raining which meant we all hunkered down, doing whatever we wanted today.  BLISS.  Ipads, movies, lighting fires (in the official - not just Lord of the Flies style all over the house or garden - fireplace) and holiday mojo was reached. 

A tripe to Snape Maltings this avo, followed by dinner at Prezzo in Aldeburgh (which is HIGHLY recommended... the one local to us is utterly pants but the one here we've been coming to for years, it's genuinely like a really good Italian trattoria).

To be fair, maybe it's the rain that has been a welcome break but now, all I can say is BRING ON THE HOLS (and can we please bring back the sunshine now?!).

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6 comentarios:

  1. The stripey ones are making me sit up, only problem is which one! The other slight problem is, however much I love the idea of wearing skirts, I apparently don't love wearing them (as I don't very often)!

    1. I think they're something you need to wear and get used to wearing - if that makes sense??!

  2. You may have to visit Collen and Clare to buy a jumper! ��

  3. Lovely skirts - reminded me that I have a dotty one from Topshop from last year that i need to wear! I would say give MM2 a look, I went last night and was reluctant but I laughed, I cried and I gasped (at Cher). It's better than MM1 and really good fun